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9.) Tiana.
 "Just because she's new"-pretty_angel92
"Just because she's new"-pretty_angel92

Most People just think that becuase of how new she is she just isn't loved around the world yet. "People don't associate her with シンデレラ and the others..." sais DreamyGal. After もっと見る people know about "the Princess and the Frog" however I'm sure Tiana will get the 愛 she deserves.

8.) Pocahontas
 "Pocahontas doesn't even appear on merchendise"-TigerRanma
"Pocahontas doesn't even appear on merchendise"-TigerRanma

Because of how historicly inacurate this film is Pocahontas dosn't get very much recognition, even in America, so it's no wonder she's not very loved aroud the...
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    "You just kissed me," Conrad was pleasantly surprised.
    "Great observation, Captain Obvious," エンドウ, エンドウ豆 smirked.
    "But I thought only a prince could give あなた your happily ever after."
    "You're determined to make this awkward, aren't you?" エンドウ, エンドウ豆 sighed. "Look, I know I 発言しました that before but I changed my mind. You're the one I wanna be with."
    "So I was right all along," Conrad smiled. "There is もっと見る to あなた than that tiara."
    "Yeah, I guess あなた were right...but don't get...
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We all know the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan, and The Princess and The Frog. This story all started in Cinderella's world. Despite calls for Lady Trimane and Drizella's deaths, シンデレラ was so kind that Lady Trimane and Drizella were only banished. Lady Trimane's last words were "I'll be back, あなた scullary maid in princess clothing and everything あなた own and 愛 will be mine" though no one other than シンデレラ thought it was a serious threat. One 日 Fairy GodMother went to a fairy convention which...
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NOTE ♥ This is not necessarily my personal opinion but the majority of Fanpoppers' choices.

9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Despite its lack of appreciation on Fanpop, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remains an iconic film praised for its groundbreaking animation. Before Snow White, アニメーション in America was used primarily for silly short stories and propoganda. It was considered absurd when Walt himself first embraced the idea of creating a full-length, animated feature film. Critics all thought that no one would ever take a simple, overstretched cartoon seriously on the big screen....
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
Thought it was time I updated my お気に入り couples list. Some of my placements have changed and we have a new couple! So here we go...

 "Um... You... あなた fight good."
"Um... You... あなた fight good."

10. ムーラン & Shang
I 愛 ムーラン and Shang...just not as a couple. They are both amazing characters, they just don't do it for me; they're not romantic enough for my tastes. They lack the passion that I 愛 to see in movies. They seem to be better フレンズ to me than a couple in love.

 "My dream? My dream wouldn't be complete... without あなた in it."
"My dream? My dream wouldn't be complete... without あなた in it."

9. Tiana & Naveen
These two aren't very convincing...
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こんにちは guys, me again! I've literally made a お気に入り 記事 like four times already and I haven't even been here for a 年 yet. I just thought that it was needed since two wonderful princesses, Anna and Elsa, have been added to the lineup. This 一覧 will have spoilers, so if あなた haven't watched the movie あなた should skip their parts. Oh btw this is my 30th 記事 on this club, yay! Anyway let's get started!

13. Belle

Belle is an amazing princess. She was in the 上, ページのトップへ 5 when I first came to this site, but lately all she's done is drop. Although she's my last, I still 愛 her, since I really...
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posted by WOW_
Name: Hazel
Born: 12th March 1998
Fanpopping since: January 2014
From: Czech Republic
Live: Prague
お気に入り DP: Aurora, ムーラン and Ariel.
Least お気に入り DP: Elsa, Merida and Anna.
お気に入り TV show: Disney
お気に入り Movie: Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, The little mermaid, Tangled, Pretty little liars, Tarzan and Enchanted.
お気に入り Musician: Demi and Katie Perry. (sometimes Taylor)
お気に入り Book: Dancing for the West Wind.
Hobby: Reading, dancing etc. (I have a lot of hobbies)
お気に入り ディズニー villain: Maleficent and Mother Gothel.
お気に入り ディズニー Prince: Phillip.
お気に入り ディズニー couple: Pocahontas and John Smith.
Anyway, I'm single.

My 上, ページのトップへ 5 DP List:

1. Aurora
2. Mulan
3. Ariel
4. Belle
5. Pocahontas
posted by Alantlm
Specialization: Small animals

Extra-curricular: 音楽 (vocal performance)

Stereotype: the Mom/do-it-all


Specialization: Small animals

Caring of animals

The family relationship of シンデレラ and her 動物 (=the mice, the birds, dog Bruno, and horse Major) is shown throughout the movie. This is all not to say she treats the mice as humans, rather, she treats even the smallest 動物 with consideration. Thus, she acts lovingly towards them and isn’t going to allow any unfair suffering under her care - perfect for being a vet.

(And - needless to...
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So Giants is coming out in 2016 and this is how I hope it goes. It's not done yet, but please コメント on how I should end it. Thanks! :)

Once upon a time in Spain, giants and humans lived in harmony. However, after an accident involving magic beans occurred, the two kingdoms began war. the kingdom created a pact: King Miguel agreed to give all the kingdom’s goods to the giants in exchange for protection. However, King Miguel didn’t comply with the treaty when the kingdom entered starvation, as well as the giants. When a princess was born to クイーン Isabella and King Miguel, they rejoiced...
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posted by princecatcher93
What is the most thing about a ディズニー movie? If あなた answer opening your right if あなた answer ducks...well maybe 次 time. All openings from Snow White to Frozen

12: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
I 愛 story book openings and I 愛 reading...but I don't like having to read the movie...it's a little slow to the get go and well my family hates it when someone reads out loud...so it doesn't work for me. Also it takes to long to get to One Song...so I dislike it.

11: Pocahontas
I 愛 Pocahontas it's my fourth お気に入り movie...but the beginning is also a little slow...besides my sexy men's voices...
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posted by THEDisneyFreak
Lately Merida has been receiving hate from many ディズニー Princess ファン like she doesn't belong in the group. I don't think that's right. Sure, she isn't your typical ディズニー Princess but different isn't bad at all. She's behind the other ディズニー Princesses によって 2,000 fans.

Merida is the most outcasted ディズニー Princess that there is. She's from Pixar, she doesn't have a prince, she's a complete tomboy, she actually knew her mum her entire life and she isn't considered "pretty." Different is okay though.

Lots of people don't like メリダとおそろしの森 because they think Merida is a brat and got everything she wished...
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 Prince Kit
Prince Kit
Dee Dee let Ella into the キッチン with a glass of water, as she and the princesses, including シンデレラ herself looking at this young French girl. They all knew that she definitely acts like Cinderella, "Ella, why are あなた here for, actually?" asks Belle.
"Oh that, I was going to tell あなた all that I'm very excited to invite あなた all to my movie 次 month." replied Ella excitedly. At this point, she hold up several tickets in her hand. "I even bought the tickets for all of you, but before that, I have also invited somebody to come else-well! Am I right, Cinderella?" 発言しました Ella turning to her...
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Once upon a time, all of the ディズニー Princesses came to visit Dee Dee in Malaysia and do their usual stuffs. All of the princesses decide to do shopping, and they all agree. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
Dee Dee opens the door, and to her amazement, there was a young girl dressing up in Cinderella's rag dress! "Who are you?" asked Dee Dee 発言しました astonishingly, the young girl 返信 "My name is Ella, may I come in?", Dee Dee lets her in, looking skeptical about her.
Then, Ella hears Cinderella's voice coming in their direction, and gestures Dee Dee to hide with her. "Hello my animated...
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This 記事 isn't gonna be as structured because I'm not gonna put in too much effort into 書く about stuff I dislike. Also, I won't talk Merida, I've been vocal about my grievances with her and I've been kind of bullying her character. Now, being positive as possible is my memo but being fair and at least acknowledging the negative is good too. So here's a Quickie Article

Well, what I can say about her? She's a spoiled selfish inconsiderate brat. She's irresponsible and hot headed. She's a drama クイーン and she thinks she knows better. And in the end, she endangers everyone with her...
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Beauty and the Beast first came out on November 22, 1991. It's musical then followed it three years after, coming out on April 18th, 1994, and the 表示する closed on July 29th, 2007.
-When a 表示する closes, it's due to lack of money earned from it, または another 表示する overpowering it. In this case, BATB closed because they wanted to make room for The Little Mermaid.

Facts about the show

- It's the first ever Disney-related 表示する to be on Broadway
- Results from a アンケート showed that "Be Our Guest" was the most liked and 人気 song
- It was nominated for nine Tony Awards
- It was performed 5,461 times


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posted by dee389
 Dee Dee's friend.
Dee Dee's friend.
ムーラン and Dee Dee are fighting the Spirit of Despair as the other princesses looks on, they managed to corner her and suddenly the Spirit of Despair によって sneeringly says "You think あなた can corner me? Wait till あなた see THIS!"
She transforms into a giant dragon and burns the whole of Kuala Lumpur down, all of the princesses gather around Dee Dee and Princess Aurora gives her a magic Chinese Dragon amulet, "here take this and use it to transform yourself into a Chinese Dragon to fight the wicked spirit."
Dee Dee thanks them and ignites it, then she transforms into a giant Chinese Dragon. The two...
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I haven't done a ディズニー princess 一覧 in a long especially since アナと雪の女王 has come out and I was completely surprised how much my 一覧 has changed since the last time I 投稿されました so here we go...


I've never really liked ジャスミン I've always found her a little to headstrong, stubborn, and bratty however I do admire her kindness and can definitely connect with her on not wanting to be forced into something あなた don't want to feel free to be able to make your own choices not to mention she has very good 芝居 skills! If she wasn't a princess she would be a great actress and performer.

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posted by reflection11
Part 1:link

I quickly put my gloves back on and sat on my window railing. My face was cold and my blonde hair was up in a ponytail. The wind blew against my face, but I didn’t care. I wanted to tell Anna about my powers, but not もっと見る than I wanted to protect her. The outdoors was a slate of nothingness. Not one person in sight, and the moon glowed brighter than the stars. I got some paper and drew. When drawing, I improvised a lot, but tonight I drew exactly what I see. That’s how I wanted people to see me: exactly how I look. I hate having everything locked up. I stared back out into the...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
I know you're all probably tired of Elsa 記事 but I finished this and never published it so I figured I might as well 公開する it anyway.

Okay, my opinions on Elsa are constantly changing. Sometimes I like her, sometimes I'm neutral about her, sometimes I dislike her. Sometimes she's in my 上, ページのトップへ 5, sometimes she's in my Middle 3, and sometimes she's in my Bottom 5. あなた get the point. Overall, my feelings are pretty mixed about Elsa. There are a lot of things I like about her, yet at the same time, there are a lot of things I dislike about her. So I'll be explaining what these things are.

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12.Snow White

Beauty List:
13.Snow White

favorite Princes:
1.John Smith
3.Prince Charming
9.The Prince

10.Snow White
13.Elsa(the only one who isn't mentally strong in my opinion)

Best wardrobe:
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