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When I was faced with the decision of what to play during my wedding, it was easy- ディズニー 愛 songs. I wanted to incorporate ディズニー into my wedding (which is in December), but not have it be in-your-face または cheesy, so that was my decision. (I'm also having a glass slipper as a cake topper.) :) So while planning my list, I realized that I have very specific お気に入り when it comes to DP 愛 songs, so I thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy!

10) A Whole New World

Man, does this song get on my nerves. I’m sure it was groundbreaking when アラジン was released, but this song is so cliché and so overdone at this point that the song has been put on my ‘do not play under penalty of death’ list. I don’t hate the song itself- as far as the technical quality and performance of the song, it’s a pretty good song. But because of my excessive exposure to it, and because of how 人気 the song is, even outside the context of the movie, ‘A Whole New World’ is kind of the ‘Call Me Maybe’ of the ディズニー universe.

9) Ma Belle Evangeline

I’m one of the 9 people in the world who actually enjoys The Princess and the Frog, and I’m one of the 4 people in the world who actually really likes the music. I like that it runs the gamut between Broadway, gospel, New Orleans jazz, and good old fashioned 表示する tunes, and as someone born and raised in the South, I understand and appreciate the locally-focused 音楽 もっと見る than some people. However, Ma Belle Evangeline isn’t the best song in the bunch. I 愛 the way it is sung, and I appreciate the unfettered romance behind it, but it is still a little passionless. I would have preferred for Naveen and Tiana to have had a 愛 song of their own, like on the soundtrack, rather than ‘crash’ a song sung によって someone else, to someone else.

8) If I Never Knew You

I think as far as passion goes, this song tops them all. There’s a longing, a yearning in it that is lacking in other songs, and I 愛 that it is a song tinged with sadness. It SUITS/スーツ the tone of Pocahontas and makes the song memorable. However, it’s this low on the 一覧 for two reasons: for one thing, it wasn’t actually featured in the movie, so most people don’t even realize that this is a legitimate song. And two, I guess due to the time period and the fact that ディズニー was trying to be もっと見る ‘cool,’ the song is so heavy with 90s’ clichés that it’s almost unbearable now. The construed keyboard, the mechanical syncopation, and the breezy ‘Peabo Norman had a baby with Michael Bolton’ 歌う just grate on my nerves. Therefore, ‘If I Never Knew You’ is pretty close to the bottom of the list.

7) Once Upon a Dream

This is a song that I find cute, but, much like the rest of the movie, kind of bland and soulless. I know a lot of people enjoy the effervescence and sweetness of it, but even as a child, it wasn’t a song I particularly caught on to, and now, as an adult, I find myself humming along, but not really being invested. It isn’t a bad song, but it’s just a bit too light and frothy for me.

6) So This is Love

‘So This is Love’ is the quintessential 愛 song for me. Soft, elegant, restrained, and grandly romantic, much like the rest of ‘Cinderella,’ it is the most perfect 説明 of what falling in 愛 is like, in my opinion. In fact, when I get married in December, I’ll be walking down the aisle to ‘So This is Love’ rather than the wedding march, because I 愛 the song, and because I hate the wedding march. (It’s scary and it sounds like death.) While it isn’t the song I immediately jump to on my iPod, I think there is a timeless feel about it, and that’s what makes シンデレラ such a memorable movie and character. While it was created in a very defined period, it isn’t so swallowed in 1950’s culture that it sounds foreign now, unlike some of the other songs on this list.

5) I See the Light

'I See the Light' is a perfect example of the negative side of what I discuss in the 前 article. It has such a ‘late 2000’s’ feel, particularly Mandy Moore’s pretty, but breathy and fake-ish voice, that in 20 years it will probably seem painfully silly. It is almost too modern for a fairytale film, as are many of the other songs. However, there are some redeeming factors that set the film apart from the others below it- Zachary Levi. His voice is so smooth and so full of emotion that the rest of the song is forgiven for its sins. He really brings the song to life, and for that reason, and that reason alone, I like ‘I See the Light’ もっと見る than the songs before it.

4) Something There

I think 'Something There' is a good example of a song that is content to be what it is. It’s light, its happy, it sounds intrigued and friendly, and it perfectly sets the tone for the remainder of the film. There’s a happiness here that is missing in lots of 愛 songs- lots of songs focus on 愛 that is passionate, sweeping, all consuming, または dangerous, but very few songs focus on the simple joy of spending time with someone あなた 愛 and trust. Belle and the Beast are beginning to be friends, not lovers, and that’s my お気に入り part of the song- it feels so honest to what real 愛 is.

3) One Song

Remember how I talked about ‘So This is Love’ having a timeless appeal? I feel the same way about ‘One Song.’ While it is もっと見る period-centric and seems もっと見る dated than ‘So This is Love,’ there is nonetheless a classic beauty to it, a simple, star-struck ode to the first prick of Cupid’s arrow. The song is short and sweet- a little declaration of devotion, serenaded によって a man who warbles もっと見る than really sings, but it’s pulled off nicely, and the song tends to get stuck in my head when I’m feeling particularly in 愛 with my fiancé. It’s a sweet song that proves あなた don’t need a full 3.50 分 song to convey your feelings for your loved one.

2) Beauty and the Beast

For me, 'Beauty and the Beast' embodies all the aspects of 愛 I like the most- friendship, passion, romance, sincerity, sacrifice, and personal humility. The 音楽 is understated, but moving, and the simple, minimal 歌う によって Angela Lansbury is about a real, heartfelt love, not a grand, breakneck romance. As far as technical music, i think Beauty and the Beast is the best ディズニー 愛 song, and I can't wait to feature in my wedding. (Fun note: My fiance and I consider 'Beauty and the Beast' to be 'our movie,' because he says I'm so much like Belle. Once, he even bought me a $100 本 a Million gift card because he "couldn't afford a としょうかん, ライブラリ yet." :)

1) キッス the Girl

I know this is weird as far as 愛 songs go, but I absolutely ADORE ‘Kiss the Girl.’ I 愛 the chorus of fish, I 愛 the music, I 愛 the anticipation, and I 愛 the relatable nature of the song. Everyone has been in the situation where there is obvious romantic tension in the air, and there are two lovebirds who simply haven’t found the courage to express their emotions about it. For reasons I cannot fully explain, ‘Kiss the Girl’ is my お気に入り ディズニー song ever, and it is the song that I will be playing in my ceremony during the ‘kiss the bride’ sequence and during our grand exit.

So there あなた have it- Phantomrose89’s お気に入り ディズニー Princess 愛 songs.
(I did not アップロード this on Youtube!) Enjoy!!!! Credit: Disney.
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11. Merida
Merida. Not the most 人気 girl ever. She' s not all that brave. Also she whiny and complains. Your mom cares about あなた so much and she has done a lot for あなた so, BE THANKFUL! I really hate how she tries to be all independent and carefree but it just feels forced. I think she is just not good at all. Blegh I hate Merida.

10. Rapunzel
The too perfect princess. She is smart, メリダとおそろしの森 creative, independent, and SO ANNOYING!!! Ok I start to like her when she' sin the tower because she's funny and flawed. Then once she meets the thugs I hate her. I do 愛 that she likes to paint. A disney...
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I 愛 the movie, it was Amazing, Musical, Funny so well animated the graphics where so well detail, their expressions, like if あなた where watching real people,mind blowing.
When it comes to the story, i just didn't like the fact that their parents die, same thing with The Princess And The Frog when Tiana's father die.
I felt so sad for Anna and Elsa but mostly Anna, her parents had die and she didn't had no one to talk to in that moment, she had no clue why Elsa was keeping her distance from her. With her parents gone and her only family left rejecting her, she must had felt destroyed.
I Love...
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Though the ディズニー Princesses are Amazing and wonderful every one has there flaws and there are some major ones with out trying to be to Negative, these are the flaws with some of your お気に入り princesses, this is a long and pointless rant, just warning you

SnowWhite: The Classic and First ever DIsney Princess, made in 1937 mimicking silver screen stars like Claudette Colbert and Marlene Dietrich, Not only the fairest of them all but also the Kindest, but is Snow a bit to Kind? Many Critics have サークル, 円 around the fact the SnowWhite is just to friendly with strangers, for example: after she is...
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July's ファン of the 月 is...firegirl1515! Congratulations! So now I'll be asking her a few 質問 about the ディズニー Princesses!


1. Who is your お気に入り princess and why?

Ariel has really always been my favorite. When I was younger it was for もっと見る superficial things, like how pretty she was and how great her voice and hair were. Plus, I was absolutely IN 愛 with The Little Mermaid 2 as a kid, and she’s sort of a MERMAID. But now there are thousands of reasons besides those three for me to 愛 her. Her endless bubbly personality is one- she’s just so fun and wild! I also admire...
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This is my opinion あなた may agree または disagree all あなた want. I’m not going to try to make the film modern によって saying have the princess save herself または take out the prince. But in the way that the film was made, what I think could have made it better. This 記事 will have spoilers.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

1: もっと見る Screen time with the prince.
I feel like this is one of the main thinks that makes the film lacking something and that’s the prince, I feel like it would be ten times もっと見る amazing if he had a least a little もっと見る screen time.

2: Snow’s Father.
I think what’s really important...
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This is an 記事 I should've written when I first joined fanpop, but I usually have a hard time figuring out my お気に入り princesses like a lot of あなた guys. Anyway, here we go.

13) Pocahontas
I 愛 her movie and her relationship with John Smith, but it seems to me that she isn't as outgoing as the other princesses. I 愛 how she is adventurous and free-spirited, but other than that I'm not really one of her biggest fans.

12) Aurora
I haven't watched Sleeping Beauty in forever, but I find Aurora to be beautiful and elegant. After I watch Sleeping Beauty again, she might 移動する higher on my list....
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