Even though I'm not as easily scared as I was when I was younger these 10 ディズニー Scenes (and characters) still scares me. But they're not in any order except the 上, ページのトップへ 3. I only included scenes from 映画 that I grew up with so I couldn't include Fantasia and The Black Cauldron for those reasons, also only 映画 that are supposed to be for the entire family, to me The Hunchback Of Notre Dame isn't so kid friendly for example

The 鯨, クジラ Chase Scene

Most people thinks The Donkey Transformation is the scariest scene in Pinocchio, but this scene was even scarier to me, at first we just see Monstro sleep and we all think "this 鯨, クジラ can't be so scary, can it?". Then all of a sudden when some fishes comes close he opens his eye and starts to chase them, but the part that scared me the most was when Pinocchio lighted up a 火災, 火 so that the 鯨, クジラ would sneeze and he and Gepetto would come out of the 鯨, クジラ and then I got scared when the 鯨, クジラ had stopped sneezing and it became angry and started chasing after Pinocchio and Gepetto, the whole chase scene is pretty scary for being in daylight

Men Returns

It's not a very well known scene, but it's pretty scary actually considering that the scene is pretty long, anyway it begins with that Bambi wakes up after hearing something so he follows that sound, on a cliff he meets his father who tells him that Men are closer and that they have to flee deeper into the forest, Bambi hurries back to the place where he and Faline had slept during the night to find out that Faline isn't there, Faline is looking for Bambi, meanwhile the other 動物 are hiding, but then a hen like bird (not entirly sure what it is) gets shot and all the 動物 are running around like crazy, but the scariest part is when Faline encounters a pair of scary looking イヌ who chases her up a tiny cliff. Then Bambi gets shot and after that a 火災, 火 comes to the forest and destroys pretty much the whole forest.

The Chase Scene

Even though this movie is 全体, 全体的です not so scary this scene is an exception. The last part of it is especially scary because even though we know it's going to end well for Alice I forget about it at this point because the scene is so scary.

The ラット Chase Scene

Even though I'm not afraid of rats this scene is pretty scary, it's first of all set in darkness which helps making the scene scary, 秒 that ラット is so creepy looking

The くま, クマ Chase Scene

Many people seems to forget this scene, it's actually quite scary, mainly because of the bear, look at the eyes, it has red eyes and a dark complexion which is perfect for a scary look. Also normally in most other ディズニー 映画 all the characters that are close to the villain tries to kill the villain and manages pretty good, but in this scene all the characters fails, in fact the reason why the くま, クマ died is because it broke a log that laied over a waterfall so he and Tod (who was weak at that point) fell down, the くま, クマ probably died during the fall, but Tod survived the fall.

The Train Chase Scene

I promise this will be the last chase scene to appear on this 一覧 (though there are other chase scenes a villain isn't featured in those scenes), anyway this would probably be my 10th Scariest ディズニー Moment cause the scene is pretty funny at points, but the scariest part of the scene would have to be the ending of the scene, Sykes has Jenny and Fagin tries to reach her and the worst is that a subway is coming towards them, luckily Jenny jumps 秒 before the subway kills Sykes.

The Escape From Cave Of Wonders

This is the last scene without a placement on my list, then I will present my 上, ページのトップへ 3. Anyway this scene is pretty scary, but in an exciting kind of way, the scariest part is the beginning because then we hear The Cave Of Wonders and I have to say The Cave Of Wonders is pretty scary (the character, not the inside of the cave). I don't have so much もっと見る to say about this scene, now onto my 上, ページのトップへ 3 Sacriest ディズニー Moments, hope you're ready for them

3. The Spindle Wheel Scene

This used to be my least お気に入り scene in Sleeping Beauty because it was such a creepy scene, pretty much the entire scene is set in darkness, the 音楽 sounds like it calls the princess name, but what scares me the most about this scene is actually Aurora because she doesn't feel alive to me, she moves like a ghost almost.

2. Maurice meets The Beast

Another scene set in darkness, what scares me the most about this scene is the fact that since it's set in darkness we only see Beast's eyes and in the beginning of the scene he truly acts like a beast, also his voice is of course scary too and the end of the scene is scary too because even though I know it's not going to happen I still believe that The Beast would kill Maurice at that point. Now, I hope you're ready for number 1 cause here it comes

1. The Forest Scene

This scene is one of the reasons to why I'm scared of the darkness, it's also the reason to why I haven't watched any horror 映画 yet because to me this scene feels like a horror movie, first of all compared to the other scenes this scene has a great build up because the scariest part to me is actually the ending of the scene, also the 音楽 in this scene is amazing for it's time