Welcome everyone to my first ディズニー countdown article. I was debating on whether to do one of these, and then debating again on which site to put it on, but after much inner war, ファンポップ was decided upon. The inspiration for this countdown came from a few other lists I had looked at regarding other fandoms' adorable characters (not quite babies).

Now, I have been on this site for ... a long time, and I realize that everyone is passionate about what they like. That being said, I am also aware that some nasty コメント could come out of that. Obviously my #1 may not be yours and your #15 may not be mine, but I trust that あなた will be polite when leaving コメント below. Thank you.

Why 15? Why not 10? Simply because there are so many ディズニー 赤ちゃん out there and I couldn't shorten my 一覧 to simply 10. A few extra characters won't kill あなた to read. Besides, I'm going to try and keep my reasons short and sweet.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I do not own any 画像 used. All rights go to their rightful owners.

That being said, here we go!

#15 - Bambi from 'Bambi'

What? Bambi in last place?! How is this possible? I'll try to explain.

Bambi is a cute character, this is true. A baby deer is always a cute sight (unless it's been hit によって a truck), but it may not be SUPER cute. When I first saw Bambi as a baby, I wasn't hit with the 'awwww' factor. I know I'm one of the rare ones to not have that happen, and I'm definitely not saying Bambi isn't adorable, because he is, but it took me watching Bambi for a bit for the cuteness to settle in.

#14 - Dumbo from 'Dumbo'

This is another one which is adorable, but just didn't quite hit that 'awwww' factor. Dumbo's bright blue eyes and signature ears pushed him higher than Bambi on the 一覧 for me.

#13 - Oliver from 'Oliver & Company'

I'll admit it. I'm an absolute sucker for cats. Disregarding that fact, is it really that hard to fall for Oliver? The poor thing is left alone in the rain, just wanting someone like the owners his brothers and sisters got. Scared 赤ちゃん tend to have some sort of an 'awwww' factor for me, and Oliver was certainly scared.

#12 - Kuzco from 'The Emperor's New Groove'

This one is probably going to get some criticism, but something about baby Kuzco just draws me in. Maybe it's wondering how he could go from being such an adorable, sweet thing to an arrogant almost grown man I just want to punch, または maybe it's the typical baby 愛 to stuffed animals. Whatever it is, it landed Kuzco at #12.

#11 - Hercules from 'Hercules'

Hercules made one cute kid, so it was no wonder what he would grow into. This kid can be electrocuted によって a lightning bolt and still look cute. Hercules can be scared of his own birthday gift for a moment and still look cute. This kid as a lot of cute going on. I took a few points away for his head being so grossly dis-proportioned to his body. I swear, that kid's head was bigger than the rest of his tiny body combined.

#10 - Jack-Jack Parr from 'The Incredibles'

This is another ディズニー baby with a dis-proportioned head, but it wasn't quite as obvious as Hercules' to me, so I moved him up a bit. Despite that, his eyes were big and blue, his ears small but profound, and his hair ... what is up with that hair? How does that stay up? Is there some baby hair gel I don't know about? Whatever it is, it is a bit funny (it made me giggle, what can I say?) and gives him a little もっと見る personality. It also amazed me that this character could be nearly gone for half the movie, and not have a large part for the rest of it, and still be one of one the ones I associate first with the film.

#9 - Simba from 'The Lion King'

I have never met a person who ever told me Simba wasn't cute as a baby. His forehead was painted with a red ジュース and dirt and he still managed to look just as cute. Even his sneeze was precious, which I'm sure was the intent. I also give the kid リスペクト for not crying または anything when this weird mandrill takes him from his mom and nearly holds him off the edge of a cliff. Rather brave, little Simba.

#8 - Melody from 'The Little Mermaid II : Return to the Sea'

I am aware that many people absolutely loathe the character of Melody, but despite what a person thinks of her as a preteen, she still makes a cute infant. That doesn't really surprise me considering who her parents are, but it still puts her at #8 on this list.

Also, she doesn't cry when being taken によって Morgana, and as stupid as that may make her, she's still only a baby. In fact, she is still smiling and cooing when she's being held によって a tentacle over an open shark's mouth. She even laughs when her father picks her out of the air from being dropped during the ensuing chaos. However, all of that is great, but the really kicker for me was when she started to go into the water and play.

#7 - Tod from 'Fox and the Hound'

Honestly, how much better can あなた mix being a pretty baby and being scared out of their wits? There really isn't much I can say about the cuteness of little Tod that the movie can't for itself, but my お気に入り part of little Tod is when he snuggles up to Big Mama owl. That was one of the first times that movie made me want to cry.

#6 - Lady from 'Lady and the Tramp'

Now, I understand that many of あなた are appalled right now as to what I have done to my list, but I honestly believe Lady was ADORABLE! This is probably because of the memories I hold close of my own sweet 子犬 and the first nights we put him in his own bed. The lonliness of sweet Lady gets me every time. That and how she looked so happy every time she saw her owners with that little tail wiggling under the blue blanket.

#5 - Aladar from 'Dinosaur'

I believe most of the reason I find Aladar so adorable is how everyone else reacts to little Aladar. With Yar and Plio fighting over whether または not to keep him, it made Aladar seem all the もっと見る innocent, which he obviously was. This was intensified and made humorous when Aladar proceeded to urinate on Yar, who had just accepted him. Aladar's little form and innocent eyes made him seem like the cutest of cute.

#4 - Baby ヒヒ, マント ヒヒ from 'Tarzan'

Has there ever been a baby who has caused so much trouble? This little baby's cries didn't just cause problems in the feature movie, but in the animated series as well. Baby ヒヒ, マント ヒヒ knows just how to cry to get his family to make him have his way and his tiny form seems to make it works even more, looking like he's innocent when everyone except his overprotective family knows otherwise.

#3 - Pegasus from 'Hercules'

Going back to the scene with baby Hercules, I don't believe that scene could have been as precious without little blue and white Pegasus. His little form is simply stunning and his personality is just the same. The poor thing gets nailed in the head from Hercules and comes back a moment later to lick and snuggle up to the kid, thereby causing all of the gods and goddesses gathered to say "Awwww!" along with the 作者 of this list.

#2 - Rapunzel from 'Tangled'

I am a sucker for green eyes and this girl has HUGE green eyes. Not only that, but I'm also a sucker for adorable baby sounds. Yep, she makes some. Even her smile is just adorable. When her crown/tiara doesn't fit, it makes her seem every smaller, thereby making her, yep, あなた guessed it, cuter.

Whether she was waving at the lantern または trying to catch it when it was set away, I don't know, but I know that it made me go 'Awwww!'. That 'awwww' factor is crucial.

Now, who, あなた ask, is considered もっと見る adorable than Rapunzel, Pegasus, Baby Baboon, and all the rest? You're about to find out in...







#1 - Tarzan from 'Tarzan'

Yep, my #1 is baby Tarzan. It's not because of how he looks, though he is simply precious. It's the way he acts. The first thing he does when Kala sees him is say 'eh?' and I was hooked. He sneezes and coughs in the most charming of ways possible. This child loves Kala from the moment he meets her, and doesn't even know what she is. He blows adorable bubbles from his mouth and coo's like most other babies. Not only that, but he was able to survive もっと見る attacks from a leopard as an infant than his parents could as adults armed with a shotgun. Innocent, loving, and delightful, Tarzan is によって a wide margin, my #1.