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posted by LightningRed
1. Belle
Belle has a really good relationship with her father. They are never shown fighting または arguing. Although the villagers think both are odd, Belle and Maurice are satisfied to have each other.

When Belle sees Philippe coming ホーム without her father, she is worried and boldly goes to the dark forest searching her father.

Entering a scary castle, Belle finds her father imprisoned in a cold jail. Then, she declares to take Maurice's place as the prisoner although she will spend her entire life in the gloomy 城 with a horrible, monstrous Beast.

Many days pass. Belle and the Beast...
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posted by sweetie-94
Here is my opinion on the best DP hair, once again my number 1 is going to surprise, but like I have 発言しました before I hope あなた will have a wonderful 読書 time and don't forget to leave a comment! I'm basing it mostly after how many of the different styles that I love.

10. Cinderella

I don't like her hair that much, it looks like it could fit a doll rather than a cartoon character because it looks plastic to me. The only hairstyle that I 愛 is the low ponytail in around the beginning. The hairstyle that I hate the most is the bun that she has on the ball and in the end with a veil, I'm...
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posted by Swanpride
This time around, ムーラン is not listed - although the movie 全体, 全体的です is very down to earth, there is a little bit magic, mainly Mushu's transformation from stone into flesh. But those sequences are too short to be considered here.

9. Princess and the Frog: There is a lot of magic going on in Princess and the Frog – but since the magic of Facilier belongs into the category villain song, only the transformations at the very end (Ray to 星, つ星 and Tiana and Naveen into humans) will be taken into account here. And it’s at the bottom of the 一覧 for a simple reason: They are not memorable....
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posted by blablablu95
Here is the Interview of Chesire who became a DP ファン of the Month! Please read her interview!

1. How do あなた feel to be voted as ファン of the Month?
YAY!! Thank あなた so much! I feel so honored and lucky to become one of the 'Fan of the Month'. I never really thought I'd be chosen to be one. So thank あなた so much guys! :D

2. Which is your お気に入り Princess and Prince?
Hmm, as of now my お気に入り princess is Cinderella. I just 愛 her simplicity and elegance. And I especially 愛 her voice. <3
As for the prince, it's always been Aladdin. I 愛 his rebellious, caring, sweet and funny personality....
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10 Snow White

Snow White is pretty. Although she is referred as a young woman with skin as white as the snow, lips as red as a rose and hair as dark as a raven I don’t find her that beautiful. I don’t like her hair, the shape of her face and her nose.

9 Rapunzel

Rapunzel has beautiful hair, I 愛 both her long- blonde and short- brown hair. She has lovely eyes- color but her eyes are too big. The problem with Rapunzel is that she is 3D princess and her features seem weird to me. I’d prefer her as 2D, she would be もっと見る beautiful. Now she’s just cute and pretty.

8 Aurora
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Everyone, please give disneyfan500 a round of applause for being voted as February's ファン of the month! She has contributed a lot and really deserves it. :)

1. How does it feel to be ディズニー Princess ファン of the month?

I was shocked to be honest because it was only my 秒 月 of being here and so many other people have been here longer that haven't been ファン of the 月 yet.

2. How did あなた discover Fanpop?

I was actually searching for ディズニー princess クラブ LOL. And I happened to come upon this one.

3. Who is your お気に入り princess and why? Your least favorite?

My お気に入り princess is ジャスミン because...
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Ariel was walking through the 城 halls, observing the portraits hung up everywhere. She missed all those times with her family, before she got married to Eric.
"Ariel?" someone called.
She turned around. "Charming! How's Snow?"
Her brother walked up to her. "Heartbroken. That retard left her for some reason."
Ariel's ハート, 心 sank. "Ohhh, poor Snow..."
"Which is why I'm not allowing him in this castle," he continued.
Ariel hit the wall. "What? Char, don't あなた think that's kind of cruel?"
Charming shook his head. "Serves him right for leaving Snow." His gaze was fixed at her for a moment.
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posted by neva2old4disney
This is my 記事 about my favourite ディズニー princesses – I noticed everyone else did one and I figured that my opinion should be out there too. Enjoy!

10. Pocahontas
Although Pocahontas is a real peacemaker, she’s kind of boring. In my opinion, the filmmakers didn’t manage to get the balance of her personality quite right, she was meant to be someone that didn’t go with the flow, but I honestly don’t see anything stand-outish about her. Sometimes she is to responsible, and other times doesn’t take others into account.

9. Aurora
Like many other users, I don’t think Aurora was developed...
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I didn't base this of my opinions. This 一覧 is based of which princess 映画 the critics like/dislike.

10. Pocahontas

Rating: 55/100
Consensus: Pocahontas means well, and has moments of startling beauty, but it's largely a bland, uninspired effort, with uneven plotting and an unfortunate lack of fun.

9. The Princess and the Frog

Rating: 84/100
Consensus: The warmth of traditional ディズニー アニメーション makes this occasionally lightweight fairy-tale update a lively and captivating confection for the holidays.

8. Mulan

Rating: 86/100
Consensus: Exploring themes of family duty and honor,...
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I couldn’t resist. I had a sudden urge to write this article. I don’t know why, because I usually don’t speak about “hotness” in any kind of way. But anyways, I think this 一覧 is awfully similar to my お気に入り prince list. I have different reasons for the placements, though, and while 書く this I actually found out that I do think about hotness of the princes… erm… every day. I just don’t say anything aloud. Just in case if あなた haven’t read my link, please read it first otherwise あなた won’t understand a word I’m saying.

9. Adam
I’ve 発言しました this before: I think that Adam...
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This 記事 is based on my opinions only. Before we start, I have to say that I really 愛 almost all of the princes, not just like. So that’s why I’m going to be a bit harsh on some of them.

9. Adam

Yeah, I really have him this low. I do like him at the start and in the end when he’s a human. In between he’s just this wannabe temperamental loner who falls in love… yuck! I mean c’mon! You’re temperamental but you’re passive. That’s kind of odd mixture. Plus, he made himself 愛 Belle. I know he kind of had to do it but still it really makes me sick. Adam is the only...
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posted by Jamie38459
Meanwhile thousands of miles away(Scene 20)......

Bobby: Where do ya think we R now?
Peggy: Beats me, but I'd rather die than go 2 somewhere lik this.
Rodney: Ur already in a place lik this.
Peggy: Really? There's another location that is rotten and icky lik where we R rite now?
Rodney: Um, the royal castle?
Hella and Fairy Godmother: Agreed.
Hella: U have been there B4?
Fairy Godmother: Oh yes, when I was little B4 I took this job as a fairy godmother-
Rodney: So U werent born as a fat fairy?
Fairy Godmother(Deep voice): What was that honey?
*Rodney screams and hides Bhind Hella* Uh, I didnt say anything...
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posted by BKG201
 Cheer up, your in prison
Cheer up, your in prison

21. マリーナ is sent to prison (The Little Mermaid 3)
This was knocked out first because Benjamin was sent to prison to. i thought this one would of gone a little bit further
because Benjamin is also sent to jail, and Benjamin is pure awesome.(PercyandPotter)
I think Benjamin doesn't deserve to go to jail.(Kiaragirl200)

 Psycho teacups!
Psycho teacups!

20. LeFou and the townspeople are chased out によって the 魔法にかけられて objects (Beauty and the Beast)
This one came last because this fate wasn't harmful to anybody. Anyone can run away and nothing happens to them except getting tired.
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posted by DreamyGal
 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
Yes, あなた read it correctly...I'm 書く what I DO NOT like about them...I thought it would be a refreshing change of pace from all the other 記事 I have written in the past couple of months. These aren't in any particular order...I just numbered them chronologically. Here we go...

**if あなた are easily offended, あなた might want to stop 読書 right here...ok, no turning back now...

Snow White
 Someday her puberty will come...
Someday her puberty will come...

The voice....oh poor Snow White. I wish あなた would have hit puberty at some point during your movie so your voice wouldn't come across so irritating. Not like Jessica...
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posted by disneygirl
Chapter Three
Early the 次 morning, River woke up first thing to the sun rising. He looked over to Chris, who was still out like a light. He rolled his eyes and threw his 枕 at his roommate, making a perfect shot at his blond head.
"Chris, wake up. We've got some looking to do." he whispered.
Chris yawned and slowly sat up. "What?" he asked sleepily.
"Come on, if we don't start looking around outside now we'll never know exactly where we are." River responded as he started getting dressed.
Chris rubbed his eyes and glanced to the alarm clock. "Do あなた even know how early it is? It's still dark...
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9.) Tiana.
 "Just because she's new"-pretty_angel92
"Just because she's new"-pretty_angel92

Most People just think that becuase of how new she is she just isn't loved around the world yet. "People don't associate her with シンデレラ and the others..." sais DreamyGal. After もっと見る people know about "the Princess and the Frog" however I'm sure Tiana will get the 愛 she deserves.

8.) Pocahontas
 "Pocahontas doesn't even appear on merchendise"-TigerRanma
"Pocahontas doesn't even appear on merchendise"-TigerRanma

Because of how historicly inacurate this film is Pocahontas dosn't get very much recognition, even in America, so it's no wonder she's not very loved aroud the...
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posted by TotallyMe105
Have あなた ever noticed how careful everything in a ディズニー movie was drawn and crafted?
Ever notice how even things in the background look beautiful even if they werent the main focus...Disney strive to make them...

I realized this one 日 while watching my copy of "Beauty and The Beast" (Which I have seen 10000 times) But when あなた see a movie so much あなた pay attention more...and even if some of us agree Belle changes throughout the movie look behind her.

All the scenary all the talking of the townspeople was all drawn....think about that every single 秒 of that movie was a seperate...
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(This is a link. For pictures and better formatting, go there)

I will try to defend Snow White and the Apple.

I hope to 表示する that she was an over-trusting but well-intentioned good-Samaritan who got taken advantage of. The former characteristic is primarily because she is a young teenager who has lived a sheltered and limiting life with little if any socialization. The latter is because she is not very cynical nor suspecting and thus she is もっと見る easily manipulated によって bad people.

These things don’t make her necessarily stupid, but probably naive and underestimating of evil. All understandable...
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posted by disney_prince
DisneyPrince's Favourite: link//Couples//link
After a hectic few weeks of travelling, working and illness I decided to take a duvet 日 for my self and had little to do, so I thought in celebration of the theme of this 月 being ディズニー Princess Couples I should do an 記事 detailing the 9 couples in order of how much I like them. Like every detail in my life I find things very hard to decide on, so please bare with me while I make what seems to be the difficult decision in my life.

9. The Iconic Couple
Cinderella individually is pretty high on my rankings for my favourite princess,...
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posted by percyandpotter
As Belle hurtled through 宇宙 and time, she was shocked and confused. If all the remaining princesses were present, then who did it? All of them seemed to die, または have some sort of seizure または ハート, 心 failure. Why hadn't she? Who did it? Could one of the other princesses have faked her own death? But, if they did...how?
All her thoughts stopped as she landed flat on her back on the stone floor of a shadowy room. Then suddenly she could see ropes draped all around the room-ropes that looked strange, like they were woven out of silk. She looked around the room. The shadows made it look like it went...
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