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Many people think ムーラン (the movie) has the best 名言・格言 of all princess movie, that and the fact it is ムーラン 月 gave me idea to start such countdown. In the beginning, there were about 70 名言・格言 I thought are important , I included about 40 in countdown and here are the best ten.

Out of these ten:
2 are from Shang
2 are from Fa Zhou
2 are from Emperor
and 4 are from Mulan

10. "Ping, あなた are the craziest man I've ever met, and for that I owe あなた my life. From now on, あなた have my trust" by Shang

This is 発言しました after ムーラン saved Shang and finally earned honor and respect for her deeds.However she gets wounded and we pretty soon forget about it. People don't find it very memorable and meaningful, and that's why it's only 10th

9. "Maybe I just wanted to look in the mirror and see someone worthwhile... But I was wrong... I see nothing!" by ムーラン

It's the moment when ムーラン realizes that maybe her 愛 for father wasn't main motive why she left. She admits she did it for herself, to once do things right, however she is disapointed because she failed again. Some people barely remeber that this quote was in the movie, so it didn't got any further.

8 "Now I see, that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family's heart"by ムーラン

There are people that 愛 song "Reflection", and there are people who don't. The same case is with this quote. Some people think it's pretty, while some consider it bland and generic

7."Why is my reflection someone I don't know?" by ムーラン

Pretty much the same thing like for 前 quote. However, this one is little deeper, 表示中 how frustrated ムーラン was about not being able to express her emotions and thoughts, havin to hide the real herself.

6. "You 発言しました あなた trust Ping! Why is ムーラン any different?" by ムーラン

ムーラン really gets to the point with this line. Really Shang? Why is ムーラン any different than Ping? To leave his hurt feelings and pride aside, users who コメントしました stated they 愛 this line, but they just 愛 次 five better.

5.My, my, what beautiful blossoms we have this year. But look, this one's late! I bet when it blooms, it will be most beautiful of all" によって Fa Zhou

This one really cute father-daughter scene. ムーラン is , afraid that she dishonored whole family, and than Fa Zhou comes and comforts her this this simple, but pretty statement.

4."We must be 迅速, スウィフト as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strentgh of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of a moon" by Shang

Alomst everyone likes this song, so naturally, people 愛 the lyrics too. This song is very cheerful and encouraging, so no wonder it got so far.

3." あなた don't meet a girl like that every dynasty."by the Emperor

After all the wise things Emperor said, he decided to randomly put a wise joke. Oh well, it really describes ムーラン perfectly. Still people consider it typically Chinese and a bit bland.

2."The 花 that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." によって the Emperor

Pretty much variation of Fa Zhou's quote. Another piece of Emperor's wisdom, which serves to describe ムーラン as someone rare and unique. I think this and 3rd quote are great, but 発言しました one after another sound redundant.


1."The greatest gift and honor is having あなた for a daughter"by Fa Zhou

And, I wasn't really surprised that this line won. People generally like it. It's a really beautiful moment, when Fa Zhou shows that he doesn't care about anything and anyone but his daughter.
So this is another 記事 I'm 書く based on a アンケート I recently done. This time the 質問 was "Do あなた think a princess has to be perfect?" At the time I'm 書く this, 28 people 投票 61% no, 39% yes.

People are allowed to have their own opinions and thoughts, that's something I will always respect. But when the topic of perfection is up for debate, it makes me wonder if people really have any idea of how harmful being "perfect" can be.

So some of あなた might ask me, what's wrong with perfection? In what way can it possibly be harmful? Well, have a seat, make yourself comfortable, maybe get...
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Cinderella 城 and Wishing Well

I've written many posts about the various attractions in ディズニー theme parks based around the films I've been watching. Some have been prominent rides such as Snow White's Scary Adventure または Pinocchio's Daring Journey. Others have been obscure areas such as the Fantasia golfing attraction または ephemeral like Bambi's presence in the parks. Some have merely been meet and greets.

Cinderella, however, is a film whose impact on ディズニー theme parks is huge. It forms, after all, the centre-piece of ディズニー World itself - Cinderella's Castle; a massive structure visible...
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This is my guess:
Aurora:I always thought she's tall,but she can be medium height either. I would say 1.70 m,but she can be under that too.
Pocahontas:She's very tall,almost as tall as John Smith and he was tall.She has really long legs too.I guess 180-182 m.
Cinderella: I think she's average height.She's shorter than Aurora. Anything from 165-169 m.She can look tall sometimes.
Esmeralda:She's not a ディズニー Princess,but I read somewhere that she's the tallest of all ディズニー Princesses.
My guess is anything from 180 to 184 m.Don't know if she and Pocahontas would be same heght.
Elsa:I read that she...
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Since the Princess of the 月 is Belle, I figured why not start with Belle's お気に入り princess list. あなた can read my old ranking link.

I had an especially rough time placing Jasmine, Tiana, and Aurora. Eventually I went with what I have here. :)

10. Merida

Unfortunately Merida seems to take up a semi-permanent residence in last place for a lot of these princess lists, not unlike her condemnation on fanpop. Belle would have a strong distaste for Merida. Belle is a proud, dignified individual who cares about how she presents herself and Merida would seem callous and sloppy to Belle. Merida...
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Here is the full movie ^^
chinese kids
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 I know Elsa isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
I know Elsa isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
Last year, I wrote an 記事 where I listed off 40 of my お気に入り fan-arts of Elsa. I was very lucky that I could do it, especially since I also made a drawing for her, tried to re-watch Frozen, etc. But I was also delayed because I had an appointment with my psychiatrist in Arad, and then I had to help out my father with renovating my Godmother/cousin's house, and exercise in order to stay in good shape. While I didn't manage to release it on time for the Winter Solstice, I did finished it with only two hours into the 次 day.
However, one of my problems was that I didn't know how to insert...
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 クリスマス Carol Style!
Christmas Carol Style!
Hi everyone, since クリスマス fever is on! Let's write down the suggestions for what the Princesses shall do on the festive season.

1. Baking

Snow White and Tiana would be the chef for this coming Christmas, they would entertain their フレンズ and visitors alike. Especially, the other ディズニー Princesses!

2. Cleaning the Castle

シンデレラ and Princess Aurora will clean the 城 with the help of the Fairy Godmothers and the 魔法にかけられて objects from Beauty and the Beast.

3. Decorating The Trees

Ariel has some nice ornaments from the sea, so it would make the クリスマス 木, ツリー colourful and vibrant.

4. Writing...
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 I know Anna isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
I know Anna isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
On December 21st 2016 (Technically 23 because I accidentally hit "Unpublish and Save" and had to 編集 it.), I wrote an 記事 wherein I listed of 40 of my お気に入り fan-arts of Elsa. It was her birthday, and wanted to write an 記事 where I listed the contributions of other Elsa fans, as a tribute/gift.
Today is June 21st, Anna's birthday, and because I 愛 her almost as much, I want to 一覧 off 40 of my お気に入り fan-arts of Anna, to 表示する that she's a wonderful character that deserves just as much credit as her sister.

When I became a ファン of Frozen, it was because of Elsa. Heck, I used...
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