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posted by anukriti2409
As often as ディズニー princess sidekicks are talked about, it feels to me that the side characters of villainous role are often over-looked. So I wanted to write an 記事 talking about their characters and how evil were they. I have tried to rank them basis 3 primary traits: loyalty to main villain and evil plan, scale of meanness/evilness and their importance of role in 全体, 全体的です story development. So here's my ranking of the villainous side characters from DP movies. Hope あなた guys enjoy it!

13. Wiggins:

More than being loyal to Ratcliffe, he was a loyal servant of British government....
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Bonjour! I'm kinda new to fanpop, and I am a massive ファン of Disney, but 読書 some of these 記事 that downgrade the amazing ディズニー Princesses is just sad. Sad.
While some of the points may be correct, I think they need someone to stand up for them sometimes. And that person will be me.

Snow White -

She's the one who started it all. For those of あなた who don't know, her movie came out in 1937. So sure, it's a little outdated. But that's because it was made like seventy-seven years ago. So it's not advanced stuff. Get over it.
On Snow White herself, most people seem to complain that she's either...
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This is the first of a set of reviews and analyses that I will be doing on each ディズニー Princess movie. I will try to be as unbiased and analytical as possible. I watch the movie so that it is fresh in my mind, and review 10 categories: the princess, the prince, the couple, the villain, other characters, the plot, animation, songs, score, and mood. I then give each category a score out of 10, then the movie as a whole receives a total score out of 100. All categories contribute equally to the final score.

Princess - Snow White

Snow White has been my least favourite princess for as long as...
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    The Native American woman was strikingly beautiful and had a mysterious quality about her that couldn't be replicated. She stood proudly at the 上, ページのトップへ of the cliff as leaves swirled around her majestic figure.
    "Damn, if I was a lesbian, I'd bang her in a heartbeat," エンドウ, エンドウ豆 told Conrad.
    "Maybe she knows of a place where we can stay," Conrad suggested.
    "Good thinking," エンドウ, エンドウ豆 responded. As she and Conrad paddled their ラフト, いかだ closer to shore, they noticed another Native woman sitting in a カヌー beneath the cliff....
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"Oh my goodness! Are あなた alright?" asked the sobbing girl.
"I'm fine, just help me up," replied Princess Pea. "That damn carpet did that on purpose. It's probably halfway back to Agrabah によって now."
"Oh just a land, a faraway place where the caravan cammels roam. Wow, this room sucks. あなた don't even have a チョコレート fountain...I'm Princess Pea, によって the way."
"My name's Cinderella."
"Well, nice meeting あなた whatever-you-just-said-your-name-was-but-it's-too-freaking-weird-for-me-to-remember. I gotta go."
"I'm afraid that's impossible," answered シンデレラ sadly. "You see, my stepmother locked...
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posted by MegaraRider
I don't know if I'm alone on this, but I've become quite tired of everyone bashing the earlier princesses and saying they're bad role モデル for girls. Personally, I think parents shouldn't be relying on fictional, animated characters to be the role models... but that's a whole different issue altogether. In this 記事 I want to address the common complaints towards the princesses: waiting around for/needing a man, not being independent, etc...

Snow White:

I want to start with a reminder that Snow White is only 14-years-old. Face it, her story is no different than any other 14-year-old...
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 My User アイコン Made によって Myself
My User Icon Made By Myself
This is mostly inspired によって the link によって PrincessAyeka12. I thought it was really neat the way it gave a chance for people to talk about like interests as well as get to know the user better as a well-rounded person beyond just their DP お気に入り etc. So I hope あなた guys don't mind this 記事 and I'd 愛 to hear from あなた about what we do and/or don't have in common. :)

Behind the Screen Name: I 愛 読書 and 書く so I wanted to pick a name that was very symbolic for me. I 愛 and strive for balance as I truly believe it is the key to life. My screenname was meant to represent the balance...
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link" alt=" Credit to: link" width="300" height="300" />
Credit to: http://ink361.com/app/users/ig-448198347/disney._hd/photos
Okay so I tried to seek others' opinions for this who connect with Merida もっと見る than I do. I realized that there are 記事 on here for the ranking of every princess except for Merida and I didn't think there should be any reason for her to be excluded. I always found these 記事 to be so neat though so I hope the Merida-fans will appreciate this. I'm completely open to any changes with もっと見る input.

12. Aurora: General consensus seems to be that Merida would get along with Aurora the absolute least, most likely for their opposite in characters. Aurora rates duty, grace/manners, love/romance...
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 The Official Lineup (as of Jul. 2014) + Anna & Elsa
The Official Lineup (as of Jul. 2014) + Anna & Elsa
Hi there, and welcome to my 5th article! Last December, I wrote my link on my お気に入り ディズニー Princesses, but I didn't include Anna または Elsa yet because I wanted to wait for them to 登録する the lineup officially. Well, they're still not in the franchise quite yet, but seeing as how plenty of us (including myself) have them in アンケー and 記事 and whatnot, I'll include them anyway. :D My placements will fluctuate, I'm sure, but here's how my 一覧 stands as of July 2014.

(¯¨*·.¸_¸.·» ApplesauceDoctr's お気に入り ディズニー Princesses

13. Aurora (Previous Placement: 11th out of 11)
Aurora used to...
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I am currently working on a bigger 記事 where all the songs are ranked. But here are my お気に入り from each movie. And some runner ups :) (I will include runner ups where the 2nd place could have a chance at beating the 1st place) So let's begin! Warning: You'll be hearing a lot of "love" here. Bonus warning: English isn't my first language. :)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I'm Wishing/One Song

Oh, how I 愛 this song. I 愛 the opening, lyrics, voices, melody, romance and the ahahahahah. I'm not laughing, I'm just trying to sing like Snow in my head. But my お気に入り part is when the prince...
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I've decided to take a little break from The Golden ガチョウ and sketch the ディズニー Princesses. While I'm at it, I might as well make one of these lists. Sorry if my 一覧 is boring and conventional...

10. Briar Rose
 Oh, I'm such a bad girl. I'm a rebel...in my dreams!
Oh, I'm such a bad girl. I'm a rebel...in my dreams!

Briar Rose is lovely and perfect, but her character isn't 与えられた any opportunity to shine.

9. Cinderella
 Call me maybe
Call me maybe

Cinderella has a lot of energy, character, and kindness, but she's almost too passive. Still, she shows enough fight in her to be a net positive, which inches her up to the number 9 spot.

8. Snow White
 As long as you're living under your roof, you'll live によって my rules!
As long...
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posted by anukriti2409
After being here on ファンポップ since few months, my opinions and way of seeing each princess have changed a lot, though not for all princesses. Some have gone from お気に入り to least お気に入り while some have been on an opposite ride, altogether. A lot has changed as I have grown up and inclusion of other princesses as well in 最近 times (Frozen and Brave).

So here's my new ranking 一覧 of ディズニー Princess along with the mention of their original ranking prior joining to Fanpop

1. Belle:
When I think of Belle, one word strikes me "whole-hearted" person. She inspires me so much to find balance between...
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posted by awkwardanna
Pocahontas and John Smith
-smacks Disney- NO HISTORICAL ACCURACY GOSH GO AWAY and er, I just really saw no chemistry または 愛 between them.

Ariel and Eric
I felt like their 愛 was quite shallow, like she was all like "Dayum, he's fine. Lemme become human so I can キッス that boy!" and while he was kind, and she witnessed it, I just didn't feel it was real.

Snow White and The Prince
This is basically again because of a lack of chemistry. I found it quite heroic that he saved her, but she was like, what? 14 (I think)? So I always was a little uncomfortable with that.

Jasmine and Aladdin
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Happy Father's 日 everybody! The countdown has come to an end so here's the 記事 about the results! Just a warning, a lot of the dads are going to have the same sentences like "We don't see this dad with his son/daughter" but that's what happens when there's dads that are either killed off early in the movie または aren't the main focus of the story :P

19, 18, and 17 Lord Dingwall, Lord Macintosh, and Lord MacGuffin.
So it's pretty clear why they were taken off first; they were really just comic relief and we didn't see them with their sons too much. We can tell they do care...
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So, I made my "Favorite DP List". I know it's a mess but I'm not good at 書く these kind of stuff and my 一覧 changes quite often. Hope あなた won't find it boring.
This are just my opinions and everyone is free to agree または disagree with them.
BTW I know that the 写真 with the captions sound stupid, but I added them because this 一覧 without 写真 would be even もっと見る boring to you.

13.Snow White
Poor Snow! She made it to the bottom of my list. I'm not being biased. I like her I really do but I like the other princesses more.
I like that she is an optimist, cheerful, and cares about people and...
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 Credit to Sparklefairy375
Credit to Sparklefairy375
I thought it would be a cute idea to do an 記事 with something positive about each of the ディズニー Princesses in the style of a high school yearbook. Since I am 書く this from my opinion, I have labeled them with traits that I find the most positive in a princess/female.

1. Snow White- Most Caring & Kind: Snow White wouldn't hurt a fly. She is so kind and caring that she doesn't even understand why the 動物 were trying to attack the evil クイーン disguised as an old woman. "With a smile and a song" it is clear that Snow White is very nurturing. She immediately takes to the dwarves like...
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posted by Alantlm
(link with もっと見る pictures)


Sleeping Beauty is tied with シンデレラ for my 秒 favourite princess movie (Snow White is first). Here is the personality of Aurora as how I see it when I watch Sleeping Beauty; mostly chronological.

1. Playful
2. Tender
3. Wondering
4. Fair
5. Rebellious




Contently doing chores, singing/humming to herself, Aurora smiles as she overhears her aunts:

Yes, but how are we going to get her out of the house?
Oh, I’ll think of something.

Knowing that it’s her birthday, she puts them on the spot によって playfully asking “Well,...
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I made this same 一覧 nine months ago, and thought it was about time to update it! Anyways, I find all of the princesses beautiful, so just because one of your prettiest is low, I still find her extremely beautiful. Well, let's get started!

13. Merida
Previously: n/a

I really don't want to have to put Merida here, but someone had to go here! I absolutely 愛 her hair; the color is so warm and rich, and I also 愛 her piercing blue eyes, but sadly I just can't put her any higher. If her head was just stretched out a little もっと見る I'm sure I'd be able to put her higher, but for now, she's last....
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posted by deedragongirl
 Hello guys, we meet again.
Hello guys, we meet again.
Hi guys, since the release of Moana, the song has been staying in head and I could not let it go of it! So, I'll be 書く 2 of my favourite songs and which is better.

Let It Go

So, this song has been overplayed since the film's release 3 years ago. I would considered this my theme song too because I tend to get nervous whenever I'm driving! I'm also fortunate to have the International Version of this wonderful song on my iTunes and it was like Elsa has competed in World Idol!

How Far I'll Go

Another wonderful song that has a meaning to our lives, it tells on what our 日 and adventures will...
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posted by Bookworm98
"So this is it," 発言しました Mulan, looking up at a big gray stucco building that read " Walt ディズニー Academy" and shaking her head. "I came up here all the way from China for this?"
"I see what あなた mean," replied Jasmine, coming up beside her. They had met on the plane and taken the bus to their new school. "Maybe...well...it looks... bad."
"Not just bad, it looks horrible!" They both stared at the puke-green structure in front of them that looked over 150 years old.
"Whatever." ジャスミン sighed. "Let's just go inside and check it out. If it looks this bad on the inside, we'll...well, I don't know...
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