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"When あなた wish opon a star, makes no difference who あなた are..."

Wow....when あなた think about those lyrics you... well i dont know....i guess あなた have a realization.

If あなた havnt noticed before those lyrics send the message "No matter who あなた are rich, poor, whatever....your dreams CAN come true!"

ディズニー was giving us life lessons before we could even tell that they were helping us in life...every single movie has a message to remember all great and important and just plain beautiful.

They hid this stuff well underneath the cute 音楽 and the fun characters but watching when im older like now i catch the things that have honestly made me the person I am today.

Never once did i hear bad language in a ディズニー movie, never once did i hear anything inappropriate either. This was the stuff that we grew up to that the kids of today arent getting the pleasure of doing.

ディズニー was a magical once....it still is but in a different sense.

Animation.was.thrilling! When i was little i wanted nothing もっと見る then talking animals, and マーメイド swimming around. アニメーション brought me the imagination i have...it makes あなた belive that stuff is possible.

ディズニー Princesses were literally the people we looked up to, not hannah montana, no but Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, etc. Each girl was strong, respectful, honest. We all grew up to that! We looked up to chracters! But あなた know what...

Who cares?

Who cares that i used to imagine myself as Ariel and would swim in a pool and pop out of the water like she did. Who cares that for years i though アニメーション was a part of reality and they were just living someplace else. Who cares if even now with how old i am i still enjoy popping in those old VCR tapes i still have when i feel like the world is falling apart.

Its because what ディズニー had was....magic! It always makes あなた feel better, it always puts a smile on your face, no matter the ending または the story または the villian it was good no matter what! The characters will make あなた laugh when あなた feel like あなた wanna cry あなた cry with the characters when their loved ones die because あなた find your in 愛 with the characters too!

Have あなた experienced this with anything else? Had something like this had such an imapct on your life as ディズニー did itself?....Do あなた believe that we were lucky enough to experience the magic? I am.
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A princess is one who dreams and has the courage and the voice to make a difference. Long may she reign!
音楽 video
i think they look cute =) now THAT a girl looks 18 years old =O
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I've been waiting to do one of these for awhile so here it is.

Name: Meg, just like in Hercules. I loved Meg when I was a kid since she had my name and all. I had a little 財布 with her on it I would carry around all the time. I'm a little like her because I have a few walls up but everyone does. I hate how people are always saying they're just like Meg または Belle since they have personalities and traits that most people do have.

Country: US of A Baby! I don't like my town though. I hope I can 移動する out of here when I get older but I won't bombard あなた with the provincial town thing.

Favorite Disney...
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since everyone's doing it :D

First Name : Diana ( it was suppose to be Kathryn *phew* )

Country of Origin : Syria, my dad is Syrian and my mom is Russian.

Favorite ディズニー Movie : i'm not sure yet, it could be The Little Mermaid.

Hobbies : drawing .. designing .. photographing .. 読書 .. watching 映画 A LOT .. listening to 音楽 A LOT .. hanging out with my friends

Education : I'm now in college .. first 年 .. Fine Arts .. YEAH BABY

Music : classics .. pop .. rap .. rock .. esp rock .. i listen a lot of music, i'm very openminded about music, BUT the arabic music, CAN'T STAND IT, i mean i know...
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Belle entered the royal stable with dry eyes. She had no idea where to go, または what to do. She wished she'd never yelled at her brother.
Her chest heaved out a sob. She had to leave quickly, before Charming could find her. She found a familiar 栗 brown horse eating from a bucket of carrots in the corner.
She opened the wooden gate slowly. "Cyrus," she whispered. "Here boy, it's me, Belle, remember?" She petted his soft mane.
He whinnied in familiarity. His eyes looked as if he were saying, "What's wrong, Belle?"
"Everything," Belle replied to no one. She mounted the horse and whipped the...
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One 日 in december シンデレラ was happy danceing around humming and 歌う to herself. They thought she was 芝居 odd.

"Goodmorning Cinderelly" 発言しました Jaq

"Oh hello Jaq. Do あなた know what today is?" 発言しました Cinderella

"Um monday. No wait thusday! No Sunday that's my final answer!" 発言しました Jaq

"No Jaq today is december 24" 発言しました Cinderella

"Oh..... what's that" asked Jaq

"Christmas eve the 日 before christmas" 発言しました Cinderella

"What's christmas" asked Jaq

"It's a 日 where everyone shows 愛 and gives people preasents" 発言しました Cinderella

"REALLY! So what are あなた going to get Chrisy" 発言しました Jaq

"I'm not sure I'm...
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Ever since information about Giants came out, people have been looking up information about all the characters, including Angelina. Many people on the ディズニー Princess wikia have been saying that she may become an Official DP in 2017, after Giants comes out in 2016. Well I hope this information is true.

I know it is way to early to see if she will become a DP または not, and yes I know Anna and Elsa aren't even inducted yet, but I still gave this topic some thought.

Based on the information we know about Giants and Angelina, the movie is 発言しました to take place in Italy. Angelina will probably be...
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Now on to Part two of how the ディズニー Princess Stories got their start. I hope あなた will enjoy this informative 記事 as much as the last one.


If ディズニー had not changed up this tale then ジャスミン would not have had such a big role, so I am glad they put a different twist on it. Oddly enough it was a French man who added the Middle Eastern folk tale to the Arabic book The Book of One Thousand and One Nights. Antoine Galland translated the book and published his work between 1704 and 1717. Well ディズニー kept Aladdin’s name and the fact there was a genie, evil sorcery, and a Princess,...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
Sadly, Spring Break has once again come and gone. If あなた asked me, they should expand it to at least two weeks...I'm just saying. Normally, I stay at ホーム and just relax. But this year, I was pretty busy! I took my cousin Jade to Magic Kingdom last week! She is 13 now, but hasn't been to ディズニー World since she was 4, and she didn't remember much. I was so excited for her and looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to her experiencing everything the park has to offer. Even though there were about 1.3 million people there, ridiculously long lines (110 分 waits for Space, Splah and Thunder Mountains!), and high prices...
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 Please don't leave me.......I 愛 あなた
Please don't leave me.......I love you
My Favourite Princess Line Up

As much as I 愛 the ディズニー Princess I decided to do an 記事 on the ones I like. Please enjoy and rate my article. Thanks guys.

6. Snow White

Snow White was the first ディズニー princess to have her feature length movie によって Walt ディズニー way back in 1939. What I like about Snow White is her kind ハート, 心 and her sweetness. My only downside to Snow White is that she can be a huge pain to try and listen to as she has this sweet sickly personality that will make あなた either like her または loathe her.

And we will live happily ever after.

5. Pocahontas

A native princess who falls...
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