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When they got out of the bus all the girls stared in amazement at the beautiful, three-story, cabin. It looked very modern, yet very rustic at the same time. It had a big yard that had become a little over-grown, and large pool in the back yard. “Oh my, how lovely.” Minnie said, “I had no idea they made cabins this beautiful.”

“Wow! I didn’t know they made cabins this luxurious!” デイジー exclaimed.

“Oh…it’s prettier than I ever imagined.” Webby said, “Uncle Scrooge, has always promised to bring me here, but he’s been so busy with work. So, I’m really happy I finally get to see it.”

Scrooge gave Webby a キッス and said, “Aye, I know darling. And I’m sorry I did no bring ye here sooner. But ye know how busy I am.”

While the group was standing in the backyard, after a quick tour of the large deluxe cabin, Judy Quackmore looked around her said, “Well, thank あなた for the use of your キャビン Mr. McDuck. I think it will do, even if it is a bit luxurious for our needs.” Then she called “Alright girls, any Chickadees who want to do ‘real’ camping can camp out in the back yard! And any Chickadees who can’t handle sleeping under the stars can bunk in Mr. McDuck’s cabin! That clear?!”

“Yes, Ma’am!” the Chickadees all replied.

“Good,” Judy said, “Now let’s start unpacking. Unfortunately because of that six-hour long drive, once we get our bags unpacked it will be very late; and we won’t have a lot of time to work on earning our merit badges tonight. But, maybe we can squeeze in a few, like ‘Tent Pitching’ または ‘Fire Starting’.” Then she glanced over and noticed that デイジー and her nieces were all texting on their phones, “Well, first things first everyone hand over the cell phones, we’re supposed to roughing it あなた know.”

April, May, and June reluctantly gave her their phones. Daisy, however, was not so willing to give up her smart phone. “Hold on a minute, I’ve gotta finish texting Donald.”

“Daisy, phone, now!” snapped Mrs. Quackmore.

“Just a minute! I’m almost done.” デイジー yelled.


     “Daisy, if あなた don’t give me your fancy smart phone right now, I’ll take it and throw it in the pool!” Mrs. Quackmore shouted.

“HMPH! Fine!” デイジー snapped as she gave up her precious phone.

Once she had Daisy’s phone, Mrs. Quackmore said, “Now all the chaperones need to go collect the phones from the rest of the girls.”

Minnie sighed, “Mrs. Quackmore I know I’ve mentioned this a few times, and I do understand that on these camping trips the idea is for the scouts to connect with nature and be without technology. But something about taking their phones from them has always bothered me. I mean, what if a girl gets separated または there’s a family emergency?”

“Yeah, same here.” デイジー grumbled.

Hearing that he and Webby might not be able to communicate with each other, または anyone else, filled Scrooge with even もっと見る worry. Again he didn’t want to admit he had become overprotective. Especially, so overprotective of Webbigail that she couldn’t even enjoy a camping trip. What was there to worry about anyway? He’d been in much もっと見る dangerous situations then this and come out of them just fine, and she had gone on several treasure hunts with him. So how was this different?

The sound of Scrooge’s phone ringing quickly interrupted his thoughts, when he looked at the number he saw it was a call he’d been expecting. So he answered it, even though he knew they weren’t supposed to be using their phones.

Mrs. Quackmore had also heard the phone ring, and she looked over and saw him using it. “Mr. McDuck!” she shouted, “You are supposed to be helping the other chaperones collect the phones, not chatting on yours!”

“One moment.” Scrooge 発言しました as he held up his hand, trying to indicate he’d like some privacy.

“Mr. McDuck, do あなた remember what I told Daisy? If あなた don’t get off that phone I’ll throw it into the pool!” Mrs. Quackmore replied.

Scrooge glared at her, “Could ye please be quiet?! This is a very important call,” he snapped, and then started to walk away.

Mrs. Quackmore was very angry because she was not used to having people, even the chaperones, disobey her orders. So she marched over to Scrooge, took his cell, and did just what she had threatened.

Scrooge had not expected her to actually take his phone, and was so startled when it happened that all he could do was stared in disbelief. Finally he let out a huge scream, and then shouted, “Ye just cost me ten billion dollars!”

Minnie and Daisy, who were busy collecting cells, heard the explosive scream and came running. Webby also heard and followed closely behind them. “What on earth happened?!” Minnie asked.

“What did あなた do to Uncle Scrooge?!” Webby called.

Mrs. Quackmore did not answer them, but yelled back, “I gave あなた fair warning Mr. McDuck! And how did loosing your stupid cell phone cost あなた ten billion anyway?! I mean was it made out of solid ゴールド and crusted with diamonds?!”

“That was a very important business call, from a small company that wants to invest in me business!” Scrooge shouted, “There is meeting scheduled for this evening, and I’ve been waiting for their call so I could reschedule it! And the only reason I’m not strangling ye, is because ye owe me ten billion dollars plus another five for the phone あなた just destroyed!”

Minnie quickly handed him her cell phone. “Um… Don’t worry Uncle Scrooge, あなた can use my phone to call them back.”

“Thank ye, Minnie!” he 発言しました as he grabbed the phone, and then turned to Judy and growled, “Hopefully I can reach them again!” then he stomped away, as he dialed the number.

Minnie, Daisy, and Webby all glared at Judy. Feeling a little embarrassed she shrugged and said, “Can あなた believe how worked up Mr. McDuck gets?”

That night, much to the dislike of Mrs. Quackmore, all the girls and chaperones decided to sleep inside the luxury cabin. They were all very tired after the six-hour drive, and didn’t feel like pitching tents または sleeping on the hard ground.

While they sat out in the living room, just before bed, one of the girls jumped up and said, “Hey since we’re on a camp-out we need to tell ghost stories!”

“Well, I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘camp-out’.” Mrs. Quackmore 発言しました haughtily. Scrooge glared at her, quickly remembering the incident earlier that 日 she didn’t say anything else.

“Well, it might not be a traditional camp-out, in fact I think it’s even better, but anyway I don’t see any reason why we can’t tell scary stories.” デイジー said, then held a flashlight up to her face and gave an evil laugh.

“Uh… okay, but just not too frightening” Minnie 発言しました hesitantly.

“Aye, we do not want the wee lasses to be having nightmares,” Scrooge replied.

“Oh goody I’ll go first!” デイジー said.

“Oh, come on Aunt Daisy, your stories are always lame!” May said.

“Yeah, the last story あなた told was about how scary it was when あなた were on a 日付 and found out your socks didn’t match”, June added.

“Yeah, we definitely need to hear something creepier than that!” another girl called.

“Well, if you’re all intent on getting spooked I think have a story for you…” Mrs. Quackmore replied.

“Yay!” all the girls called as they crowded around her. However Webby didn’t 登録する them. After hearing that there was going to be a scary story she quickly climbed into Scrooge’s lap and hugged him tightly, hoping the story wouldn’t frighten her.

“Um…Remember Mrs. Quackmore nothing too frightening…your stories tend to be a bit…much for the young girls,” Minnie stated.

“Eh… the girls need to toughen up and learn that the stories aren’t real,” Mrs. Quackmore replied. Then, she turned to the girls “Listen I’ll tell あなた a true and terrifying tale, about an old mansion in Duckburg that was haunted によって brain-sucking ghosts.” She said.

Hearing the 説明 of where the story was to take place filled Webby with fear. She wondered if the mansion in Duckburg, she was referring to, might be Uncle Scrooge’s, and if it was did he know about the ghosts.

Her thoughts were interrupted によって a gruesome 説明 in which no details in describing the ghosts were spared, “…when he walked into the としょうかん, ライブラリ there was a huge ghostly figure, which towered about eight feet tall and oozed green slime.”

The girls all shivered as they heard this description. Minnie looked down and saw that Millie and Melody were both hugging each other closely and partially hiding under a blanket. “Uh… Mrs. Quackmore the girls look a little… nervous. Maybe あなた could tone the story down…just a notch.” She said.

“Yeah we don’t want them up all night… again!” デイジー added.

But Mrs. Quackmore didn’t listen and continued to tell the gruesome tale, “…he called for help, but no one heard. So the ghost grabbed him and began to suck his brains slowly and painfully…”

Webby continued to think terrifying thoughts, about the possibility of ghosts sucking her brains in the としょうかん, ライブラリ back home. Finally she couldn’t stand to hear the story any longer, “Uncle Scrooge, I don’t like this story.” She whispered to him.

“Do no worry dear, it’s not real.” He whispered backed then kissed her. All the while thinking to himself that he had been a little overprotective of Webby lately, so hearing a story that was a wee bit out of her comfort-zone was likely good.

Still not satisfied, she replied, “But she 発言しました it was a true story. And now I’m afraid to go home. あなた know, since it’s true a story about a big mansion in Duckburg.”

After hearing this Scrooge shouted, “Mrs. Quackmore, give the story a happy ending and tell me wee Webbigail that it is no true!”

“Uh… Mr. McDuck, why do I need to that, I mean, just because one child is a little spooked によって one of my little stories?” she asked feeling annoyed.

“Well, thanks to your wee story, taking place in a mansion in Duckburg and あなた telling all the wee lasses it’s real, she is now afraid to go home; because she now believes me mansion is haunted!” he snapped.

“Oh dear!” Minnie exclaimed. “Webby honey I don’t think that Mrs. Quackmore is referring to
Uncle Scrooge’s mansion.” Then she glanced over at Judy Quackmore and raised her eyebrows.

Not wanting to cause any もっと見る trouble, after the cell phone incident that afternoon, Mrs. Quackmore quickly replied, “Oh I see. Um… His family came and saved him. They called the ghost hunters. Got rid of the ghosts, and lived happily ever after.” Then she glanced over and saw Scrooge still glaring at her, “Oh, and this was a story I made-up, just for fun.” She added.

Soon everyone went to bed. Minnie lay in the queen-sized ベッド in one of the beautiful guest rooms, admiring the rustic artwork on the walls thinking about Judy Quackmore. She had always admired her as a troop leader, but at the same time she wished she would learn not to be so reactionary. Also she hoped that none of Mrs. Quackmore’s actions had offended Uncle Scrooge; because it was very nice of him to let the Chickadees use his cabin. That, and she was after all the one who had recommended the Chickadee’s to him.

While Scrooge tucked Webby into ベッド she was still feeling bothered によって the story, “Uncle Scrooge are あなた sure that story’s not real?” she asked.

“Aye I’m sure dear. Just remember ghost’s are no real, and there is no need to worry.” He replied, “And don’t worry I’ll have a word with Mrs. Quackmore about her stories. Of course ye would think with all the time she spends with the wee lasses she’d know better than to frighten them.”

After being put to ベッド the girls all lay awake thinking about the awful story. They wondered if it could possibly true, even though Mrs. Quackmore had eventually told them it was pretend. Suddenly there was a loud howling outside, follow によって the voices of some men saying something inaudible. All of the girls sat straight up, “D-d-did あなた hear that?” Millie stammered.

“Y-y-yeah. I wish I didn’t” Webby answered.

“D-d-do think it’s one of those b-brain sucking ghosts?” Melody asked.

All the girls shuddered at this thought, and tried to forget about the sound they had just heard. They lay in ベッド for a while and began to doze off, and then all of a sudden they heard the noise again. They all awoke again, “Uh…Did あなた hear again?” May 発言しました nervously.

All the other girls nodded their heads. “Er…do あなた guys really think there’s a ghost out there?” June asked.

     “N-n-no there can’t be.” Webby stammered, “U-u-uncle Scrooge 発言しました that they aren’t real, and he’d never lie to me.”

The noise came yet again, and all the girls pulled their blankets over their heads and tried to hide. Once it had passed April came out from under her blanket and 発言しました nervously, “Hey… Webby…if you’re so sure that there’s no ghost, why don’t あなた go look out the window and see what it is?”

“Um…w-w-well I-I…” Webby stammered nervously trying to think of a way out. “Uh… Okay.”

“I’ll go with you,” Millie 発言しました bravely.

“Me too,” 発言しました Melody.

The three girls held hands and walked slowly over to the window then looked out. What they saw terrified them. Down in the yard there were four ghosts that looked just like they one Mrs. Quackmore had gone to great lengths to describe. “Ghosts!” the three of them screamed.

Hearing that the rest of the girls ran over to the window and also saw the horrific sight. “Ghosts!” the fifteen girls shrieked, and ran out of their room to the room of an adult.

     “Aunt Minnie! Ghosts!” Melody yelled, as she ran into the room where her aunt slept.

“Aunt Minnie, Aunt Minnie! There are ghosts outside!” Millie called, as she followed her sister.

Once they had reached their aunt’s ベッド they crawled into it and continued to yell and shake her until she awoke. Once awake Minnie groaned, “What is it girls? Did デイジー put あなた up to this?”

“Aunt Daisy, there are ghosts!” called April as she ran into her aunt room.

“Yeah we saw them!” May added.

“Saw them with our own eyes!” June called.

The girls’ shouts of fear had woken デイジー up before her nieces even reached the room and as soon as they entered her room she took off her sleeping mask, glared at them and said, “This better not be a prank, because Aunt デイジー gets very cranky without her beauty sleep.”

“Uncle Scrooge! Uncle Scrooge! Ghosts, scary ghosts!” Webby shouted as she ran into his bedroom, and jumped into the ベッド landing on 上, ページのトップへ of him.

Scrooge, being startled awake and having a dream interrupted shouted, “No! Stop them! The ビーグル Boys are getting away with all of me money!”

In the meantime, the rest of the girls had gone into Mrs. Quackmore’s room to tell her about the terrifying thing they had just witnessed. After she was informed the whole キャビン was wide-awake. And all the adults staggered out into the hall with the little girls clinging to them.

Minnie, who had her nieces each holding one of her hands, yawned, “Millie and Melody say they saw…ghosts… outside.”

Scrooge, who was holding his cane in one hand while Webby gripped the other, replied drowsily “Aye Webbigail 発言しました the same.”

Daisy, who had all three of her nieces clinging to her, yawned, “Well, do あなた think they saw something that kinda looked like a ghost?”

“Bah, of course not!” Scrooge said, “It’s all in their imagination. And I am thinking, I know who put it the idea there,” he 発言しました glaring at Mrs. Quackmore.

“But Uncle Scrooge they’re real! The ghosts are real we all saw them! Just look out the window and you’ll see!” Webby exclaimed.

Scrooge, Minnie, and デイジー all trudged over to the window, glanced out and saw nothing suspicious. “See no ghosts dear, now can ye please go back to sleep. It’s been a long day,” he sighed.

“But they were there! They really were!” Webby yelled, then burst into tears.

“Yeah they were. Like Webby said, we all saw them!” Millie said.

“Yeah we all saw them, all of us.” Melody added.

Minnie sighed, “Well, maybe the girls did see something, like a trespasser and because of the story they thought it was a ghost.”

“Yeah, maybe.” 発言しました Daisy, “I mean it sounds もっと見る reasonable then them just coming up with the whole ghost story out of nowhere.”

“Aye, perhaps. I suppose I should go see if it is indeed a trespasser.” Scrooge replied, very unenthusiastically. Then he kissed Webby, who was hugging him crying, “Do ye think, ye will be able to go back to sleep if I go check outside?” he asked.

Scrooge tiptoed around outside his cabin, armed only with his cane and a flashlight that had seen it’s better days, trying to find any sign of a trespasser. Suddenly he noticed some odd looking footprints in the mud leading away from the cabin. While he shown his flashlight on them the batteries died, “Bah! Now I have buy new batteries, and they are so expensive. Maybe Minnie has some that I can borrow.” He 発言しました to himself.

Suddenly there was a strange squeaking and rustling noise that came from the garbage cans over によって the cabin. Fortunately there was a little bit of lighting from the キッチン window that shown on these. Scrooge slowly walked over to them and began to tap them with his cane. After he tapped them a hissing noise came from one the cans. Scrooge gave the can one もっと見る tap, and then without warning a hairy black and white animal emitting an awful smell shot out and landed on his face.

He coughed and gagged trying to get the creature off his face. Then threw it to the ground and watched it run back into the woods.

Once he was free he went to the back door and called, “Minnie, could ye come here a moment?”

Minnie came to the door and was greeted によって the odor, “Oh my goodness! What is that smell?”

“Apparently the ghost that the wee lasses saw was a skunk.” He answered. Then he said, “I can no come in smelling like this so tell Duckworth to take the bus into town and see if there is an open store where he can get some トマト juice. Oh… and also tell Mrs. Quackmore she’s paying for the トマト ジュース and gas. Because if weren’t for her stories frightening the wee lasses into believing there’s ghosts outside, this would no have happened to me. And if she refuses to do so she’ll have to deal with me smelling like this because I’m no about to spent any of me hard earned money on something that is clearly her fault.”
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