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 the tape dunt dunt dunnnnnnn!
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omg guess what Katie found in her closet...that old tape that there dads listened to if あなた look at the 上, ページのトップへ あなた see haleynita(blonde),Samaria(purple),and Ashely the school clique also known as the gummy pack!
デクスター 〜警察官は殺人鬼
I got bored, so decided to make a guide to a perfect computer generated WDMD characters,even though あなた think it's easy, it's actually not on the computer, so here we go! this is part one, where we will be drawing Dexter, normally, later we'll get into different costumed versions, and styles of the characters SO here we go!

1. start like あなた would drawing デクスター 〜警察官は殺人鬼 on a normal piece of paper. with a circle, using the サークル, 円 button, and a square using, what else? the square button! then using the line button, put a line through the image, as shown in the picture below.
 step one completed, should look like, または close to this
step one completed, should...
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こんにちは people im making a クイズ (yes I was inspired によって Dex3fan)of witch person あなた are okay so um this is kinda weird.

1What do あなた do when your not being EEEEVVVIIILLL(LOL)

A:Me evil ha!
B:Try to destroy my stoooopid counter part!!!
C:Load up the footballs(laughs evily)
D:Think of how to dunk your brother in the toilet with out getting in trouble!
E:Science duh!!!!

2Whats your fav color?

B:Hot pink!(yes there kinda the same but deal with it!)
D:pink/purple cuz they both rock!

3Whats your dream?

A:To marry a genius!(blushes)
B:To destroy my counter part!!!
C:Teasing that dweeb who has...
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Source: Rutares on deviant art
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 IDK why I put this pic it's just really funny!
IDK why I put this pic it's just really funny!
Where we last left off......

Inside of Dexi's lab, Dexi was worried. She never had actually worried about losing someone before. She was also angered, she had her army's ready, she had Deka, and She had everything she needed.... but was this really worth it? Dexi pondered for a moment......UGH! she could'nt get デクスター 〜警察官は殺人鬼 out of her head! She was always so obsessed over getting rid of him......or was it something else? Dexi sobbed, into her arms. Something was wrong. Deka's presence was changing her. She did'nt know why she needed this Deka gal, she just did. In her mind it was crucial to her plans,...
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I'm making part three again cause........i'm bored. so here goes!

Crystal blue eyes part3: 詩 doth not describe her

The 次 morning......

she sat upon her bed..thinking of him....his curly blond hair looking ragged. His crystal blue eyes, shattered. The sadness she saw yesterday was too much. What did she do? nothing! all she did was go away....just like he 発言しました to... she was feeling terrible because of it.

"I can't believe I did that to him......he did'nt leave me alone when I was crying.....but why do I care so much?!" she 発言しました quietly to herself. She could'nt get him out of her head......
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ok it's time to explain the real meaning of Doujinshi.

The word "Doujinshi" thought to be a japanese drawing style used によって bleedman, is actually the japanese word for "fan comic" または better put as "comics created によって ファン of the orignal comic."

as boring as that seems, it's the truth. the reason bleedman is actually allowed to make Doujinshi PPG, is because of that word...."Doujinshi" and the copyrighting to Genndy and Craig creators of ppg and Dexter's laboratory.

pretty much , with that being said. pretty much anyone can make a doujinshi comic. even american style ファン comics are sometimes referred...
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