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 WTF?! Olivia, I thought we was cool?!
WTF?! Olivia, I thought we was cool?!
12.SnowWhite and the seven dwarves
Really, I don't hate it, I just don't find it all that interesting. I much prefer 映画 with action または that at least keep the plot going. The majority of the movie consist of SnowWhite just being so darn lovable with the dwarves, not anything building up at all, she runs away, she has funny bits with the dwarves, the クイーン comes and the prince saves her. I often find myself going on the internet during it または going some place else. It's cute but it doesn't focus on anything, it just drags on little insignificant scenes. It's very cute, but it could've been...
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13. Snow White
They look creepy for most of the movie. I'm jealous of her lashes though and the dark eye shadow really SUITS/スーツ her.

12. Merida
The color is pretty but my main grip with Merida's eyes is that they appear to have no lashes. I don't mind so much in real life but I think all animated female characters should have apparent eyelashes, whether individual または multiple.

11. Pocahontas
Some people say she has such soulful eyes but I don't really see it, they look a bit lifeless and dead to me. I wish her eyes would display もっと見る emotion.

10. Aurora
I think they make her...
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 "Last place?! Oh no あなた didn't!"
"Last place?! Oh no you didn't!"
So... It's been a couple of weeks since I've written an article. All of the ディズニー Princesses are beautiful, just some of them are もっと見る so.

13. Jasmine
She's beautiful in an exotic way. I 愛 her skin color and her thick, glossy hair. However, her figure is a little too unrealistic and her eyes can look weird.

12. Ariel
She's also very pretty, but she's drawn a little too cartoony for my tastes. Her hair can look really beautiful at times, and I 愛 her eyes. Her hair can sometimes be too bright, and she's way skinny.

11. Mulan
She's beautiful, but a little plain. I like how they drew her to look...
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Hola! Lazy me, I havent worked on an 記事 in a while. I'm still working on ディズニー Superlatives Part 2, I kept putting it aside and now it has been way too long since the first one but it will be here soon, hopefully, trust me youll find out when it gets posted. Anyway,the タイトル sounds like some sort of medical/psychological レポート または something. I was originally going to rank the princesses によって their beauty and style but then I thought,"Hey, I don't really find any ディズニー princess ugly and they are so different that it would be difficult to rank them, so instead why not make an 記事 that...
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 Anna relates to Silvermist
Anna relates to Silvermist
Coolsinger198 and I both had the same idea ironically to write a fairy 記事 to the relations of the 妖精 to the princesses. But sadly her 記事 had trouble posting, so I want to give her some credit for this since she had the same idea as me.

I watched Tinker Bell: The Pirate Fairy not too long 前 and I absolutely loved it, especially Baby Tic Toc. Then I started noticing some similarities between the 妖精 and the princesses in further notice through the film. Quite frankly some even looked like the princesses. Although I caught the indifference through ディズニー heroines and sidekicks...
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I mean, I've 与えられた an opinion here and there about the villains, but I have never written a legit list. I've been thinking about it lately, so aye, here we go. c:

Side Note: This was hard, quite frankly. Like.. I 愛 all the villains!

12. Mor'du-Brave

The only reason, and ONLY reason Mor'du is last is his lack of screen time. This guy is awesome. He has an awesome backstory, imo. It was a brilliant story for Merida, and I would have loved もっと見る of him in the movie. The only problem is they did not mesh him in enough. Which means, he doesn't become the main villain....
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So this is pretty 人気 in the アンケー によって asking which of your unpopular opinions would あなた agree with most. I decided if make an 記事 instead because it seems もっと見る unique and stuff, so here あなた go, I hope あなた enjoy hating it :) または maybe even agreeing with it.

I think Rapunzel is もっと見る attractive than Elsa
To me I don't actually think Elsa is a gorgeous as everyone says. She has a very mature look but Rapunzel looks girlish and playful, I'd prefer that kind of look over Mature and Sexy any day. あなた see, Elsa looks like a model, Rapunzel looks like that everyday beauty just with a brighter...
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 Ariel earned best picture によって stunning the judges with this very high fashion re-interpretation of steam punk
Ariel earned best picture by stunning the judges with this very high fashion re-interpretation of steam punk
前 記事 links:
Week 1:link
Week 2:link
Week 3:link
Week 4:link

Previously on DNTM: ジャスミン and Ariel become good フレンズ and the majority of the モデル struggle at a steam punk themed 写真 shoot. Anna was deemed the one who struggled the most and she was eliminated. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Elsa: I am really sad because Anna went home. She is my sister and I wanted to experience this with her all they way to the final two. I just have to worry about my performance in the competition and forget that Anna is no longer here.
 Elsa is sad about Anna leaving
Elsa is sad about...
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 Best 写真 of last week was Rapunzel who gave us a spine shivering evil version of herself
Best Photo of last week was Rapunzel who gave us a spine shivering evil version of herself
Firstly if あなた haven't read the first articles:
Introduction: link
Week 1: link

Previously on DNTM: ジャスミン gets on Ariel's nerves after talking about her behind her back, the モデル pose as evil versions of themselves and at a shocking elimination Aurora was sent home. Who will be eliminated tonight?

Confessionals after elimination
Snow White: I was shocked that Aurora was sent home, I thought the two of us would make it to the final two together
 Snow White in confessional
Snow White in confessional

Cinderella: Was not expecting Aurora to be eliminated
Merida: I was in the bottom two with Aurora. I definitely thought...
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These are just some simple scenarios I created of some of my Non/Canon shippings that involve the ディズニー Princesses. I don't ship anyone with Snow White, Belle, ジャスミン (I do, but..), Mulan, または Tiana romantically. I just prefer them in their canon couple. Just Cindy, Aurora, Ariel, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, and Elsa are included. So aye, here we go. c:

Cinderella and Jim Hawkins

The perfect scenario is pretty much explained in this video. Ahh.. ♥ I 愛 the idea of this couple, and this video pretty much sealed the deal with me:


 creds to moi. :3
creds to moi. :3

Aurora and Phoebus

I ship Aurora...
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posted by UltimateQueen
Hello there everyone, I'm new here. So I thought I would tell あなた a bit about myself.

My name is Katherine Ann Lacroix. I go によって Katy または Kathy though, some people have resorted to calling me KAL. My close family calls me queenie minie, since I'm such a tiny クイーン like girl. I'm also the Ultimate Perfectionist. I live in Virginia, USA
My お気に入り princess is Cinderella, along with Belle, ムーラン and Ariel. I don't really like any of the newer princesses except for Rapunzel maybe.

My 一覧 is:
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Here's the results for the countdown I did for the best DP climaxes. 全体, 全体的です I'd say I'm pretty content with the results, and I really like the 上, ページのトップへ three! So yeahhhh, let's go! (ugh, why do I even try to do these intro things...)

11. Cinderella-Mice vs. Lucifer

This left the countdown with an overwhelming amount of 投票 and deservedly so in my opinion. People just 発言しました that it was bland, boring, and a bit anti-climatic. People also probably weren't as attached to it since it didn't involve the princess and villain.

"It was funny. Not breath taking." -princecatcher93

"It's just a cat and some...
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 *credit to PetiteTiaras*
*credit to PetiteTiaras*
Lately I've been thinking a lot about how the princesses make their decisions, using their ハート, 心 または their head (don't ask why I've been thinking about this so much..) and I really wanted to make an 記事 about it! I decided to スプリット, 分割 it up into three parts, the Classics, Renaissance, and Modern. So if the princess makes decisions using her heart, she's もっと見る rash and emotional, and if she makes decisions using her head, she thinks things through もっと見る and is もっと見る patient. So, without further ado, let's start! :)

Snow White-Head

This was a pretty tough choice, because I do think she shows characteristics...
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 Who is fanpop's most lust-based couple?
Who is fanpop's most lust-based couple?
So, as a lot of あなた probably know I recently did a countdown for the most lust-based DP couple. Merida is eliminated によって default, and I didn't include Frozen, so we'll be looking at ten couples. Anyway, without further ado, let's begin!

10. Snow White and The Prince
For tenth place the only real contenders were these two and Mulan/Shang, so much so that there was a tiebreaker. But, even though they kissed while the latter couple didn't, people found this couple to be less lust-based because of the youth and innocence of Snow White and, to a lesser extent, The Prince.

They are way too asexual to...
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(author's note: Snow White will forever be my favourite princess... I also have thoughts about her apology afterwards but I'll post that later when I actually put it into words and write it)


Firstly, Snow White goes from picking wildflowers, humming “One Song” to herself, helping a baby bird… to nearly being killed and realizing that everything that had just happened (=break from being virtually slave) was for that purpose.

Out of self-preservation - and not weakness - she runs into the forest. As of now, she...
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Right now I'm doing a countdown for which ディズニー Princess is the best role model, and I've seen some people not think they're the best role models, and since personally I see them as the three best role models, I'd like to explain why I think so. Also, I wanted to right an 記事 that was a bit もっと見る thought provoking other than another countdown and I was bored. I'll go through why each princess is a good role model individually, and at the end conclude what they all have in common, so let's get started! (I literally say "let's get started" または "without further ado" for every single one of...
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Yes, I’m back with another public poll. This time: the Kindest ディズニー Princess. This 一覧 is a combination of votes, comments, and my own opinion (as I didn’t really get enough 投票 for a clear ranking).

13. Merida
I’m usually the person defending Merida, honestly I am. I HATE it when people call her spoiled and an unworthy ディズニー princess. However, while she is not a brat, she’s not exactly the kindest girl ever. She’s harsh about her suitors, she says some unforgivable things to her mum and she often does things that could be described as selfish. No matter how much I 愛 her,...
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Hi everyone! This 記事 was an idea I had to showcase some of the current ディズニー Princess fans. Obviously there are many other ファン in this club, but it is impossible to include everyone for various reasons, even though that would be ideal. Each person involved is listed according to their favourite princess, and there is a short summary of that person so we can all get to know each other better. So Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, and please enjoy!

This girl, sweetie-94, is the sweetest person on this entire planet! Her お気に入り princess is Snow White and her personality meshes...
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posted by Silverrose1991

No, this is not another 記事 in defense of the Classic Princesses (though the subject may be brought to atention and あなた may be annoyed). This a follow-up to my review of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I decided that besides reviewing each ディズニー Princess movie, I'll also review the protagonist (a.k.a the princess herself). So, before I 移動する into reviewing (and watching, not in that order) Cinderella, I'm doing this 記事 reviewing Snow White, the character herself.

Diferent from what happens with my reviews of the movies, I won't give her a score for each section. I'll just, well,...
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posted by Silverrose1991
Overdone? Maybe. Needed? Strongly so.

So, maybe some of あなた don't know, but I'm strongly annoyed when users criticize the Clasic Princesses for reasons I think are invalid. These reasons are:

1. Weakness
2. Anti-Feminists
3. Passiveness
4. They're Mary-Sues (have no flaws)

 These are the lovely ladies I'm going to defend - Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora. Art not によって me.
These are the lovely ladies I'm going to defend - Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora. Art not によって me.

In this article, I'll explain why these arguments are invalid. Now, I'll warn you, you'll probably disagree (or agree, depending of what is your view in the classics) a lot with this article. If あなた don't respect opinions that...
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