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 Pocket Princesses Comic: Welcome Moana!
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Source: Amy Mebberson's Pocket Princesses
There's been so many 記事 recently. :O Well, I'm going to add one anyway.

Might as well remake this list, I haven't done it in a while. My opinions have changed a lot on the 歌う voices (As they do with everything) so pretty much everything is new here. Sorry my descriptions are so short, they're usually longer but I got lazy. Anyways, please respect my opinion and I will respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

13. Merida.
Um... Yeah. She sings Noble Maiden Fair, which is nice and her voice is okay I guess. It's just a little kid, so her voice isn't very strong または powerful.

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Feminism..racism..by gosh darn golly my 記事 are all so light and fluffy! I promise I'll try not to make a trend of controversial 記事 topics, I just think that if an 記事 doesn't get your head spinning in some way it isn't accomplishing it's job! Also, please don't take this as an anti-feminist article. The feminists I refer to in this 記事 are only a select few of extremists, I in no way look down on feminists または hate them in the slightest. Well, onto the article!

For a group of people that claim to be supporting of all women and their ventures, the mistreatment that the classic...
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Well, according to my own preferences ムーラン is the complete arrangement of relatable and admirable. She's always dutiful, she always tries to please her parents and her society. She often fails at it, but she tries her best. When she loses hope in pleasing her family, she figures she would rather sacrifice herself for her father then see him die doing what she's told. She even does such, to change her society. She takes a risk to have some value to her, which is achieving her own goals as well as helping the people she holds dear. She's clumsy, she messes up and makes bad decisions, but ultimately...
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Yay, I'm remaking this 一覧 for the 4th time! ^-^ I know you're all sick of this によって now, but I think I've got my 一覧 in order now, so I won't have to remake this 記事 every few weeks.

13. Mulan.
If none of あなた have seen my 一覧 recently, yes, I now have ムーラン as my least favorite. And even though I made a whole 記事 on this, I'll explain again. I really dislike ムーラン because first, she's a bland character. There's not that much too her, honestly. によって the beginning, she's an average person, pretty much. She's lazy, unmotivated, makes a lot of mistakes and such. So then she makes this...
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Source: http://clipartanimation.tumblr.com/
Source: http://clipartanimation.tumblr.com
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Eventually I'll write one of those 記事 that's a comprehensive 一覧 of everything, but for now this is an 記事 I felt like writing. It's the easiest one for me and probably the most consistent.

 "Some might call me a pathological liar, but it's part of my charm"
"Some might call me a pathological liar, but it's part of my charm"

11. Aladdin
While he can be endearing and generous, I can never forgive the way he acts towards Jasmine. I wrote a whole 記事 about why I don't like him which あなた can read here, but I'll summarize it quickly for you. The fact is アラジン constantly lies to Jasmine's face despite being handed several opportunities...
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こんにちは everybody! This is my first 記事 in a while, so I figured I better start with the classic list. Hope あなた guys enjoy it!

13. Rapunzel
previously 11
Ok, let me just get this off my chest right away. I find Rapunzel somewhat annoying. *dodges flying piano* I apologize to her legions of ファン but that is my opinion. Despite this, don’t think that I dislike her. I actually find her really relatable, and I greatly admire her bravery in chasing her dreams. I guess what keeps her so low on my 一覧 is that I find her sickeningly sweet. It gets to the point where I just don’t enjoy watching her...
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Source: http://blogs.disney.com/disney-style/lifestyle/2014/08/21/ariel-paper-doll/
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Bonjour! So basically what I am doing is a 一覧 of my favourite outfits; but I am sticking to one outfit per princess. Also this only applies to the first and original movie; there are no sequels included. This 記事 also includes Elsa and Anna. This is not a countdown; I tried to do one and it was too hard. I will also be talking about some of the accessories that go with that outfit, including shoes, jewellery, gloves, hairpieces etc. (There is only one outfit that Pocahontas wears, so there can only be one favourite. However I am still including her because I can still say some things...
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Source: http://www.charactercentral.net/
 Did あなた miss me?!
Did you miss me?!
こんにちは guys, あなた may または may not remember me (people who don’t maybe new people または people who never noticed me in the first place). But it’s me, princecatcher93. I am so sorry that I left fanpop, I left for many different reasons, one being my family changed internet plans so I have 4G a 月 all to myself (may sound like a lot but when あなた use other things it can go によって quickly), 秒 of all my health really went down, which lead to many different things. I discovered I had desperation early last 年 and I used ファンポップ as my support group to get out my feels, I loved running a lot of things...
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