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 L(デスノート) in the マンガ
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posted by Sejuru
The Rules of Death Note

The following is a 一覧 of all the rules for the Death Note and shinigami that have been revealed to the reader/viewer throughout Death Note, and in the thirteenth manga, Some rules have been changed in How to Read, from what was mentioned in the manga. For instance, Sidoh states that for him to get his notebook back, he had to wait for the owner to die, または use up all of the pages, whereas in How to Read, it states that there are an unlimited amount of pages in the Death Note
How to Use: I
The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
This note will not take effect...
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Dear Diary,
It was December 23, in 2 days was going to be my birtday and my boss was going to prepare a big party in royal stlye.
"Hey sweetie..."
"Yes ?"
"Do あなた have any plans for december 25 ?"
"No why ?"
"would あなた like to go with me together on my birtday party ?"
He taked my hand, looked me deep in the eyes and said, "I would 愛 to."
1 時 before my party.
"Misa are あなた ready ?"
"Yes L, Im ready"
I was wearing a short ピンク - purple dress, and L(デスノート) was wearing a black suit, he was looking so hot!!
He came close to me and whispered in my ear, "You look so beautiful, I would like to eat あなた right now."...
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posted by UchihaYuki
Okay, This is my Death Note story, Its gonna be a chapter thing, I've written the 次 chapter and I'll put it up soon.
I hope everyone likes it.
comment it and tell me what あなた think.


“Liiiiiiiight!” Misa moaned “I don’t wanna go to クロス Academy... I hear the people there are weirdos...” she 発言しました unhappily. “Yes I know あなた don’t wanna go Misa, but it’s only gonna be until I’m finished with this case, and I bet you’d 愛 it there, I herd there’s a lot of cute looking guys in the night and 日 class.” Light 発言しました as he paced in front of misa. Misa fell back into...
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