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yayarose posted on May 17, 2013 at 11:56PM
Okay, I know that long time ago there was forum of this that began but stopped long ago so I decided to do one of my own. Its pretty much the same thing as the other one and you can add photos if you want to your story.
Here's the instructions game if you don't know:

There will be What-If scenarios for example: What if Aladdin met Ariel in the market place instead of Jasmine? Then, you will write a short story based on that. Once your done, at the bottom, write you own What-If scenario for someone else to write. :)

I'll start the game off: What if Jack Frost came across Rapunzel's tower instead of Flynn?

Let the writing begin!!
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1年以上前 BookWorm26 said…
Okay, here I go?

Jack was having fun whisking on snowflakes. He then felt something touch his head. Were those leaves? When he went few threw the rock tunnel he saw a tower that no stairs, and no door. "Luckily, I can fly." He said to himself. So he flew up to the tower. To his surprise, he saw paintings on the wall, and then, he heard a voice.. "I recognize the white hair." Jack jumped and looked up at the girl. She was fairly pretty with freckles, and huge green eyes with very long hair, but then he felt something," You-you see me?" "Yes, you were that boy that was flying on snowflakes, were you?" she pointed a frying pan at him. " Yes I was, and why do you have long hair? And why are you in this tower?" he asked, not thinking properly. "Okay here are the two answers. I can not tell you, and I am locked up in this tower to protect myself from people who want to use my hair, but I want to see the floating lights!" she lifted a purple curtain to reveal a painting of lights in the sky. "Hey, I sawn those before!" Jack cried out,And someone can see me!" "Okay?" she raised an eyebrow,"Tell me your name." "Not unless you tell me yours." he retorted. "Fine, Rapunzel." she stated. "Jack, Jack Frost. Okay, if you keep believing in me,"He said, trying to retain the blonde girl's attention," I will take you to see the floating lights." "Deal!" she cried. Rapunzel was so happy that she got to see the lights that lit up on her birthday. "Okay, meet you down." he said, now coming down from the tower. Rapunzel looked back at her tower before she left. She said," I am ready." And while she plummeted down, she never thought that the adventure stake would be high.

Okay, is that alright?

Story:What if Hiccup was one of the suitors that Merida had to choose from.
1年以上前 yayarose said…
Its fine the amount of the story is up to you! Now lets see who answers your story!
1年以上前 auroraxaurelia said…
(BookWorm 26's request is actually similar to a fanfiction I want to right.)

"They're here." said the queen. "Now boys" she gave the boys a look and they sat straight and proper,only figiting a little. "Fergus." She said, referring to her husband. He was slouching and leaning on his elbow.

"What?!" He said and Queen Elinor closed her eyes and shook her head. He sighed a heavy sigh but straightened up, although he wasn't happy about it. Queen Elinor went to straightened his sash but he yelled "Leave me be woman." She smiled and turned her eldest child.
"Merida!" She groaned. "What have you done to yer dress? You were perfect not five minute ago."
"Ah Mum!" said Merida as Queen Elinor straightened her dress and posture. She tucked in a strand of Merida's wild red hair back under Merida's white hood.
"There. Perfect." Merida groaned. Queeen Elinor went to her spot next to her husband. "You may let them in now." She instructed. The guards announced the arrival of the great lords. The doors burst open before the guard could finish introducing them. Merida quickly pulled a strand of her hair out from under her hood as the four great lords, their families, and entourage poured into the great hall. Merida sat bored and ignored most of the introductions. She knew the great lords houses. Clan Dingwall: blond hair and short. "Grumpy old troll." She said while he introduced is son. No much to look at. Not much in brains maybe, Merida thought from his vacant expression. Next was the Macintosh clan: tall, wavy dark locks, and blue painted. Merida looked at Macintosh's son. He was tall and good looking but a show boat. "Hmpf." she scoffed. Next was Clan MacGuffin: big, blonde, and shaggy hair. The son snapped a log in two with his bare hands. Merida perked up, a little. Next was a clan Merida didn't recognize. Clan Berk. Their leader was a large man with red hair and a full beard. He introduced his son. A scrawny lad. He smiled a crooked smile at Merida. She was stunned for a moment and then slowly smiled back. Maybe all her suitors went that bad she thought.

(Picture later.)

What if, Milo and Jane (Porter) went on an expedition together to discover Atlantis.
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1年以上前 yayarose said…
big smile
Nice! Could you add your scenario for the next story?
auroraxaurelia commented…
Oh yea, woops. 1年以上前
1年以上前 yayarose said…
I will do this in Jane's POV.

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and somewhat excited. Today, I was to begin a journey in my father's place. He was asked to be one of the scientists on this thrilling expedition but got sick at the last minute and now here I was walking inside a large submarine to find the legendary lost city of Atlantis. Luckily, I wouldn't be alone, there were about thousand other people traveling with me. As I entered the submarine, I saw Mr. Whitmore standing there at the entrance to welcome me. He was a dear friend of my father. "Hello Miss. Porter, thanks for coming on such short notice", he said with a smile as I approached. I returned the smile. "You're most welcome Mr. Whitmore, I just hope I can provide the help you need." "I'm sure you'll do just fine," he told me. "You'll be working with one other, he's an expert in Gibberish and is experienced with the Shepard's Journal." He looked at his watch. "He should be here soon." I saw him look behind my shoulder. "Ah, there he is!" I turned around to see a man walking towards us with a queasy look upon his face. No doubt, it was seasickness that caused his expression. The features of him were clearer as he walked closer. Short light brown hair and circular glasses were seen on his nose, his brown eyes looked gentle despite there being an uneasy look on his face. "Milo! Where have you've been?" Mr. Whitmore said to him. "I'd like you to meet Miss Jane Porter, like you she's a new member of this crew." I tucked a strand of my brown hair behind my ear. "Miss. Porter this is your partner Milo Thatch." I greeted him with a nod of my head. He stuck his hand out shyly as I shook it gently. "Its a pleasure to meet you, Milo," I said with smile. "I look forward to working with you." There a bit of silence before he said anything. "Same here," he finally manged to say. He looked around as he seemed to finally break from a trance. "Boy, when you settle a bet. You settle a bet," he told Mr. Whitmore as he lifted his belongings on his shoulder. "Well, your granddad always believed you couldn't put a price on the pursuit of knowledge," the wealthy man replied. "Well, believe me, this will be a small change compared to the value of what we're going to learn on this trip," Milo said and I saw him looking my way. I blushed slightly. " Attention. All personal. Launch will commend in fifteen minutes." We heard being said over the intercom. "I think that's our cue," I told Milo. "Farewell, Mr. Whitmore, I said and the two of us walking inside the gigantic sub. " Goodbye!." Milo called to him. " Make us proud, you two!," he said and the gates shut tightly closed. The crew inside began to get ready and I looked at Milo with smile, he returned it and excitement was seen in his eyes. Perhaps this journey won't be as boring like I believed it would, I thought to myself, as I was still smiling from ear to ear. Minutes later, the sub began its journey and I had no idea what it held for the both of us.

What if Ariel came across Captain Hook's ship with Peter Pan aboard instead of Eric's? Then, a similar explosion occurred and she ended up rescuing Peter.
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 I will do this in Jane's POV. I woke up the 次 morning feeling refreshed and somewhat excited.
kristenfan10109 commented…
I'm 書く it now 1年以上前
auroraxaurelia commented…
Loved it. I could so imagine this happen to them. I can see a future ファン fiction coming out of this. 1年以上前
yayarose commented…
Thanks! 書く is sorta a hobby of mine. :) 1年以上前
1年以上前 kristenfan10109 said…
Ariel climbed up the steps using all her strength and peaked inside a whole in the ship she was surprised what she saw a boy with red hair just like her was floating in the air and was using some sharp thing agains't this other man who had black hair just like her sister Adella and had some on his face just like daddy but what were they doing? Ariel watched closely "Haha give up now you old cod fish", "Never Pan" a cod fish she had never seen one of those fish before although she had learned about them in school Ariel was being to become scared as she watched the boy that black haired man called Pan swing his sharp thing at him and he did the same oh this didn't look they were on the edge of what she believed was called the mast and poor Pan was about to fall from it with the black haired man's sharp thing on his chest.

"This is the end Peter Pan", "Haha that's what you think Hook" when suddenly lighting struck the sail "The Jolly Rodger she's fire ah haha Smee save me" Hook cried as he jumped off the mast landing on a small fat man with a really tight thing around his body and something on the top of his head. Ariel watched as Hook and his men abandoned the ship being very careful for them not to spot her then went back to watching the boy Peter Pan laughing histerically "Haha so long you old cod fish come on Tink let's go home" Peter looked around but there was no sign of his little fairy friend Tink "TInk Tink where are" he was getting very worried he searched the entire ship until he found her inside a green glass bottle in the cargo hold banging on the glass "Tink there you are" Peter quickly unscrewed the cork from the bottle "Come on TInk let's get out of here."

Peter was just about out when suddenly the ship rolled causing him to fall and slam on the back of the ship and a cannon ball to roll on top of his foot as soon as he got one off more and more kept coming pinning him to the ship and the fire was coming towards him and to make matters worse there were explosives Peter knew he had to get out of there and fast he started crying for help hoping someone was there to help him TInkerbell came rushing in she had thought Peter was right behind him the whole time. Using her pixie dust she quickly made the cannonballs fly off him but he was so weak that he couldn't fly using all his strengh to pull himself up he ran as fast as he could onto the deck of the ship but the time he reached it it was to late the explosives had been lite causing the ship to explode.

Ariel had been knocked off she quickly dove into the water when she surfaced she looked all around where the ship had been for Peter when she looked behind her she saw him on a board only for an instant until his motionless body fell into the water she quickly dove back into the water where he had been and swam until she found him wrapping her around him she quickly went up to the surface so he could breathe and using all her stregth that she had left pulled him along as she swam to shore.
1年以上前 kristenfan10109 said…
What if Ariel had married John Smith instead of Eric and had Melody? What would there life be like would Melody still dream of the sea and becoming a mermaid?
1年以上前 yayarose said…
Ariel's POV:

I opened my eyes as the sun shined through my window. I grew more happy as I realized what day it was. My darling Melody's birthday. It seemed like only yesterday that I had her in my arms as an infant. That day also brought bad memories as well. I looked out of my balcony and I saw the giant wall around our beloved home. It was there for a reason. When Melody was a baby, she almost was kidnapped by a sea witch named Morgana for revenge for her sister Ursula, the witch who almost tore me and my now husband apart. You see, I was a mermaid but after seeing John on ship that one night, I knew I was destined to be human and marry the man I fell in love with, the first time I saw him, no matter what. I regret so much now making a deal with Ursula but in the end, she was defeated but her family lived on. The deal I made long ago is the reason for the barrier between us and my beloved sea, it only leaked from the bottom of the wall. I turned around expecting to see my husband lying asleep but his side of the bed was empty. I smiled knowing he was mostly likely out somewhere exploring but that is why I love him. I got dressed and headed downstairs to see my husband had prepared a special breakfast for our daughter. "John, what is this?" I asked and we embraced. "Don't tell me you've forgotten your own daughter's special day?," he said with a grin. I looked around. "Where is she?" John shrugged his shoulders and I crossed my arms. Through the kitchen window I saw her at the bottom of the wall and I ran outside. "Melody!', I called to her. "What on earth are you doing?' I saw her blond hair she inherited from her father was wet and so was her clothing. She looked nervous as I walked closer, John who followed me from inside was not too far behind. "You weren't swimming out here, were you?" I asked her, frantically. She kept quiet for a moment. "Of course, not Mom," she finally replied. "I was... simply swimming down in these shallow waters." I sighed. " How many times do I have to tell you the sea is dangerous!" John put his hand on my shoulder. "Honey, its fine. She isn't hurt, look at her." I moved my shoulder from his grasp with frustration. I gave him a look. He knew why the ocean was kept secret. "Its for your own safety, Melody," I began to say to her. "There's nothing dangerous about the ocean!," she retorted. "Just because you hate it doesn't mean I will!" With that, she ran inside the house with tears streaming down her face. I began to cry as well and John put his arms around me. "Oh, John, I wish I could tell her why," I cried. "I know, Ariel," he said. "I know. Someday you will"

What if Wilbur Robinson and Violet Parr were in the same time period? How would they met?
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kristenfan10109 commented…
Aww 愛 it!! 1年以上前
yayarose commented…
Thanks! 1年以上前
1年以上前 MegaraRider said…
I'm not too familiar with these two characters; I've only seen each movie once- a long time ago. But, I'll give it a shot...

Wilbur traveled back in time to find Lewis. It was his only mission. He tried to stay focused, but couldn't help being curious about this whole other life. All of their vehicles and technology were so old! How did they live like this?

As he flew around the town, he noticed a girl about his age walking down the street. Something about her drew him in. He tried to get a better look at her, but her hair was hanging in her face.

"Stop it, Wilbur," he scolded himself. "You have to find Lewis. Forget the girl."

As Wilbur was about to turn around, he glanced back at her one more time. She had ducked into an alley and...

...made herself invisible!

Wilbur stopped in his tracks. How was that possible? People in this time period didn't have the technology to make anything invisible... especially themselves. Was she from the future as well? Wilbur had to find out. He parked his invisible time machine and discreetly went after the girl. He could look for Lewis later; he wasn't going anywhere.

She had made herself visible again, but her back was to him. He ran over to her and grabbed her shoulder. She quickly turned around and punched him square in the jaw.

"My father is Mr. Incredible. You'll be sorry if you hurt me," she threatened.

Wilbur stumbled back on impact and gently rubbed his jaw. "I'm not going to hurt you."

She seemed surprise to see him. "What do you want?"

Wilbur stepped closer and lowered his voice. "I saw you turn invisible. Are you from the future?"

At first she looked horrified that he had seen her, but then she looked confused. "I'm not from the future."

Wilbur tried to hide his disappointment. Now that he could get a good look at her face, he had to admit she was cute and he had been hoping to ask her out on a date once everything back home had been taken care of.

"If you're not from the future, how can you make yourself invisible?" he asked.

"I can't tell you that."

"I'm from the future," Wilbur told her, hoping his confession would get her to tell him hers. "I traveled here in an invisible time machine. It's parked right over there." He pointed behind him.

She glanced over his shoulder, but clearly didn't believe him. But, she bit her lip and said, "I'm a superhero. My parents are Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl."

Wilbur couldn't contain his excitement. "Wait! How could I have not seen it before? You're Invisagirl!" He pulled out a rolled up comic book he always carried in his back pocket and held it out to her. "They've written stories about you and your family."

"They have?" she took the comic book from him and flipped through the pages.

"I've read all of them," Wilbur bragged.

She glanced up at him. "What's your name?"


"I'm Violet."

What if Belle's father had been locked up in the evil queen's castle instead of the beast's and the evil queen was jealous Belle's beauty instead of Snow White's?
1年以上前 PrincessBelle2 said…
Allow me!

“Why are you doing this?” asked Maurice.

It had all happened so quickly. One minute he had been on his way to the inventor’s fair with his latest contraption, and the next those wolves had attacked out of nowhere. Luckily for Maurice, there was a castle nearby and he had run in there, hoping to find shelter until those wolves went off and then he could carry on his way to the fair.

Or, so he had hoped. The reality had been very different. “What are you doing in my castle?” snapped the Queen no sooner had Maurice crossed the threshold.

“I, um, I-” he managed to stammer.

“No one comes into my castle without my permission!”

“Begging your pardon, Ma’m, I-”

“Ma’m?” She drew herself up to her full height. “Do you know to whom you speak? I am the Queen of this land, and you, peasant, have just earned yourself a place in my dungeon!”

“Please!” begged Maurice as she seized him by the collar. “I have to get back home to my daughter, Belle!”

“Belle?” The Queen, a vain woman, frowned. “Am I right in assuming she’s aptly named?”


“Is she a beauty?”

“Well, yes, yes she is, like her mother before her...!”

That was as far as Maurice had got in the way of parental praise before he had been hauled off and flung into a deep, dark dungeon. The Queen smirked as he landed hard on all fours and then turned and swept from the room. She needed to check something with her magic mirror.

Now she was back, and before his eyes, she was brewing up a potion that poisoned a bright, shiny red apple with the “Sleeping Death” curse. Maurice had heard of such things, but who on Earth could the Queen wish this fate upon?

“Why are you doing this?” he asked.

The Queen smirked. “It’s a gift, for your daughter!”

“NO!” Maurice, howled, flinging himself at the bars of the prison, but they remained solid. “You can’t-!”

“Oh, but I can,” she smirked. “You see; I have a thing about women whose beauty outshines my own!”

For her magic mirror had confirmed it.

“Famed is thy beauty, my Queen, but hold, a lovely maid I see. Peasant garments cannot hide her fair face, alas, she is more fair than thee.”

“And her name?” The Queen had demanded.

“Hair smooth as new spun silk, eyes a lovely hazel, skin white, soft pink lips, her name is...”


What if Jasmine had met Miguel instead of Aladdin?
1年以上前 yayarose said…
POV of Jasmine:

This is hopeless I thought. Why did I have to leave the palace? Oh, yes it was because I was tired of being who I was. A princess. The daughter of a Sultan. I had been wandering town for awhile and looked like the sun was finally starting to rise from the sky. Soon, the market place began to fill with men looking to make a fast buck. People wandering from from tent to tent. As I passed them, I was offered so many different items from jewelry to ripe fruit. I kindly denied their persistent cries causing me to bump into a man behind me. To my surprise, he blew fire from his mouth, I jumped back and my hood fell from my head. As I slowly put in back on, I began to feel as if someone was staring at me but I chose to ignore it, putting my hood back on slowly and hoping nobody recognized me. I started to walk further into the crowd, noticing a little boy with a look of hunger upon his face. "Oh, you must be hungry," I told him gently. I grabbed an apple from a nearby table. "Here you go," I said as I handed it to him with a smile. The boy grinned and ran off. I took one step away when someone spoke behind me. "For your sake, I hope you paid for that." I turned around to see a man, blonde hair with a red shirt and tan pants, leaning on the tent pole with a smirk. "Pay?, I repeated. "Did someone just steal from my cart?!." A large man bellowed and stormed towards my direction. "NOBODY STEALS FROM ME!!" He had a strong grip on my wrist. "I'm sorry sir,"I said as politely as I could. "I don't have any money." 'THIEF!", he yelled and pulled harder on my wrist. "Please,"I exclaimed. "If you let me go to the palace, I..can get some from the Sultan." He abruptly put my arm on the cart and raised a sword. "Do you know what the penalty is for STEALING?!" "No, please sir," I pleaded. The sword grew closer but then, it was stopped by another hand. "A bit harsh to do to a young lady, don't you think?" It was the same man from before. "You..uh..know her?, the giant man asked. "Yes, sadly she is my.. cousin. Twice removed." I looked at him like he was insane. "She said she knew the Sultan," he said to him. "Ah, she always says that just ignore her." I put my hands on my hips. "Excuse me?" He flipped a coin to him. "See? No harm done." Without saying another word he took me away from the angry marketman. "Thank you," I told him with a grateful smile. "No problem," he said with a grin. "Can I know the name of my rescuer?", I asked. "Miguel,"he replied and bowed before me. "Its a pleasure to meet you, Princess Jasmine." "You recognized me?", I said in shock. "The moment I first saw you," he told me. He winked. "Don't worry your secret is safe." I smiled. "But my I ask why are you out mingling with the commoners?", he questioned. I stayed quiet for a moment. "Its a rather a long story," I managed to reply. The sun was starting to set and people were entering their homes. He gestured straight ahead. "Shall, we discuss it at my place?" I nodded to him and began walking closely by his side. Miguel began speaking of marvelous stories as we walked. I couldn't help but admire him, his way with words only made him more handsome. Leaving the palace was perhaps the best thing I've done, I thought as we strolled to the setting of the sun.

What if Thomas (from Pocahontas) came across Aurora in the woods instead of Phillip?
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1年以上前 sumerjoy11 said…
Aurora had gone out into the woods only wanting to pick berries and possibly explore a bit of the wilderness. At least, that's what the 3 good fairies thought. In reality, Aurora was hoping maybe she'd meet her "dream prince". She was told not to talk to strangers, but her prince couldn't possibly be a stranger. She's known him for a while. He's visited her dreams for many nights now. He's taken long strolls with her, talked with her, held her in his arms......before she'd wake up, that is.

This day happened to be her 16th birthday. She was now of marrying age, which made her think more and more of her "dream prince". As she and her animal friends strolled through the forest, Aurora decided to sing about her feelings. Singing always seemed to get her mind off things. Little did she know that her singing would attract her "dream prince".

In a close by village, a young man was just leaving his home. He put his cap on his head as he walked out with his gun slung over his shoulder. "Thomas!" The young man stopped. "Be sure to come back before sun down!" Thomas smiled and shook his head. "Yes mother!" Soon after, Thomas continued his walk. He was on his way to the forest, where he was hoping to hunt down some meat for dinner. As he entered the forest, he thought he heard singing. Thomas stopped and listened closely. Yes, there was singing coming from these woods. This voice seemed to angelic to be real. Yet, Thomas felt he had to find the source of the singing. It didn't take him long to follow the voice. He had a good sense of hearing, which made him an excellent hunter. He peeked from behind a tree and saw a young girl dancing with animals. She had long, golden hair, violet eyes, and a sweet, angelic face. Not only that, but it turned out that she was the one with the angelic voice. Thomas rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't seeing things. To his relief, he wasn't. She was real. He stepped out from his hiding place, removing his cap as he slowly made his way up to her. As the girl spun in circles, she accidentally bumped into him.

Aurora gasped when she found that she had bumped into a man. "Oh!" She cried out. The girl took a few steps back away from him. "Ma'am, it's alright. I won't hurt you." Aurora blinked. The man took a step towards her. "My name's Thomas. I was out hunting and I heard your singing." He smiled. "You have a beautiful voice." Aurora felt herself blush. "Oh, thank you." She walked up to him. "Thomas....." She said almost breathlessly, focusing on his innocent looking eyes. "It's a nice name." "Thank you." Thomas placed his cap back on his head. "I also saw you dancing. You're a wonderful dancer." Aurora smiled. "Would you care to dance with me?" Thomas smiles shyly. "I would be honored."

Aurora's animal friends smiled as they watched her and Thomas waltz on the forest floor. The couple couldn't take their eyes off each other. Their faces inched closer and closer as their dancing slowed down. When they stopped, their noses were just barely touching. "Tell me," Thomas said as he slowly leaned close to her. "What is your name?" "My name?" Aurora said. What was her name? At the moment, she didn't know. She felt like she was in a trance. She muttered as her lips drew closer to his, "My name is......"

What was she doing?! She had just met this man! If the fairies knew of this, they would surely punish her. Possibly not allow her to leave the cottage again! No more strolls! No more berry picking! "No!No! No, I can't!" Aurora took a step back from him, then rushed for her basket. "Goodbye!" The girl started running from him. "Wait!" Thomas grabbed her hand. "When will I see you again?" "Never!" Aurora swiped her hand away and ran from him, then quickly stopped and took a look at him. "Well, maybe someday." "When? Tomorrow?" Aurora then thought, "Well, this Thomas man really is sweet. Surely they wouldn't mind him. I'll invite him over for dinner! Yes!" Aurora smiled. "This evening!" Thomas smiled. "Where?" "At the cottage! In the glen!"

Thomas watched as Aurora gave him a quick wave before running off. Hunting didn't seem so important to him now. What was more important was knowing her name, and seeing her again.

What if Dodger took Angel out on their own "Belle Notte"? Would their night be just as romantic as Lady and Tramp's was?
yayarose commented…
This has got to be the cutest story I've read!! I can really see an entire story out of this! Amazing job!! 1年以上前
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Aw! That was adorable! I 愛 this couple! I'll get the 次 one. 1年以上前
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あなた got a good point. XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 hannahgrace96 said…
It was just another day on the streets of New York City for Dodger. He strolled the sidewalks, stealing hot dogs from that grungy old hot dog vendor around the corner. Once again he had narrowly avoided the splatters of ketchup and mustard bottles. He strolled down humming and winking at the poodles and that cute Pomeranian in the Tiffani's bag down the street. It was just another day of Dodger not having to worry or care. Tito, his fast talking erratic chihuahua sidekick scurried up behind him with a couple of hot dog links wrapped around his skinny little neck. "Hey Dodger! Dodger, Dodger! Hey wait up, man! These sausages are slowing my roll, man!" Dodger looked back at him. "Chill out, Tito. Just be cool."
Just then a flurry of white ran past them from the alleyway and took their dinner of hotdogs with them on the way past. "Hey! Hey, man! That's not cool, man!" Tito yelled.
Dodger ran after the dog across the street and jumped in front of the thief. He wasnt surprised at who it was.

"Angel." he said, staring at the white dog square in the face. The dog wrapped the links around her furry neck. "Hello again Dodger." she said. He sat and scratched behind his ears trying to act cool. "If you wanted a meal so badly, all you had to do was ask." Angel looked at him skeptically. "If I didn't know any better, Dodger i would have guessed you were asking me out on a date." She smiled a bit and batted her eyelashes. "Ah well, say I did. What would you say?" Angel tossed back the stolen hot dogs. "I'd say yes. Anything is better than this." Dodger took back the hotdogs and expertly wrapped it around his neck like she once showed him. "This coming from a junkyard dog" he said jokingly. "Alright, alright. Where are we going, Mr. Big City?" Angel asked. Dodger nodded his head the other way. "I've got some idea. Follow me."
Angel followed him towards the alley way and around the corner to a secret place only he knew about. "Wow. How'd you find this place?" Dodger went over to the small setup- a barrel for a table and a nearly burnt out candle on top of it. It was the end of the day so the sun was just getting ready to set. "Oh what can i say? I've got street savoir faire." Angel went and sat at one end of the "table" "This is...great. I cant believe you would do this for me." Dodger nodded in the dimming sunlight. "Ya like it? I've been saving it for someone...special." Angel looked up from under her eyelashes, "Someone like me?" Dodger scratched behind his ear again, something he did when he was nervous. "Ah, why not? I've known ya long enough." But Dodger meant it. Angel was..something else.
"So whats there to eat?" Angel asked. Dodger smiled his suave smile. "Glad you asked!" He brought out a juicy slab of beef steak from around the corner. "Its no spaghetti and meatball dinner, but it took me forever to snag it." He brought it onto the table. "Its perfect, Dodger. Thank you." Dodger slipped off his red handkerchief he wore around his neck and put it around Angel. The red made her almost white coat look even more beautiful. Dodger couldn't believe what he was doing! He had never in all his years out here on the streets thought something was beautiful. But Angel was. And now that she was here, Dodger only hoped she would stay.

What if Hades and Maleficent were partners in crime? What happens when one day, Hades confesses his love for Maleficent?
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 It was just another 日 on the streets of New York City for Dodger. He strolled the sidewalks, steali
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Lovely! Absolutely lovely! Nice job! And the picture is cute too. :) 1年以上前
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You set my soul on fire. Wait. What did that come from? Hades, the Lord of the Dead asked himself. I didn't even have a soul. What is wrong with you hotshot? He sighed, he knew perfectly well what was wrong with him. Her. And by her he meant the one and only Mistress of Evil, Maleficent. That was hot stuff right there. Every male villain's dreams. Stop. Dreams are for dimwitted mortals not Gods. Hades get your act together. Interrupting his thoughts, his idiot henchmen Pain and Panic came running towards him. Panic tripped causing Pain to fall into the River of Styx, he came screaming out and Hades just rolled his eyes. "What did I tell you morons? Don't come unless I call you!" He blasted fire at the two and they shriveled into ashes with eyeballs. "But your Royal Deadness, Maleficent is on her way here," Pain exclaimed. He stopped moving and gained control of his anger. "Memo to self, main you two after she leaves," he told them and prepared his throne room. "He means, IF she leaves," Pain muttered to Panic. He stopped in his tracks. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Fire exploded from him like a volcano that just erupted. "Spurting out flames as usual, huh Hades?" He froze and looked behind me. There she was, her beautiful horns upon her head and that evil staff in her hand. "Maleficent, my dearest I didn't hear you come in, " he said and quickly kicked his henchmen out of sight. "Then, I suggest you get that brimstone out of your ears and or I'll do it for you. Trust me, your head will go along with it. Now, to the plans!" "What a woman," he whispered to himself. "Ah, yes if you allow me, right this way, my dear." They walked and sat at nearby table. "I need her gone," she flat out said. " Out of sight. Nobody survives my curse and lives what do they call it? Happily ever after. No one." "Alright so, this Beauty of yours survived your curse and I want Jerkules wiped off this planet , never to be seen again. I thinking this two should meet and their happiness will lead them to their own doom," he suggested. "What are you proposing my Lord?, " she asked. "Just this. Her prince to be killed by you and the lovely Meg to be passed on due to unfortunate reasons. These two will need someone to be by their side to ease the pain. They met, feelings get involved and soon, they will do anything to protect each other even if it means death." A evil smile formed on her face. "Hades, you are not doubt the wickedest man on Earth. I propose we go along with this plan of yours." "Agreed, on one condition," he said. "And that is?" "Be my queen of the Underworld."

Not the best, I know but I tried. Ha.

*What if instead of the Beast transforming into Adam, he became Phoebus instead? He was the prince and man of Belle's dreams all along.*
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There were flashes of light, and then, there was a man, a man that Belle didn't recognized, but still cared for. Belle wanted to walk over to him, and when she did, the man groaned, and Belle stood right on the spot to were she was on the balcony. The cloak wasn't attached to him anymore, and there was man with a loose shirt with lacing on the front with blonde streaming hair and blue eyes. "Belle, it's me!" He exclaimed. But Belle backed away. How come this man knew her name and took the Beast's place? It could only be one thing, magic, and that was what she read when she was a little girl. Dreaming of leaving the small provincial town on her Prince Charming and lead her away with his white stag.Then there was a portrait torn up. Belle looked up to see the beautiful eyes looking down at her hazel ones. "It is you!" She cried. She pulled into a kiss without any second thought and Belle was content. The beast who turns out to be the man of her dreams swept her off and twirled her. "Does this Beast have a name?" Belle finally asked after breaking another kiss. "Phoebus,"He said," That is my name." And they kissed again.

After introducing Papa to Phoebus, he asked," M'lady, would like a dance?" And she answered," I never thought you asked." And they twirled around the marble floor.

*Sorry it was short!*

**Ok, Hiccup is the beast(Nightfury) While Merida is the Beauty, it can be anywhere in the time where Hiccup is a beast to where he is human. Thanks**
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The rain had started. Young Macintosh was gone and Merida ran to the soft roaring of the dark dragon creature in the rain. There was a red welt on the dragon's black surface. Except it wasnt a welt. "Nightfury!" Merida exclaimed. The creature roared in pain. Young Macintosh had stabbed him in the side. "Shh." Merida said. "I came back." The Nightfury seemed to understand Merida as it put its paw up to her wet curly hair matted to her tear stricken face. "Oh if only I'd come sooner." She embraced the creature that everyone, her father and suitors and the kingdom, all had attempted to kill. The creature stared into her blue eyes and seemed to be saying: :Maybe it's better this way." It whimpered helplessly and she just knew thats what it was thinking. Nightfury was going to die- and she couldnt do anything to help it. Her only friend ever who seemed to understand her even though a dragon cant speak. Sure he had kept her here but she had bonded with him- like she'd never bonded with anyone. "Dont talk like that. Everything is going to be alright. Were together now. Everythin' will be alright." The Nightfury stared into Merida's blue eyes. "At least I got to see you one last time." it seemed to say. Tears welled into her eyes and she embraced the dragon's black scaly body. The creature gave her one last longing look before falling limp. "No, no, no! Please, please! Please dont leave me!" Merida cried. She buried her wet curls into the dragon's icy scaled body. "I love you." Then all of a sudden, shooting stars fell down like magic onto the castle floors. Merida jumped back in alarm at the strange magic and saw the Nightfury rise up from the floor. Smoke surrounded the dragon and then all of a sudden there was a flash and Nightfury was lowered to the floor. But what was lowered down wasnt Nightfury. The black dragon was replaced by a boy. The stranger awoke and turned to face her. Three very small fuzzy black bears watched from the crevices as this scene unfolded. The stranger had beautiful green eyes and medium short brown hair. Freckles dotted his pale face as he stared at a frightened Merida. "Merida." he said. "Merida, its me." She hesitated and edged closer to the boy with the wet dark hair. Who could this be? She stared up into his bright green eyes and knew. "It is you!" she exclaimed. "Call me Hiccup." said the boy. "Hiccup." Merida said softly. The three small bears had transformed too- from bears into her three twin brothers-Harris, Hamish and Hubert but she didnt notice. Merida had found her prince and they were kissing into happily ever after.

What if Prince Eric had met Lottie Labeouf (from Princess and the Frog) before meeting Ariel?
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