This is my opinion on the prettiest little girls from ディズニー why should just the women like Ariel ジャスミン ect get all the credit for their beauty but these girls on the 一覧 have not became hot yet but they're on their way and they look alike like some of the heroines that are older they're like younger version of the older heroines if あなた ever noticed please コメント but please no mean または rude コメント it's my opinion my number one maybe surpriseing but then again maybe not you'll just have to see the 一覧 to find out I'm not going to make pros and cons I'm just going to say what makes them so pretty and awsome enjoy.
10.Chaca(The Emperor's New Groove) she's not much of a big roll but she's pretty and adorible she's not the prettiest but still pretty
9.Lilo(Lilo and Stick) she's pretty I think she's prettier than her sister she reminds me of ジャスミン for that nose and Pocahontaas for the hair
8.The Little Match Girl she wasn't in a movie but she's still ディズニー and still pretty a tagicly poor but pretty girl
7.Penny(The Rescuers) she's the little orphan girl who is taken from a evil woman who calls her homely but she's not she's pretty she kinda reminds me of シンデレラ
6.Jenny(Oliver and Company) she's the rich pretty but unhappy girl until she met Oliver who made her happy she kinda reminds me of Ariel
5.Shanti(Jungle Book) she used her girlish charms to get Mowgli to come to the village and she's the only girl in the whole movie she very pretty and kinda reminds me of ジャスミン and Pocahontas
4.Wendy(Peter Pan) and Jane(Peter Pan 2:Return to Neverland) I couldn't decide they're equelly pretty and so similar and made ティンカーベル jelous of both of them but I think ティンカーベル is prettier than both of them but they're still very pretty
3.Alice(Alice In Wonderland) she's got an imagineation that took her to a magic real but wierd world the lovelyest thing in wonderland she kinda looks like シンデレラ
2.Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron) I know a real shocker but she's so pretty and is my お気に入り child heroine so's so underrated even though her film is awsome but even though she's my お気に入り there's one prettier than her she kinda look like Aurora
1.Melody(The Little Mermaid 2:Return To The Sea) she looks so much like her beautiful mother one 日 she's going to be as beautiful as Ariel she's so much like Ariel looks and personality wise and I wish I could be merpeople too just like her