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Well, Diluka wanted another one, and here it is. Yeah, I don’t follow the order of the 映画 this time around; I’ll jump a little bit between the earlier and the later ones. And with “The Little Mermaid” I think it’s the best to work through the elements of the story point to point to show, where ディズニー moves away from the 情報源 text and where it (surprisingly) doesn’t. But before we come to that, I want to point out something: The 情報源 text is in this case much different compared to the ones of the Grimm fairy tales. Those were a collection of preexisting oral lore. While the Grimm brothers were not above changing the stories a little bit, sometimes to make them a little bit もっと見る fluent to tell, but often to censor some unsavory aspects of it, they normally didn’t embellish them. Because of that, those characters tended to be archetypes. “The little Mermaid” is what we call a “Kunstmärchen”, a fairy tale with was mainly created によって a writer (though it is based on the story of Undine). Because of that, the 情報源 text is much detailed than the stories of the Grimm brothers, which is the main reason I decided to do a もっと見る in-depth analysis this time around.


In the original Fairy Tale, the Little Mermaid gives her voice for a pair of legs, knowing that each step she takes will feel like she is walking over knifes. There is no time for her, her future is linked to the decision of the prince. If he marries her, she will live and die like humans do. If he chooses someone else, she will dissolve in sea foam immediately, instead after 300 years like the other mermaids. In the ディズニー Version, Ariel has three days to get a true 愛 キッス from Eric, または she will become the property of Ursula, no death involved (at least not directly). While the transformation looks painful, she doesn’t have any pain walking.


As strange as it sounds, Ariel’s character is actually very close to the one of the Little Mermaid. The interest in the human world is part of the original fairy tale. And like Ariel, the Little Mermaid has a stone statue she is fascinated with. The difference is that the statue is not of the prince, but of a ランダム human. Artwork of the little mermaid tend to emphasis the melancholic aspect of the fairy tale, but in the story, she is actually pretty wild, eager to explore the world and to take risks – very similar to the way Ariel spends her 日 with Eric.


Unlike Eric, the real prince never truly sees the Little Mermaid, despite the fact that he spends so much time with her. He frequently asks her to dance for him, never noticing that every step causes her pain. He also isn’t in 愛 with her voice (though he has heard it before), but with the girl who was leaning over him when he woke up at the beach, which wasn’t the Little Mermaid, but the foreign princess who he meets again shortly before his intended marriage to the Little Mermaid. And yes, having found his true 愛 he marries her. The Little Mermaid, who has 与えられた everything to him, immediately forgotten.


Ursula is a typical ディズニー villain, with ulterior motives. In the fairy tale, the sea witch is not really bad (though she displays a certain delight when she tells the Little Mermaid about the suffering she will have to endure); it’s もっと見る a matter of business for her.


It’s a little bit funny that all close ties Ariel has, she has towards male characters, because the Little Mermaid has her closest relationship to her grandmother, who raises her after the death of the mother, and to her five (yes, five, not six) sisters, who give up their hair for her sake, providing the opportunity to escape death によって killing the prince (what she naturally doesn’t do).


That’s naturally the most obvious change, considering that Ariel gets her happy ending with Eric. Stories によって Hans Christian Anderson tend to have a bittersweet ending. That is also true for the little mermaid. One aspect of the fairy tale which gets rarely addressed in modern adaptation is the fact that the mermaid isn’t just fascinated with the prince, she also wants to get an eternal soul, like the humans have, something she can only get when a human loves her. But in the end, she does not turn into sea foam, but becomes an air spirit and the chance, to get the soul によって doing good deeds. The ディズニー version naturally takes a lighter approach on the theme, but then, the movie is mainly about Ariel’s relationship to her father and not about her self-scarify.


It’s funny, how similar the movie is to the 情報源 text in some aspects, and yet so different at the same time. I like the interpretation in its own right, but if I really want to see an adaption close to the original, then I watch the Czech movie from 1976. I don’t think that it’s possible to capture the special mood of this fairy tale better. Sadly, it doesn’t look like there is an English dubbing (and if there is one, it’s not easy to come by), but if あなた want to get an idea what I mean, here is the ending, which perfectly sums the mood of the whole movie up. To explain the situation: Her family (don’t be confused about the lack of 魚 tails, in this version, the merpeople don’t have any) waits for the ship on which the prince just married the foreign princess (btw, the similarity between the 女優 for the mermaid and the princess is intended they are sisters in real life). The king over all seas tells the Little Mermaid (who always was his お気に入り daughter since she looks so much like her mother) over a telepathic connection that this is her last chance to kill the prince, または she will become sea foam as soon as the sun rises. One blood from his ハート, 心 will be enough, but even if she doesn’t do it, he will die either way, since the ship will be wrecked on the rocks, and everyone on it will perish. And then – well, watch for yourself, it’s pretty self explanatory

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Hello all, this 記事 is pretty much what the タイトル says. I have had some boring time lately and I just started listing some of my thoughts on paper, and then I got the evil idea to write 記事 about it. So this is all about my opinions and thoughts and あなた all freely may または may not agree with them. I actually have very little theories here, and most of them are completely lunatic, but let's hope あなた get at least some amuse from them. I have listed my opinions very bluntly without any greater explanations because I wanted this to be short and clear(and I don't like to write a lot).
I have...
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13. Aurora
After she was granted the gift of beauty and song, perhaps what Merryweather was going to give her was the gift of personality. Although she has a healthy number of fans, the reality is 18 分 of screentime combined with zero character complexity equals a princess that's bound to be at the bottom of most lists.

"I find Aurora so enchanting. She's elegant, playful, dreamy, and very mysterious because of her lack of screen time. " -audreybrooke

"Life tends to just happen to Aurora. She doesn't do anything to her life. So while she is pretty to look at, I find her to be uninteresting."...
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 My お気に入り fictional character and my most beautiful fictional female <3
My favorite fictional character and my most beautiful fictional female <3
I think this is the 4th time I'm 書く this article, but I felt like 書く this again so that new users knows who I am, but those of あなた who have read at least one of my 前 記事 can read this one too so hope you'll enjoy this 記事 :)

I actually don't have a story behind my username, I just thought sweetie was such a cute word and 94 is the last two numbers of the 年 I was borned, 1994

My real name is Teresa and I'm 19 years old and my birthday is on September 16th which means I'll turn 20 this year

I'm from Sweden and live only about 10-15 分 away from Stockholm, recently...
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I know I already did one but I didn't agree with most of it and it was kinda of pointless making three parts if I'm going to make it back to back.I seemed to hate Ariel もっと見る than I thought so she's going to be lower.And I still haven't watched メリダとおそろしの森 so sorry,And since that's the only dp movie I haven't seen It's not gonna be counted.And my reasons wasn't explained all that good.

She seemed very bland and even through あなた might disagree she's the dumbest dp.I know she didn't had a lot of time on screen I can't help but to think her personality would be the same as Snow White mixed With...
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アナと雪の女王 (2013)
animated film
magic kingdom
wlat ディズニー world
After getting over 35 lists this week from users I compiled the results and here they are! Thank あなた so much to everyone who spent time giving lists and descriptions. I have a feeling that あなた guys will be surprised によって some of the results! (Previously refers to princecatcher93's countdown from earlier)

11. Aurora
Previously: 8

I was pretty surprised によって this ranking, since Aurora has gained a lot of popularity in 最近 months, but sadly she was last. Aurora did have a good amount of people put her high, but she also had a large amount put her low as well. People 発言しました the reason they had her...
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 Pocahontas got best picture for this stunning 写真 of her as a zombie Credit:x-Tsuzurao-x
Pocahontas got best picture for this stunning photo of her as a zombie Credit:x-Tsuzurao-x
Previously on DNTM: Pocahontas is emotionally affected from the death of John Smith and the モデル pose as zombies. ジャスミン and Elsa produce bad pictures but it was ジャスミン was sent home. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessional after elimination
Pocahontas: I am really sad that ジャスミン left. She helped me get through this death and I don't know what I can do now.
Ariel: I had drama originally with ジャスミン but we became great フレンズ I really wanted her to be in the competition longer.
Elsa: For the 秒 week in a row I had a bad picture and was almost sent home. I really need to improve or...
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 The stars of the 表示する <3 (Art not my own - found on pinterest)
The stars of the show <3 (Art not my own - found on pinterest)
I have been wanting to write another 記事 for a while, so I decided to write about: "Why I 愛 the modern princesses". With any luck, I should be able to do a full series for all the eras :)

Tiana -
What I have always loved about Tiana is so hard-working and determined she is! She doesn't sit and wait for her dream to happen. She works hard 日 and night to achieve her goals. To me, that is a great example to set to young girls! I feel there are too many girls I know who do not try at anything at all. Tiana helps to teach that wishing and hoping only gets あなた so far in life. The reality...
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Welcome to the first cycle of Disney's 次 上, ページのトップへ Model and the first cycle will be a princess edition The princesses will go through grueling tasks, modelling challenges and 写真 shoots and only one will have the honor of being Disney's 次 上, ページのトップへ Model
Firstly lets introduce the judges. There is me Mickey and as well as being an experienced model I am also the host for this show. Donald Duck is the creative director for all the 写真 shoots and will judge from the technical side of modeling. Thirdly there is Minnie a very talented and famous model of the modern era. And lastly there is Magic...
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Sebastian tells Triton that he is capable of making a deal with the Sharkanians, but in truth, he is petrified of them and Ariel and ヒラメ must tag along to help him make the process go smoothly
the little mermaid tv series
An interesting critique from Hollie McNish. I know あなた guys are sick of this debate, but I think she puts a different perspective on why she disagrees with the redesign.