Okay so on the ディズニー princess ファン club everyone seems to be making 一覧 of their opinions on the prettiest princesses so I thought I would give some credit to those ディズニー heroines who are not official ディズニー princesses some of them are technicly princesses but not official ones because either their movie wasn't 人気 enough または they didn't have the right qualities to be an official ディズニー princess and Giselle and ティンカーベル are not on here because Giselle's movie was a live action movie so it doesn't count and ティンカーベル didn't become a heroine until her computer animated 映画 and I don't like to mix hand drawn アニメーション and computer アニメーション together other wise ティンカーベル would be my number one Penny's not here either since she's not a heroine and I might make an 記事 of the most beautiful ディズニー princesses maybe enjoy
10.Lilo she's someone not atlot of people think much about in the looks depardment but she's beautiful and she stands out in personality and looks she's so natural and like Belle she's the beauty that tamed a beast
9.Jenny she's very beautiful a girl who needs a friend she she looks like like Ariel her outfit looks like Ariel's blue dress her ピンク PJ's look like Ariel's nightgown anyway she's just absoutly beautiful
8.Shanti she used her girlish charms to get Mowgli to come to the village and she's the only girl in the whole movie she is beautiful
7.Wendy the beauty that got the マーメイド at the mermaid lagoon jealous of her she won the ハート, 心 of a boy who never grows up
6.Alice the beauty of wonderland thow there's not very many beauties in wonderland so she's the fairest in wonderland I bet her sister is jealous of her beauty
5.Eilonwy I know a real shocker but she's so pretty and is my お気に入り child heroine so's so underrated even though her film is awsome she's truely beautiful
4.Kida she's stunning especually in this picture she has such beautiful eyes beautiful white hair nice tan skin and very sexy
3.Meg she's so stunning espesually in this picture and she's gorgeous despite being so thin though she's gorgeous there are two prettier than her
2.Jane she's so underrated when it comes to beauty some people think Meg is prettier but she's not Jane found a way to put hot sexy class beauty and jungle together
1.Esmerelda she's definatly the most gorgeous of all the ディズニー non-princesses with her gorgeous green eye nice dark skin and the sun even knows she's gorgeous because it keeps getting kot in her raven hair