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ディズニープリンセス Which princess looks the prettiest in the banner of this spot?

73 fans picked:
Snow White
 disney_prince posted 1年以上前
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disney_prince picked Ariel:
They all look really different to how they looked in their movie. But anyway I think Ariel looks the prettiest, then Belle
posted 1年以上前.
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princesslullaby picked Ariel:
or belle
posted 1年以上前.
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sandysilva picked Ariel:
Ariel, Snow White and Belle
posted 1年以上前.
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Jillywinkles picked シンデレラ:
They all look great, except for Belle whose nose is completely messed up
posted 1年以上前.
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kateliness2 picked シンデレラ:
Cinderella and Ariel look best I think. Then Jasmine and Snow White.
posted 1年以上前.
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pretty_angel92 picked ジャスミン:
and aurora. belle looks really ugly
posted 1年以上前.
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Mongoose09 picked Belle:
or Aurora
posted 1年以上前.
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dee389 said:
Belle's eye lashes disturbs me!!!
posted 1年以上前.
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TigerRanma picked Ariel:
I hate that picture of Belle. It's the ugliest they ever used for her on the franchise.

In my opinion, the best picture I've seen on the franchise is this:


Everyone looks nice or whatever but Ariel is the best looking, in my opinion.
posted 1年以上前.
last edited 1年以上前