This is my opinion on my お気に入り ディズニー heroines, these are the ones that I love. I like all the ディズニー heroines except Ms. Callaway(Home On The Range), Captain Amelia(Treasure Planet), and Esmeralda. I don't hate または dislike Callaway または Amelia, just a neutral feeling but I do hate Esmeralda. Besides those three I like all ディズニー heroines but these twenty I'm 愛 to death. I will also include a quote that the heroine has 発言しました または sung. I will only be including hand drawn animated heroines, not compuuter animated ones. Please leave a コメント on what あなた think and don't just make it one of those simple "Good job" things, I worked hard on this and want もっと見る than just that. Well I'll stop talking and get to the actual article, enjoy.

20.Belle(Beauty and The Beast)
I want adventure in the greatwide somewhere! I wanted もっと見る than I can tell!

Don't hate it's just an opinion and I do 愛 her, she's just not one of my 上, ページのトップへ favorites. I can relate to her because I live in a small boring town that's full of complete morons. I kinda feel like they talk behind my back like they do with her. People think I'm odd because I'm a teenage boy who hates sports and isn't like other guys. Just like how she's not like other girls, she actually has a brain inside her head and likes to read books. I 愛 that she's not afraid to stand up to Beast and just tells him off. However the reason she's not higher is because I think she's too much of a Mary Sue. She's beautiful, smart, speaks her mind, kind hearted, doesn't judge people によって their looks, and it seems like everything is just done for her. I'm not calling her a damsel in distress but she's definitely a Mary Sue. I prefer もっと見る flawed ディズニー heroines because they're もっと見る realistic. But I will admit that she's definitely one of the most beautiful ディズニー heroines there are.

ロスト forever if I never knew you!

Yeah I know I'll probably be getting boos but I don't really care. I 愛 how she's a free spirt and goes wherever the wind takes her. I 愛 how she wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believe in and stopped a war from happening. If we had もっと見る people like Pocahontas there'd be no もっと見る wars in this world. Too bad there's not because the world is full of morons who think we need to solve problems with fighting. I 愛 how she is at the beginning, I've always wanted to try to jump of a cliff like she did. However I think her personality started becoming duller when she meets John Smith. She's also pretty, smart(somwhat), kind, brave, and heroic. Plus she was based off a real native american princess.

18.Shanti(The Jungle Book 2)
Come on Mowgli, we'll be late!

I'm judging her on how she is in the sequel because we don't really see her personality in the original. All we knew from the original was that she was an amazing singer and that she's beautiful. However the sequel shows us she's もっと見る than just a beautiful girl. She's mature, smart, can be fun, is witty, and kind. I 愛 how she does from a weak coward to メリダとおそろしの森 and heroic. I 愛 how even though she follows the rules she was willing to break them to help a friend. She went into the jungle which she's terrified of dispite the danger to find Mowgli. She was willing to over come her fear for her true love, she cares もっと見る about her フレンズ than herself. She's not higher because she's kinda kill joy even though it's sorta for good reason.

At least out loud, I won't say I'm in love!

I know people are gonna hate for this but I do 愛 her, she's my お気に入り character in the movie. I think one thing that's special about her is that she's the only ディズニー heroine I think is ugly. I 愛 to have a character that I adore that I find ugly, but people don't find ugly. Even though she's ugly on the outside in my opinion, she's beautiful on the inside. It was so selfless how she gave up her chance of freedom to protect Hercules. Also how she gave up her own life to save Hercules, with no thought of herself. I 愛 how sassy, sarcastic, and witty she is because that's alot like how am almost all the time. I can also relate to how she's afraid of getting hurt and falling in love. She use to be higher but I think as time goes によって I just started to 愛 other heroines more.

And daddy, they tooked my boot!

This chick is hilarious! Especially during the chase scene with the monkeys. I 愛 how she acts when she explains to her dad and Clayton because she looks like she's gone insane. She's pretty, cute, kind, an animal lover, artistic, brave, heroic, and intelligent in fact one of the most intelligent. I 愛 how she kinda freaks out a little when Tarzan and her are in a tree. I quoted things she 発言しました alot as a kid because it was all so funny. I relate to how she's torn because her ハート, 心 is telling her two different things one stay with her true 愛 または go ホーム with who father who needs her. She listened to her ハート, 心 and it all ended up right. The she's not higher because the others are もっと見る charming.

15.Jenny(Oliver and Company)
Wait'll あなた taste this, it's a secret resipe I just invented!

I hate not having her higher because I really 愛 her and she's my お気に入り character in the movie. I think she's underrated because hardly anyone really thinks about, those who do usually think she's nothing もっと見る but a pretty face. I think she's so much もっと見る than a pretty face, she's brave, kindhearted, loves animals, and is somewhat heroic. I think her life is kinda sad, even though she's rich and has everything anyone could want. Her parents are always working and don't have time with her, she's left with the butler who means well but is so stiff and not very fun. I 愛 that she was willing to go into a stange part of the city to find Oliver all alone(besides with Georgette). She didn't care that she'd be lost, bugged, kidnapped, または possible kill によって a nut job all she cared about was finding Oliver. The reason she's not higher is because the others are もっと見る active.

14.Nala(The Lion King)
Don't あなた understand? You're our only hope!

We may not see too much of her compared to most characters in the movie and most heroines but she's awesome. As a cub I 愛 her 愛 for adventure and fun, I also 愛 how she could always pin Simba and prove girls can be just as tough as boys. I'm a guy but I actually believe girls can be just as good at anything a guy can, and apperently they can even do some of those things in high heels. How do あなた girls do that? When she's older and she runs away from ホーム it's actually not for herself, it's to find help for the pride lands. She could have just ran away and been like not my problem, but she doesn't everything she did was for her pride. She's loyal to her family and friends. I also 愛 how in the sequel she's もっと見る openminded to Kovu than Simba was. She knows her daughter loves him and is willing to give him a chance. However there are other heroines that I like もっと見る than her. There are also characters in The Lion King I like もっと見る than her like Simba, Timon and Pumba.

13.Lilo(Lilo and Stitch)
Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind または forgotten!

I 愛 this crazy little girl and how she acts all dramatic when the social workers there "Leave me alone to die", "My フレンズ need to be punished" lol. I 愛 that she's different from pretty much everyone on the island because that means she's unique which means she's special. I can relate to people thinking I'm a freak and treating me different like the way she is. I loved when she attacked Mertle during hula class, I was cheering "YEAH LILO! BITE HER! パンチ HER! PULL HER HAIR OFF! BREAK HER GLASSES! MAKE HER LOOK UGLIER THAN SHE ALREADY IS!" obviously if I was there I wouldn't be much help. I grew up with her 映画 and the series so she'll always hold a special place in my heart. Even though Stitch is usually saving the 日 she's heroic and メリダとおそろしの森 too, plus she's as cute as a button.

No matter how your ハート, 心 is greiving, if あなた keep on believing, the dreams that あなた wish will come true!

She use to be in my 上, ページのトップへ five, I think the reason for that was because I kept thinking of her in the third movie. She has もっと見る developement as a character in the third movie she was brave, heroic, strongwilled, stood up for herself, and for the record beautiful much prettier than in the original. Anyway for the original she's kind, sweet, nice, pretty(but not beautiful), and does sorta stand up for herself. I 愛 that through all these years she stays gentle and kind when any other person would be 苦い and rude. I like that everyday she's able to deal with her lame step-family, I would have ran away if I was her. The reason she's not higher is because she's just as good a character in the original as she is in the third movie. She's a もっと見る active, independent, and clever heroine if she was like how she was in the third movie in the original she'd be in my 上, ページのトップへ ten.

11.Tiana(The Princess and The Frog)
*hits Naveen* Keep your slimy self away from me!

Finally a ディズニー heroine who has a job, unless あなた count Mulan's service in the army. I 愛 that she works hard to make her dreams come true and doesn't just wait for it to happen によって just wishing on a star. Sure she wishes on stars but she knows it can only take her half way there and that she needs to put her own hard work into it. She knows that no matter what if she keeps working hard she will make her dream come ture. She doesn't wanna take the easy way out because it never works out in the end when あなた do. I 愛 how she doesn't take anything from Naveen and tells him to get off his lazy butt and work, I also 愛 that she hits him. I 愛 how she doesn't fall for Facilier's trick and trust her ハート, 心 because she knows what's right. She's an amazing cook and singer, she's caring, funny, witty, and stunning definitely one of the most beautiful ディズニー heroines. However it takes her forever to learn how to have fun and just lacks something my 上, ページのトップへ ten have. So unfortunately she's one spot shy of the cut.

10.Snow White(Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs)
Someday my prince will come!

Yes the one who started is all makes it to the 上, ページのトップへ ten on my お気に入り list. She's sweet, cute, kind, pretty, optimistic, caring, gentle, and is actually brave. It's メリダとおそろしの森 of her to be able to go through all she's been and still stay so positive. I've always enjoyed her and her movie ever since I was a little boy. I know some people think she's one of the weakest heroines and she isn't one of their お気に入り but she will always be one of my favorites. Besides if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have any of these heroines of these movies. She came before a young lion became a king, before peasent boy unleased a genie, before a beauty tamed a beast, before a mermaid dreamed of life on the land, before a glass slipper revealed it's magic. I know people think she's stupid but I don't think so at all, she backed away from the hag when she was offering her the 林檎, アップル and only took it so not to be rude. She let the hag in because she seemedto be having a heartattack! What would あなた do if あなた saw an old person having a heartattack asking for some water? Let them die? The reason she's not higher is because she's not as realistic as the rest.

9.Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron)
Girl? Girl?! If it weren't for this girl, あなた would still be in the Horned King's dungeon!

Absolutely 愛 this girl she's so awesome and unfortunately underrated in my opinion. I actually went most of my childhood without it, in fact when I first saw it I didn't know it was a ディズニー movie. I 愛 how she didn't just wait for someone to come and save her but she just tries to escape herself. There's also the plus that she rescued her 愛 interest. Isn't that the twist on the story? It's the メリダとおそろしの森 little princess coming to the rescue! I 愛 how when Taran is 芝居 sexist she just goes off on him and is all like "Oh really? Well if girls don't know much, than how come it took a girl to get あなた out of the dungeon? Because apperently あなた couldn't escape without the help of a girl! So don't あなた give me any of that あなた idiot". Finally a heroine that can stand up for herself! She's not afraid to stand up to anyone even her 愛 interest. I kinda think she has magic powers because she does have that magic ball that follows her. She's brave, intelligent, beautiful, kind, heroic, and just awesome. However she's not higher because she doesn't really 表示する up until in the middle of the story.

8.Alice(Alice In Wonderland)
Oh Mr. Rabbit! Wait! Please!

The little girl who wondered into a wonderful land called Wonderland. I wanna say for the record that I believe that Wonderland wasn't just a dream, I believe she actually went to a place called Wonderland. I 愛 how realistic she is, I mean who doesn't drift off into lala land when somebody is talking about something boring. I 愛 how curious she is! Who couldn't wanna know what a talking rabbit wearing clothes, carrying a watch saying "I'm late" is late for? I 愛 that she does go along with nonsense but also does logic. I 愛 that she's knowledgeable but not one that's no fun but is also really fun-loving. She does try to find her way ホーム but she's just a little girl so she can't do much. I think she could be heroic if she tried. I loved when she went off on the クイーン even though it didn't turn out good for her. She's brave, intelligent, fun, pretty, kind, and curious. Once again the only reason she's not higher is because I simple 愛 the others more.

7.Jane(Peter Pan 2: Return To Neverland)
All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust!

Lately I've been really into Return To Neverland and everytime I keep falling in 愛 with Jane. In fact she even beat my お気に入り character from the original, Tinkerbell. I think she's underrated, people don't give her enough credit just because she's a sequel character. Which is so stupid, I think people are too bais and try to find something wrong with a sequel and the characters to hate them. Anyway back to Jane! I think even before her change in the movie she stays a dreamer who loves stories, because we see her enjoy listening to her mothers stories when her mother is telling one to Danny, until she snaps out of it. So what if she's a kill joy? It's not like she doesn't have good reason, considering her dad left when she was seven, a war going on, and being sent away to the country. I relate to how she feels because I don't believe in faith, trust, and most definitely pixie dust. She didn't mean to kill Tinkerbell, and didn't blow the whistle she threw it into the water so it's not her fault Peter and his フレンズ were captured. Besides she becomes fun and saves the 日 in the end. She's beautiful, intelligent, brave, heroic, kind, witty, and fun. The only reason the others are higher is because I simple 愛 them more.

6.Kiara(The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
A wise King once told me, "We are One." I didn't understand him then, now I do.

That's right I 愛 Kiara alot もっと見る than her mother, in fact I even like Kiara もっと見る than my お気に入り characters from the original Timon and Pumba. I grew up with their TV 表示する and until Kiara came into existance my お気に入り characters from The Lion King franchise was Timon and Pumba. Personality-wise I think she's a mixture of both Ariel and Pocahontas. She has Ariel's trouble making, adventurous, bubbly, stubborn, fun loving personality. From Pocahontas she's serious when she needs to, knows when fighting isn't the answer, and is wise beyond her years. I think she's better than her dad because he wanted at first to just completely abandon his pride, while Kiara she wanted to run away knew she had to help her pride. The outsiders do look different but Kiara doesn't see a difference inside them, they're just like her and her people. She knows that Kovu loves her for who she is and believes that he wasn't part of the ambush. She knows she has to be the future クイーン but wants to at the same time stay who she is. The only reason she's not in my 上, ページのトップへ 5 is because I simply 愛 the others more.

5.Madellaine(The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2)
I 愛 Quasimodo!

I think I'm the only one who loves her enough to put her this high, but I 愛 her so much. She's intelligent, beautiful, kind, brave, and heroic. I 愛 that she has flaws like being clumsy and insecurity. She doesn't judge people によって the way they look bue によって the way they are on the inside. I know that she did hurt Quasimodo but it was to protect him and to keep him from getting hurt. She didn't want to hurt it! I've always loved her もっと見る than Esmeralda, but I hate Esmeralda so I 愛 alot of people もっと見る than Esmeralda. Madellaine is an amazing singer, we hear her voice actress sing in the end credits. I think she should be 与えられた もっと見る credit because she's a good character. There's also when Zephyr goes missing and she knows where he is, she didn't have to tell Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and Pheobus. She could have just kept quiet because she doesn't owe them anything, but no she helps them even though they don't trust her. Her life is even worse than シンデレラ she was taken によって the circus because of one mistake she made. She was just six years old, was starving and it was only a few coins. I have to say I actually 愛 her もっと見る than all the Hunchback characters even Quasimodo. She see's that even though Quasimodo is hideous on the outside he's one of the most beautiful people anyone will ever meet on the inside. Plus I 愛 the ending when they both declair their 愛 for each other.

4.Angel(Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure)
You've got your own style! Don't ya tenderfoot?

The best animal heroine によって far no contest! She's WAY better than Lady によって miles! She's streetsmart and I think she's メリダとおそろしの森 to try to survive on the streets practically alone. The junkyard イヌ and Buster aren't much of a family so she's basically alone. Her background is interesting because they's had five families that have kicked her out, so her life basically stinks. I think her life is tragic because she's gone her whole life not being accepted and has gone feeling unwanted and unloved. Even though all of this she still hopes of maybe one 日 having a family to call her own. She tries to help Scamp make the right decision to be with his family who loves him. She's not afraid to stand up to Buster like the junkyard イヌ are. Even when Scamp breaks his promise she still tries to help him, she truely loves him! She is definitely one of the best ディズニー characters ever and the best animated girls, not just ディズニー but animated PERIOD. Also I wanna say I 愛 her voice it's beautiful, this is the only time I actually like Susan Egan's voice. She was okay as Meg and was just plain awful in the broadway version of Beauty and The Beast as Belle. With Meg it's pitchy in places and with Belle it sounds もっと見る like she's screaming than singing, with エンジェル it's angelic and beautiful. Also she's just the cutest little dog ever! She's only not higher because I just like the others more.

A whole new world! A dazeling place I never knew! But now from way up here it's crystal cleat that now I'm in a whole knew world with you!

The sassy strong willing princess that won the hearts of many especially Aladdin. First I have to say she's truely one of the most beautiful ディズニー women. I 愛 that she's not afraid to speak her mind and won't take anything from anyone. She's not some kind of prize to be one she's a human being! I like that she ran away because she doesn't want people to live her life for her, it wasn't the best thing to do but still. It was so sweet of her to give an 林檎, アップル to that pooh little kid, once again not a bright thing to do when あなた have no money. I 愛 how she managed to figure out that Ali was アラジン because it was clearly obvious. I've also enjoyed her in the sequels and the series. She's brave, heroic, beautiful, kind, caring, strongwilled, stubborn, and will stand up for herself. She didn't make it high because I relate もっと見る to my 上, ページのトップへ two than I do her.

When will my reflection so who I am inside?

Of course the hero of all China had to be high on this 一覧 または there wouldn't be justice. She started off insecure and clumsy to brave, heroic, and determind. It was clever how she made the mountain blow up because she knew it was the only way to stop the huns. I like how they made her work hard to develope into a different character and didn't just become totally different out of no where. I relate to her being insecure and feeling like a complete loser and a nobody. It was amazing how she knew she was breaking the rules but she just had to so she could help her father. She broke rules such as taking her fathers invetation, cutting her hair, dressing like a man, joined the army, ran away from home, and lied to the chinese army. In the end she became China's greatest hero and she had save them all. Even when they didn't believe her she still kept trying to help. She's definitely the bravest, most heroic, smartest ディズニー heroine there is. I also think she's a natual and unique exotic beauty. The reason she's not number one is because nobod will ever beat my number one.

1.Ariel(The Little Mermaid) and Melody(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea)
Ariel: Up where they walk! Up where they run! Up where they stay all 日 in the sun! Melody: Wish my mother could see it, the sea is my song for a moment, just a moment I belong!

I can't decide which one of these two amazing mermaid princesses I 愛 もっと見る so they're tied. I 愛 that they're both the same only slightly different. They both have things that's better than the other Ariel has a better voice and movie but Melody is prettier and smarter. However they're both equally brave, heroic, fun-loving, kind, adventurous, sweet, bubbly, and curious. Bother are increadably gorgeous and so funny. I 愛 that Ariel was willing to give up and do so much to become human and for love. Eric wan't the entire reason for her wanting to be human, she wanted to be human WAY before she ever saw Eric. I 愛 that she was the first princess who saves her 愛 interest. Melody the first young heroine to save the 日 and defeat the villian, even her mom didn't do that. The only ディズニー heroines who did that besides Melody are Mulan, Jane(Peter Pan), and Tiana. I adore how they both stand up for what they believe and do whatever it takes to prove themselves right. These two will always be my お気に入り animated characters ever no matter what.