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LightningRed posted on Aug 02, 2012 at 07:41PM
Hello! This forum is for us to share the stories of our crossover. You can give one crossover picture and make a short story about it. You can also give a series of crossover pictures and tell a story about it, just like making a fan fiction. But here the story's shorter, and you don't have to make chapters of the story (unless you want to). Please write a title for your story so I can post the titles here.

One Naughty Boy, One Pillow, and a Duet Disaster | LightningRed
Unwelcome Visitors | | sumerjoy11
No One Loves a Journey Like Gaston | chesire
A Topsy Turvy Day | sweetie-94
The Pitt at Pooh Corner | PrincessBelle2
My Childhood Lover | LightningRed

Have fun!
 Hello! This フォーラ is for us to share the stories of our crossover. あなた can give one crossover picture
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1年以上前 LightningRed said…
I'll begin. Here's my short story.

One Naughty Boy, One Pillow, and a Duet Disaster

Edward had just rescued Giselle from the troll. He was very happy to find her unharmed, and so he began to sing to her. He sang their favorite song "True Love's Kiss."

"You're the fairest maid I've ever met. You were made..." he sang.

Giselle was thrilled. "To finish your duet..." she replied.

Suddenly Aladdin appeared out of the trees. He yawned loudly and surprised the couple. He laughed at their romancing.

"One jump, ahead of the lovers. One swing ahead of the trees. I peek only when I can appear..."

"Aladdin! Are you here all the time?" cried Edward. "Disturbing someone's romance. Why don't you go and finish your bread?"

"Hahaha, yup. But I'm enjoying a real-live Broadway opera with my meal," laughed Aladdin.

While they were arguing, Cinderella who slept in her house not far from the forest awoke. She was just having her beauty sleep, and now their voices roused her up. She marched toward them angrily, carrying her pillow to throw at Edward, because she only saw him. Aladdin had hidden himself behind the trees again when he saw her coming.

"Hey, you! Singing so loud and disturbing my beauty sleep!" she exclaimed. "Here, take this!" Cinderella threw her pillow at Edward.

"Edward, look out!" warned Giselle.

Edward and Giselle ducked. The pillow hit Aladdin on the head instead, because he wanted to see Edward getting hit.

"Hahaha," Edward laughed. "One duck, away from disaster," he sang, teasing Aladdin in return.

Aladdin frowned while Cinderella took her pillow back and returned to her house to continue her beauty sleep.
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 I'll begin. Here's my short story. [b]One Naughty Boy, One Pillow, and a Duet Disaster[/b] Edwa
1年以上前 sumerjoy11 said…
How creative! I'll give it a try!

Unwelcome Visitors

It was another typical day in Fagin's barge. Rita and Einstein were napping, while Francis was watching TV with Dodger. Tito and Jazz were playing tug of war, with Angel keeping eye on Jazz. Fagin suddenly burst into the room with a look of panic on his face.

"Where is it?! Where's our loot?!"

Fagin ran over to a tiny box, which was full of the "loot" that his dogs gathered for him. He ran out of the room with the box in his arms. Suddenly, two Doberman dogs burst into the room. Everyone in the gang knew who they were, all except for Jazz. Angel quickly shoved her daughter behind a few empty boxes.

"Stay here, sweetheart."

"But Mommy...."

"Mommy and Daddy will be fine. Just stay here."

Angel quickly glanced at Dodger, who was looking at her nervously. The two Doberman dogs began surveying the room. The gang looked on nervously.

"This place is still a dump. Ain't that right, Roscoe?"

"You said it, DeSoto."

Roscoe approached Rita, giving her a flirtatious smirk.

"You still would rather be here than with me?"

Rita rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, since you're nothing but a jerk!"

DeSoto approached Angel, licking his lips. Dodger kept his eye on DeSoto, glaring at him in the process. Angel stood in front of Jazz's hiding place.

"Angel, Angel, still lookin' as fine as always."

"Beat it, DeSoto! You know I'm taken."

"Watcha hidin' there, Angel, baby?"

"I'm not hiding anything!"

Suddenly, DeSoto heard a sneeze come from behind Angel. He smirked then shoved Angel aside. After a moment or two, DeSoto appeared holding Jazz with his teeth. He dropped her onto the ground.

"Looky here, Roscoe. Looks like there's a new runt in the family."

Jazz tried running over to her parents, but Roscoe blocked her way.

"Aw, want your mommy and daddy?"

Jazz tried once more, only to have both dogs block her path. The little puppy found herself cornered against the wall with both Doberman dogs walking towards her.

"I never had a puppy for dinner before, Roscoe."

"That's cause we ain't supposed to eat puppies, DeSoto, but this one can be an exception."

Both chuckled then began growling at the frightened puppy. Suddenly, both Dodger and Angel leaped in front of them and stood protectively in front of their daughter.

Dodger growled, "You ain't layin' a paw on my daughter!"

"Not while we're here," Angel added.

The rest of the gang stood in front of Jazz, glaring at Roscoe and DeSoto. Just before a fight could break out, the sound of a car horn was heard. Roscoe and DeSoto rolled their eyes, knowing that it was time for them to leave.

Roscoe said, "You best be sleepin' with one eye open tonight, Dodger. Your kid especially."

Angel shouted, "You don't scare us!"

Both Doberman dogs laughed before leaving the room. Angel nuzzled her frightened daughter.

"Jazz, my baby, are you ok?"

"Mommy, why were those dogs so mean?"

"Cause they're Sykes' dogs. Any dog that belongs to him will most likely be as heartless and cruel as he is."

"Just remember never to go near them, Jazzy. They're nothin' but trouble. I'm just so glad that you're ok," Dodger added. He nuzzled Jazz then kissed her cheek.

"Are those scary dogs ever gonna come back?" Jazz asked.

"I don't know, but when they do, we'll be ready for them," Dodger replied.
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 How creative! I'll give it a try! [u][b]Unwelcome Visitors[/b][/u] It was another typical 日 i
1年以上前 LightningRed said…
big smile
sumerjoy11, what's the title for your story?
1年以上前 chesire said…
I've never actually posted a story before, so this will be my first. :P

No One Loves a Journey Like Gaston - (lame title, I can't think of any good one)

"Clear blue skies, bright sunny day and a refreshing smell of the ocean." Milo said optimistically.

He inhaled deeply, letting all of that sea smell right up his nostrils. "Yup. This is definitely a great day for a journey. Nothing could ever ruin this day for me."

"Hey there four-eyes!" Gaston loudly said while slapping Milo's back which created a loud painful sound.

"I guess I spoke too soon." Milo whispered loudly while rubbing his back. "What's that?" Gaston uninterestedly asked. "Oh nothing. What brings you here?" asked Milo.

"Oh didn't you know? I'm joining the trip!" Gaston said while tightly placing his arm around Milo. "Y-You what?!" Milo said with wide eyes. "B-but why?!"

"Why? This town is too boring already. There's nothing new here anymore. I need to find some thrill in my life. Plus I'm sick of all the girls here. I'm too good for all of them, especially that bookworm girl. Who knows? I'll probably get a girl from that land. I mean, how could you not fall for this gorgeous face?" Gaston said while constantly looking at his face reflected through a utensil.

"Seriously?" Milo irritatedly asked.
"Don't feel bad geek face. I'll share you some of my girls when we get there." Gaston arrogantly said.

"You've got to be kidding me. That's your reason for coming? That's not the point of the journey at all! This is to discover new lands, new people, new culture!" Milo said with an annoyed face. "Here, read this book. All you need to know about that land is righ - "

Gaston unexpectedly grabbed the book from him. He flipped through some pages, turned it sideways and tilted his head. He then raised his eyebrow and asked, "Do you seriously think I'll read this book that has no pictures in it? I won't read something as boring as this."

Suddenly, the ship captain announced for the rest of the crew to enter the ship to get ready for sailing. As Gaston heard this, he carelessly threw the book which fell on the mud and started entering the ship. "Hurry up nerd, we've got some ladies to meet."

Milo picked up and cleaned the book, placed it in his bag and let out a long sigh while rolling his eyes. "This is going to be some amazing trip." Milo sacrastically said to himself as he entered the ship with heavy feet.
 I've never actually 投稿されました a story before, so this will be my first. :P <b>No One Loves a Journey
1年以上前 sweetie-94 said…
I'm new when it comes to write crossover stories, but okay I'll give it a try!

A Topsy Turvy Day (meh couldn't come up with another title)

It was a perfect sunny day and today it was a Topsy Turvy Day when everything was different. This day Quasimodo finally left Notre Dame to see the show. When he had reached the ground he suddenly spotted a young girl walking around. He went to her because he thought that she looked confused.
"Hi are you also going to see the show that's hold in honour of it being Topsy Turvy Day", he asked.
"No, but if you're going to do it I can watch it with you", the girl answered.
"My name is Quasimodo, what's yours", Quasimodo asked.
"My name is Snow White", the girl replied.

And so they went and enjoyed the show which was wonderful in their eyes. Later on Quasimodo became crowded to the ugliest person in Paris which was an honour to him and everyone honoured him.
"That's great that you won, but I would definitely be the most beautiful person in Paris though I'm not from here", Snow White told Quasimodo.
"Where are you from", Quasimodo asked.
"I'm from Germany", Snow White answered.

But the day didn't end well, when a pair of guards started to throw tomatoes on Quasimodo everyone else in the crowd started to do it too.
"Stop it, he hasn't done anything wrong, he may not be beautiful like me, but he's kind and a very nice person", Snow White tried to tell the people in the crowd, but they didn't listen, instead they just kept on until he was stuck in ropes.

"I'm sorry for what happened to you, you shouldn't be treated like this", Snow White told Quasimodo with tears in her eyes.
"I think so too, but you shouldn't be treated the way you become treated, it's even worse than how I become treated", Quasimodo replied.
"I think I've met you before", Snow White said.
"You're right and I think that you should stay with me", Quasimodo suggested.
"That sounds great", Snow White replied.

 I'm new when it comes to write crossover stories, but okay I'll give it a try! A Topsy Turvy 日 (
1年以上前 PrincessBelle2 said…
Can I join? I'll give it a go:

The Pitt at Pooh Corner:

It was a sunny day in the Hundred Acre Wood and Belle was sitting on the log outside Pooh's house, reading. She didn't like to disturb Pooh when he was asleep; even though he was always so nice about it when she did. Presently the door opened. She smiled and closed her book. "Good morning, Pooh Bear."
"Oh, hello, Belle." Followed by a funny growling noise. Belle looked around, expecting to see Tigger bouncing up to them, but there was no one there. "What was that?" she asked.
Winnie-the-Pooh chuckled. "I've a rumbly in my tumbly for honey. Only I seem to be out."
"Pooh," Belle laughed. "Did you eat that whole jar Rabbit gave you yesterday already?"
"Yes, I'm afraid I did."
"Well, why don't we go and find Christopher Robin? He always has honey."

However when they got to Christopher Robin's house, he seemed to be out. All they could find was a note, written in such a sprawly hand that even Belle couldn't read it. "Owl might be able to tell us what it says," she suggested. "Let's go to his house."

At Owl's they found everyone else already gathered; worried because Christoper Robin hadn't shown up for that day's game of pillow-ball. "Oh d-d-der," Piglet wimpered. "Where could he be?"
"Now, now," Owl said, taking charge. "Let us see what this note has to say; it may tell us everything. Now let me see; Dear Pooh and co, it says, er, something, something, something, worry, something something, far away, something, something, what's this? Back-backs-Backsun!"
"Backsun?" Everyone jumped.
"Oh my!" Owl exclaimed, dropping the letter at once.
"A Backsun?" Belle repeated. "What's that?"
"It's a terrifying creature, Belle; it creates all sorts of mischief, like stealing and breaking things."
Everyone gasped. "Do you mean it could steal and breakify Christoper Robin?" Tigger asked, springing forwards.
"Oh, yes, yes, quite possible."
"Well, we've got to do something," Belle said.
"Like hide?" Piglet asked, hiding behind her ankles. She smiled and bent down to pick him up. "No, Piglet, we need to find this Backsun and get him to give Christoper Robin back."
"Ah!" Rabbit jumped up. "I know exactly what to do! We'll trap the Backsun!"

So it was that the friends began to gather various things that they believed Backsuns to be partial to and left them in a great trail leading towards an enormous pit which they covered with a picnic blanket, held down by four large stones. "Are you sure this is going to work, Rabbit?" Belle asked.
"But of course, Belle; it's foolproof. I thought of it myself, after all."

As an added lure, they left on the blanket a jarful of honey. But Pooh, being a bear of very little brain and also a bear of very little brain who hadn't had breakfast tha morning, forgot that that was why the jar was there. As he and Belle sat and waited for the Backsun to show up, his hunger finally got the better of him. "I wonder," he said finally, "if it would be alright with the Backsun if I were to sneak a small smackeral of his honey."
"No, Pooh!" Belle cried but it was too late as blanket, jar and bear all fell into the pit. Belle hurried forwards to the edge. "Pooh, are you alright?"
"Yes, I think so." Pooh's voice was muffled since the honey jar had become stuck on his head."But was it always this dark in the daylight, Belle?"
She smiled and shook her head. "Silly old bear!"

"Backsun! Backsun!" Belle turned to see Rabbit, Tigger, Piglet, Kanga, Roo and Eeyore all hurrying towards her. "Wait, guys!" she cried but again it was too late as they cannonned intoo her and tumbled into the pit, just as Pooh managed to get his head out of the jar. The six of them landed in a squashed heap on top of him. Piglet, however, had managed to stop before he had reached Belle and was now at the top of the pit.
"Ow, Tigger, that's my foot!" Rabbit complained.
"Someone's on my tail!" Eeyore grunted. "Not that it matters."
Belle shook her head and looked around. "Piglet, thank goodness you're up there."
"Yes, I am. Up here. With the Backsun! Oh, wait for me!"
"No!" everyone shouted to him. "No, Piglet, stay up there and get us out of this pit!" Rabbit ordered.

Before Piglet could do anything, however, a rustling in the bushes made him jump. "Backsun!" he shouted and threw himself into the pit. Belle caught him just as a voice said "Piglet?"
She smiled. "Piglet, that's no Backsun, it's-"
"Christopher Robin!" everyone chorused as their friend's face appeared at the top of the pit.
"What are you all doing down there?" he asked.
"Well," Belle replied, "we were trying to catch a Backsun, but instead we caught ourselves!"

After Christopher Robin had helped them out of the pit using a rope ladder from his bedroom, the truth came out. He had been at school; the note had simply been to say that he would be "back soon" which Owl, being unable to read as well as he claimed, had misread as "Backsun."
"Oh, well," Rabbit sighed. "I guess some of my plans aren't always as good as I think they are."
Belle patted his shoulder. "Don't feel bad, Rabbit. The trap worked. There just weren't any Backsun's around at the time."
"Yeah, bunny boy!" Tigger said, bouncing around them all. "But now when a Backsun does come to the Hundred Acre Wood, we'll be ready to trapify him!"
Cheered, Rabbit declared that they would all come back to his house for a tea party; where Pooh ate his way through seven pots of honey in one go. Belle smiled as she sat around the table with her friends. Just another day in the Hundred Acre Wood; what adventures would they find next?
 Can I join? I'll give it a go: The Pitt at Pooh Corner: It was a sunny 日 in the Hundred Acre
1年以上前 sumerjoy11 said…
big smile
I added a title now!
1年以上前 LightningRed said…
My Childhood Lover

That night was starry. I stood on the dock, waiting for the ship to land in the harbor. My beloved friend was on board, holding to the side, smiling at me. I smiled back as I thought of how we grew up together and became best friends.

When I was little, I was such a mischievous child. One day, my friend was visiting me in my house. She built a house with blocks. She enjoyed doing it so much that she didn't notice me entering. I brought a new book from my mother, and I wanted to show it to her.

"Marina, look what my mom gave me! Let's read together," said I, because she could read better than I could.

But she didn't care. She kept on building with blocks. I was annoyed. Why didn't she speak to me a bit? At least she could tell me she was busy and would read with me later.

THWACK!!! I hit her blocks with my new book. Finally Marina noticed me. But she was angry. She still didn't speak a word to me. She cried and wanted to leave the room. I felt guilty. I knew I was obviously wrong. But as a kid, I felt hard to apologize. Would she ever forgive me?

I held out my book to her. I told her I was sorry and I would give her my book as a token of apology. Marina was silent. I began to open the book and read it. But as I've mentioned before, I wasn't good at reading. I couldn't read many words and misspelled them.

Marina wiped her tears and laughed. She laughed at me because I read wrong. She took the book from me and taught me to read it right. I felt relieved because she had forgiven me. We read the book together, and I offered to build a new house for her with the blocks.

She stayed up all night (because her parents did too), and she slept in my room. We shared the same blanket. My, it felt so good to be with my good friend!

After that occasion, we still had many quarrels, but we always made it up. We went to school together, studied together, took many walks together, and spent many time together. But one day she told me that she wanted to study abroad. She would live with her uncle and aunt and go to college. We didn't promise anything, but I knew in our hearts we would never forget each other.

Years passed. I joined law enforcement career and became a policeman. From her letters, I learned that Marina had become a famous fashion designer. But one day I skipped with joy, for she wrote that she would come home (to me, I thought).

And now I was here in the port. The ship landed at last. I ran to her and she ran to me. I hugged her and she put her arms around me.

"Marina, you're more beautiful than ever," I whispered.

"And you're looking good too, Phoebus," she replied.

"How long are you going to stay here?" I asked.

"I intended to stay three months here. I want to visit my family and friends, and I want to see all the old spots where we grew up," she said.

We had sublime three months together. But as the days grew closer to her departure, I became anxious to tell her about my feelings. Still, I didn't know how to say so to her.

"Marina, are you happier here than anywhere else?" I began. It was a silly question, but it was the best I could do.

"Yes, Phoebus," she said.

"Don't go, Marina, please. Stay with me here. I love you," I finally blurted out.

Marina nodded.

"Do you love me too?" I asked again.

She was silent for a moment. Then she replied, "I love you too, Phoebus."

I was overjoyed. "Then marry me," said I.

Though Marina loved me back, she was concerned about her career abroad. I persuaded her to continue her career here, so that she could stay with me. She agreed. And as we arranged our wedding plans, I thought of how she had always been by my side, and would always be.
 [b]My Childhood Lover[/b] That night was starry. I stood on the dock, waiting for the ship to land