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posted by kristenfan10109
Chapter 8: The Choice

But sadly that wasn't the case neither Ariel または John could stop thinking about the other it had only been only a few days and already was falling head over heels for him "Ugh why is this happening again?" she 発言しました to herself inside her grotto her best friend によって her side "What's happening again Ariel?" asked ヒラメ "Oh I'm falling for another human and I don't even know him why do I keep making the same mistake? what is it with humans why can't I just stay away from them like daddy wants me to what wrong with me?." ヒラメ didn't know how to answer he was just a young...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 Updating Soon!
Updating Soon!
In the depths of Ancient Egypt, where even the royals were governed によって law, there was a prince and a servant girl...

Ramses II is the young, headstrong heir to the 王位 of Egypt. Determined to be a better ruler than his father someday, Ramses has never been one for playing によって the rules.

Ariel is the beautiful servant girl who has been Ramses' best friend since saving his life in their childhood. Cautious and loving, Ariel knows her place, but when friendship turns to love, she will gladly defy the rules.

The young couple are determined that nothing and no one can ever tear them apart. Their...
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こんにちは there guys! So I started my TDHG and decided to change something last minute. Instead of re-telling the whole book using ディズニー characters, I'm going to pick 24 Non/Disney characters and give them each a district. Then I'm going to write the fanfic like a daily log. Who kills who, sponser items, stuff like that. Not straying from the actual THG series, I will be focusing mainly on the district 12 tributes. Here is the 一覧 of tributes :)

District 1: Aurora and Hercules
District 2: Esmeralda and Jim
District 3: ジャスミン and Sinbad
District 4: Belle and Eric
District 5: Ariel and Naveen
District 6: Pocahontas and Charming
District 7: シンデレラ and Floran
District 8: Merida and Tarzan
District 9: Megara and Phoebus
District 10: Snow and Shang
District 11: Young Tiana and Sweet
District 12: Kayley and Aladdin

**Just because they're in the same District doesn't mean I ship them, I only ship a few of them**

May the odds be ever in your favor and the games begin! <3
"Heave, Ho! Heave, ho!" Captain John Smith barked out the orders in sharp precision. The crew of 45 had arrived on the land to find, a strange series of rocks almost guarding the island. They were large and had a strange iridescence quality shining in the weak sunlight pushing through the black clouds. There must have been hundreds all lined up, like a wall, keeping the land pure and intruders out. It had taken several hours and a lot of hard labour but they had finally moved enough of the rocks to have a decent sized entranceway to pass through. Being the captain, John Smith had to be the...
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posted by auroraxaurelia
 She noticed a pretty girl in a blue dress ordering a pail of エール
She noticed a pretty girl in a blue dress ordering a pail of ale
After settling into their rooms Milo, Jim, and シンデレラ went back down stairs to get something to eat. The barmaid sat them at a round 表, テーブル and served each of them a flagon of ale. Jim chugged down half the flagon before the barmaid came back with their food.

"Mmmm this Shepard's pie is delicious." 発言しました シンデレラ as she took another bite. Jim nodded and ate another big spoonful. Milo however picked at his stew. He was もっと見る interested in the book he was reading. He took an occasional spoonful but was not very interested in eating. Knowing Milo wasn't going to be much company, Cinderella...
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***Note*** Originally I had planned to make a Rapunzel and Eric crossover but that really wasn't working out for me so instead I've decided to do John Smith and Ariel. This is the rough copy, I'll probably do a bunch of editing later on. But for now enjoy :)

Land ho! The cry was taken up on board, and everyone rushed round the ship, getting ready to dock in the strange new land. To Captain John Smith, it was just another worthless land with nothing to offer, just trees and cliffs and not a living soul in sight.

His mind drifted slightly, to the land he had once visited, where he had met a beautiful...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 “I’ve got so much to tell you.”
“I’ve got so much to tell you.”
Fiona slid down the other side of the 丘, ヒル and exclaimed joyfully “You did it! あなた rescued me! You’re amazing! You’re wonderful! You’re-!”

She was cut off as シュレック abruptly landed on 上, ページのトップへ of poor Donkey. Elsa slid down beside them and ran up to hug her cousin. “I’ve got so much to tell you,” she smiled.

“Yeah, what happened? I heard あなた got married,” Fiona said, frowning slightly.

Elsa glanced at シュレック and Donkey. “It’s a long story,” she muttered.

Fiona nodded, understandingly. They could talk about it all later. Now she walked up to シュレック and stated “I am eternally...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 "He laid his head in her lap..."
"He laid his head in her lap..."
The 次 day, Ramses did something he rarely did; he went to Ariel's room. Usually it was the other way around; he would wait for her to find him out; but on this occassion he went to find her. She was sitting on her bed, brushing her hair. She looked around in surprise as he came into the room. "Ramses! So, how are あなた feeling after last night?"
"Oh, gods, it was a nightmare!" he groaned, lying down on her bed. He laid his head in her lap; she smiled and set aside her brush. "Ariel, what am I going to do?"
The banquet itself had gone without a hitch but when Seti had found out that Ramses...
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Justice League:
1. Anna and Hawkgirl
2. Ariel and Wonder Woman
3. アラジン and Flash
4. Genie and Martian Manhunter
5. Hercules and スーパーマン
6. Peter Pan and Green Lantern
7. Tarzan and バットマン
8. Gaston and Bane
9. Captain Hook and Sinestro
10. Frollo and Joker
11. Jafar and Captain Cold
12. Ratcliffe and Lex Luthor
13. Gothel and Harley Quinn
14. Yokai and Mr. Freeze
15. Shan Yu and Killer Croc
16. Hades and Lord Hades (get it?)
17. Dr. Facilier and Felix Faust
Other Characters:
18. Hiro Hamada and Jimmy Olsen
19. Eilonwy and Supergirl
20. Ringmaster and Toymaker
21. Megara and Catwoman
posted by PrincessBelle2
 A Golden Memory
A Golden Memory
Whilst her sister suddenly seemed to have mysteriously vanished elsewhere for a few moments, Belle found herself approached によって the Empress.

“My dear Belle,” she said, kindly, “you’ve grown so beautiful since we last met.”

Belle smiled, politely. “Yes. I’m sorry we didn’t get much of an opportunity to talk that evening.”

“So am I,” sighed the Empress, guiding her down beside her on the sofa. “I had a present for あなた too, あなた know, but I never got a chance to give it to you.”

“I’m honoured,” Belle exclaimed. So, the Empress hadn’t favoured her over her sister, then?...
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It's been a while and people tend to change opinions after so long on many things. I however still 愛 crossover though life hasn't made it easy to indulge in the hobby. It has changed some of my お気に入り in crossover though and I 愛 lists so here is my current 一覧 of お気に入り crossover couples! This time around I'll try to slow down and actually say what I like about these couples. Also Honorable mentions to the millions of other couples I like... it pains me to choose.

{Number 14} Tip and Hiro

 によって rutchellen on tumblr
By rutchellen on tumblr

I 愛 the idea of this two together, They're both really feisty...
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 She quickly made herself useful...
She quickly made herself useful...
With what energy they had left, Carl, Rapunzel and Russell dragged the house to the spot on 上, ページのトップへ of Paradise Falls, just as the helium finally ran down in the balloons. Rapunzel perched herself on the bottom step of the porch, gazing over the Falls. It was beautiful, and she could see now why it had been her mother’s dream to 移動する the house there. Carl glanced down at the picture of the Falls and smiled in relief. They had done it.

“Here.” Russell broke the silence and Rapunzel turned in time to see him throw his sash to the floor. “I don’t want this anymore.”

He turned and stalked...
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 "Pink has always been my colour!"
"Pink has always been my colour!"
[NOTE: before あなた read this, yes I know アナスタシア is not dreamworks but I couldn't really call it Non-Disney Town または whatever]

“Hey Poca, Does this dress make me look fat?” Belle was holding up a green dress she had found in the store. Her, Esmeralda, Pocahontas and Tiana were at the new store ‘Fairy Godmothers’. Pocahontas turned around to look at the dress Belle had found.
“Try pink” she replied as she turned back to the rack she was previously rummaging through.
“Of course! Pink!” Belle grabbed the same dress in ピンク and walked back into the change room. Just then Aurora and...
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posted by KataraLover
    A week passed by, and things are kind of strange. The boys are fine, but エンジェル is kind of 芝居 weird. Every night for this week she's been waking up screaming in the middle of the night. I keep asking if she wants to talk about it but she keeps saying no. However tonight is the last straw; I need to get some sleep without hearing someone scream. Tonight I went straight to her room and I wasn't going to take no for an answer. She didn't scream yet but it was about time for her to scream. She screamed and jumped straight up with her long loose hair flying in the air....
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 Sinbad and Proteus on their way to see the King.
Sinbad and Proteus on their way to see the King.
Hi, this is my first fanfic, so please コメント (by the way this is a story about Proteus and Kida)Sorry for my spelling.

"Proteus...PROTEUS wake up man あなた look like your in a coma." 発言しました Sinbad trying to wake up Proteus. Proteus finally opens his eyes. "welcome back bro" 発言しました Sinbad. "Sinbad...I just had a strange dream." explained Proteus. "HAHA I'll bet it took me SO long to wake あなた up! Soo, what was it about?" asked Sinbad "Well it was...well it was just all a light blue." 発言しました Proteus. Sinbad get a weird look on his face. "Anyway, your father needs to see you." 発言しました Sinbad changing the...
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 “Wait, Donkey, I get the feeling we’re not alone in here.”
“Wait, Donkey, I get the feeling we’re not alone in here.”
The 次 morning, Elsa woke feeling refreshed and a lot better than she had the 日 before. シュレック and Donkey were already awake, and attempting to put the 火災, 火 out. She stifled a giggle as シュレック accidently burned his foot, and then Donkey found a rather unconventional but also extremely effective way of putting the 火災, 火 out によって peeing on it.

“Good morning, gentlemen,” she smiled.

Donkey quickly straightened up and cleared his throat. “Good mornin’, Princess!”

“Hi,” シュレック added. “Now let’s go.”

“Whoa, hey, what’s the rush?” Donkey asked as the ogre began to march away...
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 “I’m game if あなた are.”
“I’m game if you are.”
Once upon a time a man named Carl married a girl named Ellie. They were a sweet couple and lived happily together in a little house that had once been their secret club house when they were children. Carl worked at the zoo selling balloon, and Ellie also worked at the zoo as an animal carer.

They were very happy except for one thing. They couldn’t have children.

So, one day, Carl, seeing his wife looking very unhappy, came up with a solution.

“Adoption?” Ellie looked up at him. “Really?”

Carl smiled. “I’m game if あなた are.”

And Ellie was.

So, off they went to Miss Hattie’s Home...
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 “Unless some kind twist of fate intervenes, there will indeed be a war, between Arthur’s knights and Ruber’s army.”
“Unless some kind twist of fate intervenes, there will indeed be a war, between Arthur’s knights and Ruber’s army.”
The news was not good. Ruber was mounting an army, that much they already knew, but もっと見る than that; the sorceress Odette had magic which could make the soldiers virtually undefeatable.

“Unless some kind twist of fate intervenes,” Lionel told his wife, “there will indeed be a war, between Arthur’s knights and Ruber’s army.”

Juliana shuddered. “Darling-”

“We’re going to have to tell the children that,” Lionel replied, glancing over at them.

Juliana looked too. Their four children and the newcomer were all sitting beside the 火災, 火 as Anya told a story of storms and ドラゴン and...
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posted by PrincessBelle2
 Monster wave!
Monster wave!
Dear Diary,

Fun and laughter at the ビーチ today, I can tell you! While we were swimming in the sea, this monster wave came along and knocked David and Nani off their surfboards and the rest of us onto the beach. I had my hair all in my face and seaweed in it too. Of course, everyone laughed, and then I threw the seaweed at David and he pushed me in. Nani berated him for it, of course. “A gentleman wouldn’t push a lady in,” she said, and then she started splashing him until he apologised. It was ok, though. I know it’s just David’s jokey way; he’s always like that.

Belle had her...
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posted by BookWorm26
Arial's Point of View

Arial was opening a チョコレート Frog with her best friend, Jasmine. "What card did あなた get?" ジャスミン asked. "I got Nicholas Flamel. It 発言しました that he created the Philosopher's stone that made anything immortal including him." Arial replied. "What did あなた get?" Arial asked, raising a red eyebrow at her friend. "I got モーガン, モルガン Le Fay,a dark witch. She is widely known in the Authrian legend as Arthur's half sister." ジャスミン replied. "Yours is クーラー than mine." Arial commented. ジャスミン just giggled and went on their way to Hogwarts.

Finally, they got there. A huge man cried out,"...
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