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I looked for a paragraph on Merida’s physical 説明 on about four different Wikipedia pages. No luck. So that’s why her 説明 is lacking detail compared to the others.

Snow White's Physical Beauty

"Snow White is a young 14-year old girl blessed with beauty so flawless and enchanting she is the "fairest in the land." The phrase "lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony, and skin white as snow", describes her most notable features, being her rosy red lips and rosy cheeks, and both her hair and skin color. She is sweet, but also shy. Being fairly short in height, Snow White has a rather slender, flat-chested figure, and dainty little feet."

Snow White's New Physical Beauty

Languages used: German, Portuguese, Greek, Punjabi, Zulu, Mongolian, German (2nd time), Italian, Hindi, English

"Clean 14 years old "girl of the world", beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The word "red-pink, black-haired ice, red lips in ice flakes" is the strongest characteristic, red hair, red skin and unique skin. She is beautiful, but she is shy."

Cinderella's Physical Beauty

"Cinderella is of average height, well-proportioned and slender with a softly-shaped kind face. She has an hourglass figure. Her skin is fair and flawless, her lips are pink, and her eyes are blue. Cinderella's hair is a beautiful strawberry-blonde (light strawberry-blonde in her childhood) and medium-length with soft bangs."

Cinderella's New Physical Beauty

Languages used; French, Yiddish, Maori, Urdu, English

"Cinderella is a great job, well organized and minimal. It is easy. His skin was beautiful and pure, and his lips were colorful, and his eyes were blue. Cinderella's hair is a beautiful 花 with a イチゴ (light ピンク glasses with its baby), with a long head and soft sink."

Aurora's Physical Beauty

"Aurora is a beautiful young woman, magically blessed with wavy waist-length golden hair like sunshine, バイオレット eyes, a tall and slender figure, and lips that shame the red rose. Her skin is fair and flawless. Unlike Snow White または Cinderella, her face is less rounded and もっと見る refined, giving her an appearance of maturity rather than youth despite being only sixteen."

Aurora's New Physical Beauty

Languages used: Mongolian, Uzbek, Romanian, Hindi, Latin, Japanese, French, Shona, English

"Dawn is something that is dirty, with バイオレット and dark sunlight, dark hair and scarlet. The ideal at シンデレラ is correct, the Caucasian または the other, its face smaller than the smallest and it was under 16 years."

Ariel's Physical Beauty

"Ariel is a beautiful mermaid teenager with a slim figure, fair skin, and large, deep aqua blue eyes. As a child, her lips were the same color as her skin and as a teenager, they are bright red. Ariel's most defining feature is her long, thick red hair."

Ariel's New Physical Beauty

Languages used: Georgian, Tajik, Greek, Danish, Italian, English

"Aril is a beautiful wedding garden in black leather, simple and big eyes, blue eyes. From infancy to adolescence, it was in the eyes of a spectator. As a child, his lips were colorful and new, they were red. The フルーツ is the most famous characteristic, long, dark hair."

Belle's Physical Beauty

"Belle is known throughout the village for her beauty, with one villager commenting that it has no parallel, but although she knows it, she is not vain または concerned about her looks. She is greatly aware that her fellow citizens think of her as "odd" and "peculiar." Belle pays very little attention to her appearance, unlike the very much conceited Gaston. Belle has long brown hair, most often tied back in a low ponytail with a blue ribbon, and possesses captivating hazel eyes, full ピンク lips, rosy cheeks, a heart-shaped face, and a sculpted figure. One of her もっと見る distinct features are the strands of hair that are constantly slipping loose from her ponytail and falling in front of her face - she is often seen brushing them back into place when nervous または trying to be polite."

Belle's New Physical Beauty

Languages used: Vietnamese, Punjabi, Hmong, French, English

"Ballet known throughout the city for its beauty, in which he is not the same, commenting on a village, but even if he knew it, he was not worried about the vain または the cinema. He knows that his public opinion is "strange" and "special". Unlike many of Gaston's eyes, ベル is also interested in this subject. Beautiful with long hair, often tied with insects with blue and purple spots, red eyes, sore throat and one side of the other. ハート, 心 and idols. Many of her special symptoms have the same hair, which protects the wafers from falling and falling in front of them - often, they are blinded によって teeth または large soft hands."

Jasmine's Physical Beauty

"She is a very voluptuous and beautiful young woman of average height. She has medium skin, long lustrous black hair, brown eyes, and a distinct hourglass figure. Her hair is normally tied in a ponytail held together によって two sky blue bands matching her outfit, and ending in a small swirl. She wears a sky blue headband that is centered with a sapphire adorned into it."

Jasmine's New Physical Beauty

Languages used: Hausa, Pashto, Sinhala, English

"She is a beautiful and pretty woman. It is indigenous, skin-colored skin, dark eyes and ピンク hair. Her parents are in a mountainous area, and they come together with equipment in two places, ending in small places. He was middle ages, an animated outsider and ambassador."

Pocahontas' Physical Beauty

"Pocahontas is a young woman with tan skin, long raven-black hair, and twinkling, dark brown eyes. She has a tall, slender, statuesque figure with broad shoulders and narrow hips and goes around barefoot in the first film, whereas in the 秒 film, she wears flat moccasins. She normally wears her iconic turquoise ネックレス which belonged to her mother.”

Pocahontas’ New Physical Beauty

Languages Used; Japanese, Russian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Maltese, Georgian, Zulu, English

“Pocahontas of small blue skin that rises, black hair and black hair broken. This is a high resolution and a small dimension, a small belt, a pedestrian foot in the first film and other insects film - flat. Usually doing jewelry like red as motherhood.”

Mulan’s Physical Beauty

“Mulan is a young woman and tomboy of Chinese origin. She is a natural beauty, with dark brown eyes and straight, black hair that used to be long and went down to her waist. Later in the film, when she leaves to 登録する the army, she cuts her hair with her father's sword into shoulder-length and ties it up in a bun, which helps her blend into the army so that the other soldiers don't know that she's really a woman. In the 秒 film, her hair was grown, not to its original length, but it's noticeably longer than before. In promotional works, her hair is always shown as its original length, down to the waist.”

Mulan’s New Physical Beauty

Languages used: Galician, Mongolian, Turkish, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Czech, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, Javanese, Bulgarian, Samoan, English

“Mullen is a wife and Margarita. She was born with beautiful, straightforward and no. In the last movie, he learned that the soldier was taken on his shoulder and joined together without knowing there was a large army. The real woman in the 秒 picture is not hairy, but it is increasing. On good days, your head still has a high and a half high.”

Tiana’s Physical Beauty

“Tiana is a 19-year old African American woman. She is tall and slender with a sculpted figure. She has brown skin, medium-length wavy black hair usually tied in a low ponytail, light brown eyes with ピンク eye shadow, a bright smile, and dimples. For most of the movie, Tiana is transformed into a frog. Compared to Naveen she's a lighter green, skinnier, and like Naveen the only human feature she retains is her eye color.”

Tiana’s New Physical Beauty

Languages used: Serbian, Kazakh, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Tajik, Filipino, English

“Tian is 19 years old. Hazardous and ingredient in the form of copper, which is a red form in the middle part. Often there is a ピンク color with red color with ピンク eyes, associated with low gloukoom, oversized fuzzy and splashes. For many films, Tian was lost. In contrast with a flash, a green light is yellow, and the only person who gets it is the color of the eye.”

Rapunzel’s Physical Beauty

“Rapunzel is an 18-year old (in the film) young woman with fair skin, rosy cheeks, large green eyes, brown eyelashes, brown eyebrows and light freckles around her nose. She is famously known for her long, silky, golden blonde hair which is around 70 feet in length, though her hair is naturally brown like her parents', as when it is cut, it turns so. At the end of the film, Eugene cuts her hair to save her from Gothel, turning it brown and chin length.”

Rapunzel’s New Physical Beauty

Languages used: German, Greek, Maori, French, Norwegian, Corsican, Dutch, Croatian, English

“The 18-year-old boy Rapunzel (with tape) and a white coat, a ピンク cheek, eye, brown chestnut, brown and dark hair in the nose. She is known for her hair length, gray and golden, 70 years または older, and her brown hair and her parents when she is decorated. At the end of the film, Eugenius cut off hair to protect Goth and changed coffee for a long time.”

Merida’s Physical Beauty

“Slender, pale skin, round face, light freckles, rosy cheeks, ピンク lips, long curly red hair, blue eyes.”

Merida’s New Physical Beauty

Languages Used; Khmer, Swedish, Scots Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, Malay, Finnish, English

“Skin Skin, Hair Condition, Round Muscle, Narrow Hair, Fall, Fall, ピンク Hair, Long Eyes, Pink, Long Blue”