Since the Princess of the 月 is Belle, I figured why not start with Belle's お気に入り princess list. あなた can read my old ranking link.

I had an especially rough time placing Jasmine, Tiana, and Aurora. Eventually I went with what I have here. :)

10. Merida

Unfortunately Merida seems to take up a semi-permanent residence in last place for a lot of these princess lists, not unlike her condemnation on fanpop. Belle would have a strong distaste for Merida. Belle is a proud, dignified individual who cares about how she presents herself and Merida would seem callous and sloppy to Belle. Merida is not tactful nor polite in her speech and I think Belle would find this crass. Merida is also often at odds with her mother, and I think Belle would dislike their constant fighting considering how swimmingly Belle gets along with her dad and her mother's absence. Their values are at odds; Belle sacrificed her freedom for her father, and Merida literally fed her mother a cursed cake so she didn't have to give up her freedom.

9. Pocahontas

On my old 記事 I had Pocahontas last and I still don't see anything Belle would really like about Pocahontas. I honestly think she would find Pocahontas foolish, and frankly sort of...stupid. Belle values duty to her father/family above all personal desires. Pocahontas is often seen frolicking through the forest and shirking responsibilities until her father forces her to face reality. I think Belle would really hate John Smith and find Pocahontas' attraction to him shallow and vapid. John Smith carries a gun and has murdered other people; this may remind Belle of the hunting-obsessed Gaston. Belle is sensible and balanced and wouldn't really care about Pocahontas' relationship with nature, the spirits, または "Colors of the Wind"; I think she would find Pocahontas' sneaking off behind her tribe's back to meet up with John dangerous and witless. Pocahontas grand saving of John was only guided によって the compass; Pocahontas didn't come to that conclusion on her own. I don't think Belle would care for Pocahontas' indecisiveness and heavily reliance on ~mystical~ items and dreams to make her decisions. The one thing she may relate to about Pocahontas is the pressure to lead a stable and ordered life. Belle sort of gets flack for being an outcast because she doesn't have the same desires as a typical woman of her town, and Pocahontas similarly.

8. Ariel

She would really understand Ariel's longing to be somewhere else, and connect especially I think to Ariel's appetite for collecting human paraphernalia, because it's akin to Belle's obsession with books. There would definitely be a link there. However, the terms on which Ariel left would probably really make Belle feel sour, and especially Ariel's poor relationship with her father, since Belle seems to value duty over personal wants. She would most likely feel that Ariel was 芝居 childish with her immature crush on Eric for what she would perceive to be purely aesthetic reasons She would also find it to be an embarrassment that Ariel forgets to attend her family's concert. Belle is もっと見る concerned about her dignity than Ariel is (at least, it's もっと見る often on the forefront of her mind).

7. ムーラン

I think Belle would at least admire ムーラン for taking her father's place in the army, but if she understood ancient Chinese culture, she may disapprove of the potential shame ムーラン could bring to her family. I think she would really like that Mulan's strenghts are her wits and femininty, but she wouldn't really relate to Mulan's clutzy and immature nature and may find ムーラン lazy and irresponsible in the beginning of the film. I do think she would appreciate that ムーラン returned to her father after the war.

6. Snow White

Belle would find Snow White very sweet and cute, but otherwise have no connection to her. She would just find her pleasant to watch. She'd like that she was a classic, older princess but もっと見る see her like an adorable little sister.

5. Jasmine

Belle and ジャスミン have several points of connection. Belle feels confined in her town because of not being able to make a mental connection with any of the residents. ジャスミン has never left the palace and also has nebulous dreams of adventure outside the walls. Belle would admire Jasmine's tenacity when it comes to unsavoury men pursuing her for superficial reasons. Belle would also appreciate Jasmine's wittiness and how she proves herself as capable despite her limitations on multiple occasions. I think she may occasionally find ジャスミン to be too brash and maybe somewhat ungrateful for her lot in life, 与えられた Belle's economic status. Belle would like that ジャスミン looks past Aladdin's exterior.

4. Tiana

One attribute I think would stick out about Tiana is how Tiana thought the way she was living is the only way to accomplish her dreams and how Tiana learned that there were もっと見る things to life. I think Belle may see this reflected on herself and how she learned to open up to the Beast. Belle would 愛 how intelligent and competent Tiana is and especially appreciate how Tiana carries on her father's legacy. Belle would be really touched によって how often and how fondly Tiana speaks of her father. Of course, Belle is a bit もっと見る dreamy and amorous but Belle would like how Tiana learns to value romance along with her restaurant since Belle is good at balancing her values.

3. Aurora

I think Belle would really enjoy Aurora. Aurora is prim, proper, and distinguished but not without a sense of humor. Belle would 愛 her grace and elegance and how kindly she treats her adoptive aunts. I think Aurora may remind Belle of a lot of the princesses she read about in her fairytale. Belle is often wrapped up in her own thoughts and oblivious to the world around her and I think she would find Aurora introspective and also prudent for enjoying her time with Phillip but still inviting him back to her cottage. Belle would like that Aurora puts responsibility to her kingdom first before Phillip and then gets rewarded in the end anyway.

2. Rapunzel

I don't think there would be one thing Belle would dislike about Rapunzel. Rapunzel is talented and shrewd, curious and longs for the thrill of adventure but remains loyal to her mother. When Rapunzel does finally first venture out, she's still plagued によって guilt and insecurity on how her mother would react. Belle would appreciate that Rapunzel is tortured によって abandoning Gothel because Belle would feel the same if she ever left Maurice. Rapunzel is kind and incentivizing and also indirectly teaches Flynn to bare his true self. She would adore Rapunzel's excitability and sincerity and feel roused によって Rapunzel standing up to Gothel.

1. Cinderella

I can see Belle absolutely loving Cinderella. シンデレラ is so loyal to her family and her father's ホーム (big important quality for Belle) and is quite calm, demure, and kind. I think Belle and シンデレラ have similar senses of humor (so subtle あなた almost miss it-- "don't want to interrupt lesson"/ "well, some people use their imaginations") but practice kindness and understanding of others. I thinks she would 愛 how シンデレラ keeps her humanity and faith throughout all her abuse and still treats everyone around her with grace. シンデレラ is also thoughtful and contemplative, but still sensible. I think Belle would be moved によって how fondly シンデレラ remembers her mother and cherishes the dress her mother left behind.