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This DEATH NOTE デスノート 壁紙 might contain hip boot, thigh boot, ウィケット, 改札口, and 木戸.

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You Know You’re A Death Note ファン When...


You sit like L.

You wear oversized white tops.

You go くま, クマ footed around the house.

You like strawberries.

You 愛 candy.

Whenever someone says God あなた either say/think ‘Kira’ または ‘Ryuk’.

You 愛 to play with toys and puppets.

You like to think/know a Shinigami is watching you.

You 愛 chocolate.

Chocolate reminds あなた of Mello.

Strawberries and キャンディー remind あなた of L.

Toys remind あなた of Near.

You 愛 wearing stripes.

Stripes remind あなた of Matt.

You think the world would be a better place if there really was a Death Note

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