DEATH NOTE デスノート Who is your favourite character in Death Note?

Pick one:
Yagami Light, the first Kira
The great detective, L(デスノート)
Amane Misa, the hot girlfriend
Ryuk, the Shinigami who loves eating apples
Matsuda, the comic relief
Near, L's successor
Mello, the jealous genius
i dont know alot bout death note but hear itz good...
i dont know alot bout death note but hear itz good so cant tell
Added by Sasuto23
Mikami Teru
Added by DJCulture
Light and L(デスノート) - both awesome
Added by ArishimaHana
Light&# 39; s sister... she&# 39; s just so innocent (lol)
Light's sister...she's just so innocent (lol)
Added by Sweetiecheeks
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ryuk& amp; L(デスノート)
L(デスノート) and Near
L(デスノート) and Near
Added by Neliei
L(デスノート) and Mello
L(デスノート) and Mello
Added by Mellofangirl
Rem! she sexiest shinigami ^^
Rem! she sexiest shinigami ^^
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A, BB, Mello, Matt, L, Near
Added by itachifan1
Wammy's Boys !! L(デスノート) (<3), Mello (<3), Near (<3), Matt (<3), A (<3) & BB 8<3)
Added by fan_of_arts
Ryuk, L, Light
Added by redyoshi
Matt & Ryuk :]
Added by Tsunadee
L(デスノート) and Matsuda ... the genious and the ... um ... Oh well, I still 愛 him!
Added by myra_elric
L(デスノート) and Ryuk
Added by Hiling99
L, Ryuk, and Matauda! : 3
L, Ryuk, and Matauda! :3
Added by wave1095
Rem and L(デスノート)
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