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 Princess Ariel, Princess シンデレラ & Princess Rapunzel 壁紙
ディズニー princess 壁紙
princess ariel
princess シンデレラ
princess rapunzel
Sigh..... I know this is the third ディズニー princess outfit 記事 in a row but with all due respect to KataraLover and sweetie94 I've been working on mine for awhile and I hope あなた don't feel like I ripped あなた off. There's not a princess who's outfits I entirely hate, so this 一覧 was a bit difficult to make. Keep in mind these are just my opinions also.

10. Rapunzel

Ok so our 一覧 starts out with one of the お気に入り gone. I know a lot of people enjoy her purple dress but I just don't. It reminds me of a kids costume that little kids wear at the parks. It's short and is that purple that...
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Here's the fifth 記事 for the Best ディズニー Princess hair style countdown. It covers the places from 1 to 10. Enjoy!

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10. Rapunzel - braid

This is a very cute hair style. The braid definitely SUITS/スーツ her a lot, and she looks way better than when her hair is long and loose. The お花 in...
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I've already written 記事 on my お気に入り princesses and action scenes, and now the countdow is about the "I want" songs. That's one of my お気に入り moments in all DP movies. ジャスミン doesn't have any solo song, so I didn't include her in the countdown.

Please notice I considered the scenes as a whole, not only the song.

9. Snow White - "Someday my prince will come"
This song is short, and it doesn't help that it's showed in the middle in the movie - It doesn't add nothing about Snow White's personality. It also doesn't help that she sang it sitting on a chair, that forbidded the animation...
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I have to say, I’m tired of all this talk that the ディズニー Princesses are not feminist enough. Hearing some of the arguments against them, I come to the conclusion that the only female protagonist the complainers would accept has to be single, career oriented, perfect in every situation and being able to defeat every villain with a hand wave. This idea that the perfect female role model has to be ビクトリアス in every situation and being able to handle everything herself terrifies me much もっと見る than beauty standards the ディズニー Princesses represents. Because, when it comes down to it, we all know...
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posted by ivebeendreaming
I've come to ask myself this 質問 recently. I mean everyone knows there can only be one Prince Charming but is he as charming as his name suggests. Does he deserve to be the 上, ページのトップへ ディズニー prince along with his true love, Cinderella? Personally I think all of the princes should be equal but still, I would like to know... (the ratings will be out of 5) I'll be adding a new set every 日 until It's finished and we know who the real Prince Charming is... (last line from my Polyvore)

The Prince: I kinda wish he had a name (although most people think his name is Prince Charming, this is not true....
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 Beast dies but is turned back into a human
Beast dies but is turned back into a human
I 愛 how in some 映画 that ディズニー does features someone dying it kinda makes the story of the film somehow sad and emotional. So here are my 上, ページのトップへ 4 favourite almost death scenes. SPOILERS AHEAD

# 4Snow White getting poisoned with the poison apple: This has to be the weirdest scene I have seen in a ディズニー movie I mean getting poisoned によって an 林檎, アップル how stupid is that and I thought she died and went to heaven as the 城 was like in the skies.

#3 John Smith getting shot によって Radcliff: This one I was so shocked when I seen this as it was so emotional and very sad. I like how John asks Pocahontas...
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Here are the lyrics to a song I learned from my 音楽 teacher growing up. We'd act it out using her spinning wheel, and none of the girls could ever wait to be Aurora. Even though I didn't like her back then, I still wanted the chance to touch the spinning wheel. I thought it was fitting I post this, it being Aurora 月 and all. So, in honor of our own Brier Rose, here's the Irish folk song "Fair Rosa":

Fair Rosa was a lovely child,
A lovely child, a lovely child,
Fair Rosa was a lovely child
A long time ago.

A wicked fairy cast a spell,
Cast a spell, cast a spell,
A wicked fairy...
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10.The Beginning of Ariel's Beginning
I found the very first few 分 of this movie to be magical. It was great to dive back into Atlantica and see where it all began.

9.Ariel Listens to 音楽 Again for the First Time
After クイーン Athena's death, Triton banned all 音楽 in the city of Atlantica. With all the gloominess that has settled upon Atlantica, it was amazing to see 音楽 thrive once again (even if it was a secret).

8.Queen Athena Sings
This is the first time we see クイーン Athena. It's so magical because I think we all wondered what Ariel's mother would be like. I don't know...
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posted by KataraLover
Once there was a handsome rich man, who had a beautiful wife who was kind as she was beautiful. They also had a beautiful little girl(5 years old right now) named Cinderella, she was named after her mother Ella, also the she loved to watch the cinders fly from the 火災, 火 place. But one 日 out of nowhere the rich woman died. After a 年 the rich man married again he felt his daughter needed a mother. She was a woman of good family with two daughters just Cinderella's age によって name アナスタシア and Drizella. However after two years of marriage the good man died leaveing his daughter broken hearted....
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posted by disney_prince
Name: Pocahontas
Meaning: Pocahontas means "little wanton" but according to other referances it means "Little Mischief" (as a native american translation)
aka: Former names of real historic women Matoaka (or Matoika) and Amonute, Pocahontas was a childhood nickname, the historic figures forced baptism and marriage to John Rolfe left her with the name Lady Rebecca Rolfe, sometimes called Princess Pocahontas.
Disney film: Pocahontas, 33rd ディズニー classic, 1995
Voice: Irene Bedard
Singing voice: Judy Kuhn
Model: Irene Bedard
Based on: The real historical figure and the created romance...
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posted by disney_prince
Name: Snow White
Meaning: name 与えられた to snow white によって her mother and father because of her pale white skin
aka: In Low German Sneewittchen; in High German Schneeweißchen, called "the little princess" によって the huntsman. Princess Snow White.
ディズニー film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes, 1st ディズニー classic, 1937
Voice: Adriana Caselotti
Singing voice: Adrina Caselotti
Model: Marjorie Belcher and Margaret Champion
Based on: Many adaptions created but Brother Grimm's adaption was the one Disney’s version is most based on, ending of being kissed によって the prince is borrowed from a different...
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posted by JNTA1234
Basically I'm going to address what people tend to think about the princesses, when it is indeed not true, または at least not entirely.

Snow White
Can't really say anything about Snow White. People are really dead on about her. She sweet, caring, joyful, old fashioned and kinda stupid. I wish I could defend her but I can't. All the negative stuff people say about Snow are completely true, as well as the positive. The only misconception I can come up with, is that everyone thinks she's happy all the time. But there's one scene where she's crying but she almost immediately bounces back. So,...
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 Who's the most beautiful daughter of King Triton and クイーン Athena?
Who's the most beautiful daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena?
I made this COUNTDOWN about a week 前 and now I'm making this 記事 to 表示する あなた the results and let me tell ya alot of these princesses are being so difficult they can't except that their not the most beautiful well here we go

 She kind of looks like a boy.-madisonsavanna
She kind of looks like a boy.-madisonsavanna

7.Andrina well there's not much to say since she's lovely but not all that special to look at. I have to say when I first saw The Little Mermaid I thought she was a boy but I relized she's just ugly. She's beautiful in the third movie in my opinion but ファンポップ found her rather plain looking. They weren't much of a fan...
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