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 I'm finally getting praised... Perfect
I'm finally getting praised... Perfect
Everyone here knows me to be the Shan Yu ファン (Probably the biggest on this spot) with the unpopular opinion that Shan Yu is the best ディズニー Princess villain and the 秒 best ディズニー villain. I am always asked why, so I decided to make this 記事 giving a lot of the reasons why I have this opinion. I know a lot of あなた will probably not read this all the way through, but if あなた do, I was not holding a dictionary as I was 書く this, I just got very serious on this topic.

So I hope あなた like it

When the term ディズニー villain comes to mind, people usually think of Scar, Ursula, Maleficent,...
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(author's note: Snow White will forever be my favourite princess... I also have thoughts about her apology afterwards but I'll post that later when I actually put it into words and write it)


Firstly, Snow White goes from picking wildflowers, humming “One Song” to herself, helping a baby bird… to nearly being killed and realizing that everything that had just happened (=break from being virtually slave) was for that purpose.

Out of self-preservation - and not weakness - she runs into the forest. As of now, she...
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As あなた can probably tell from the title, this is a collab article! As あなた can also probably tell from the title, this is a collab 記事 between disneygirl7 and princecatcher93. Me and princecatcher93 have written a collab 記事 on our favourite couples. I did my pictures and princecatcher93 made her own pictures. Please remember that this is our own opinions, so it's absolutely fine to disagree, as long as あなた don't be rude. Warning: We did include Anna and Kristoff, so there could be possible spoilers. (Depends how much あなた know または whether または not あなた have seen the movie.) Enjoy! :)


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I've written this type of 記事 so many times now, but I felt like 書く an updated 一覧 anyway, as soon as I've watched all the DP 映画 I might update the 一覧 again

11. Merida

She's the only ディズニー Princess I don't like at all. First of all she's way too rebellious and now I feel that ディズニー should take a break from those types of princesses. Also she's very whiny and her personality isn't very interesting to me and she annoys me so much

10. Tiana

Despite only being 10th I like Tiana, I 愛 how determinded she is over opening her own resturant. But what I 愛 the most about...
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dimitri_ and I decided to do a collab 記事 together and I think we had a lot of fun doing it! Picture credit goes to dimitri_ and I wrote the article. I apologize if I ramble a bit もっと見る than dimitri_ does, she has もっと見る self control than I do lol. Let's get started with the lists :)

dimitri_: Pocahontas & John Smith
I think they are wrong for each other since Pocahontas is hard to match with and that they ''love'' each other way too much, it still feels rushed to me. John changed his entire point of view that he was raised with when Pocahontas sang "Colors of the Wind." It's just...
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Well, I've already done an 記事 about the faces of the ディズニー princesses, so now I suppose I'll go ahead and 一覧 my opinions about the prettiest ディズニー hair. Let's begin!

11. Snow White
Oh, Snow. I hate how you're at the bottom of all lists ever, but with that boring little bob that looks like a gob of paint あなた just don't deserve much higher. Many condolences.

 "Wanna hear a secret? Promise not to tell? This is actually a helmet, not hair."
"Wanna hear a secret? Promise not to tell? This is actually a helmet, not hair."

10. Cinderella
Cindy here was the 秒 princess created によって Walt Disney, and although her hair is of a prettier color and cut than Snow...
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 Couldn't have put it better myself
Couldn't have put it better myself
Hello, DP Fanpoppers, in this 記事 I'm going to share my thoughts on they way I see 'The Little Mermaid', and try to prove certain negative opinions surrounding this movie wrong with they way I and certain other people see the situation. Feel free to at least read what I, and many other people's thoughts I've included, have to say about this.

You know, I've always found it off when people mention that Ariel didn't really change her ways によって the end of the movie. I thinklink, but here's my take on the situation. She does change in the end, it just wasn't as clear または obvious as it should've...
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Alright, it’s getting toward the end of summer, and before it’s over I thought I’d do something entirely superficial. The placements are based purely on looks alone, I’m just going to be entirely shallow. These are just my opinions, they’re weird, I know. This is going to get very long. The pictures are their prettiest shots in my opinion.

11. Merida
*Blows out a deep breath* Merida. (Read in same intonation as Nostalgia Chick uses when she says “Anime” in her 上, ページのトップへ ten hottest animated guys countdown- watch it, it’s hilarious.) I want to like the way Merida looks, I really do....
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most underrated ディズニー Princess of all? The answer is Snow White. First of all, a lot of things are 発言しました about Snow White and.....I agree with a lot of them. Yeah, I agree that at times, she is too nice for her own good and she sees the bottle only half full. Yes, I think she is naïve and as far as what she does in her movie...she doesn't do a lot except cook and clean (although the movie was made in the 1930's, so what do あなた expect?)

However, there are some aspects of her personality that people seem to overlook.

For one thing, Snow White can be sassy....
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This is just my opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone with it, and I'm もっと見る than open to thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

1. Minnie Mouse: She does portray a princess, queen, duchess, lady, pretty much everything from time-to-time, but she's also like the クイーン of ALL things Disney, so I don't think she needs to be a ディズニー Princess. And the Mickey stories aren't consistent with each other like DP ones. Each movie/TV series/special has its own plot, setting, and character development, so it'd be hard to place who exactly Minnie is. There's really no strict canon, and she already gets enough...
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こんにちは everyone! I know it's officially 2013, but I decided to make this the お気に入り hairstyle of 2012 since the 年 just ended and January and February are when they have all the award shows for 2012 so it's kind of the same idea. Here are the last 10 places for the hairstyle countdown.

51. Ariel's Blue Riding Hat

obviously...this is ugly. No one liked it, it was not a tough decision whatsoever. Good place for this one...dead last.

She looks bad whenever her bangs are off her face, she has a pretty high forehead. - rhythmicmagic

I don't like her bangs, but she looks better with them. - VGfan30

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As あなた can deduct, in this 記事 I'll explain how I paired the ディズニー Princesses, analysing what they have in common, so what could make them a good couple of friends. I was inspired によって the Most Similar Princess Pair Countdown, made によって sweetie-94.

Ariel & Jasmine.
It was very hard to choose who could be Ariel's best friend among Belle, ジャスミン and Rapunzel because these four princesses have a strong spirit of adventure. At last, I chose ジャスミン because she has a lot of things in common with Ariel: both hope for a their own freedom and dream to see the world out of their kingdom/palace....
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 Her ハート, 心 had been angered and completely disappointed.
Her heart had been angered and completely disappointed.
Snow fell in a calm way, soothing Belle. Her ハート, 心 had been angered and completely disappointed. Though Beast had come a long way since his transformation, there was still a part of him that was very dark and almost hurtful. She couldn’t understand why Beast was often angry, when he had everything he could ever want.
“Maybe I’m not seeing him right. Maybe I just don’t understand.” Belle pondered. “Maybe there really is a part of him I don’t know.”
She refused to believe Beast was bad. He was human just like anyone else and Belle loved him.
“When あなた 愛 someone あなた accept them...
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In the ディズニー Franchise, Cinderella's ballgown is blue, but that was not always true (hey that rhymes).
In the 1950 film, when シンデレラ got transformed into her gown, it was white. When she looked at her reflection in the fountain, it was blue. When they needed products for this movie, some people thought the white ガウン looked too much like a wedding dress, so they watched the whole movie over and over again until they came up with something. They saw Cindy's reflection in the fountain, and thought that was a good color, thus, Cinderella's dress is now considered blue.
After a while the 食 was finished and the girls sat down to eat the lovely スパゲッティ カルボナーラ, カーボナラ that Mary had made. All of them loved it!

After they where finished Mary told them about some ideas about what the first episode would be about and they decided that it was going to be about the husbands of each of the princesses since all of them where married.

Mary asked the girls if anyone of them wanted to make デザート and only Tiana and Snow White seemed interested, but since Tiana owned a resturant and made real 食 Snow White was going to make the デザート and she made gooseberry pie. Everyone...
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Now, it's time for the leader of the princess league, Cinderella. This one was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be.

5.Bridgit Mendler
Another ディズニー Channel princess, but one that isn't nearly as viciously hated. Bridgit is currently the most beloved darling, she's classy, regal and beautfiul enough to play Cinderella. Quite honestly I think she's the only girl on ディズニー right now who deserves to play a princess.

4.Carrie Underwood
The most successful American Idol winner, and trust me she's gonna have that タイトル for a long time. Carrie Underwood is basically country music...
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 The Legendary Princesses
The Legendary Princesses
I did this 一覧 awhile back and I thought I'd do it again because of two reasons
1.I enjoy 書く about the princesses, their qualities and why I admire them. It's a fun way to past time.
2.My opinion has changed on one of the princesses. Yeah, I know, ONE princess motivated me to rewrite this list.
In this countdown I'll do something different. I'm gonna compare how ファンポップ generally feels about the princess and how I feel about her. I obviously got the information from the publicly voted countdowns. I always try to be original and it's fun to compare things.
My Opinion-On my first...
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