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 L, Mello, and Near
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posted by b-and-v
 Instead of saying why me? Say try me.
Instead of saying why me? Say try me.
"The first four names are unmistakably the real names of the SPK members," explained Near, still holding the notebook. "And the only name that is missing from this 一覧 is Light Yagami. Mikami called him 'god' and 発言しました he did as あなた told him to. This proves it."
"A... A trap! This is a trap!" shouted Light, pointing his right index finger at Near as if he were some 狼, オオカミ he stumbled upon in a deserted forest. "Near set this whole thing up to frame me! It's impossible that nobody's dead even after their names were written in the notebook. That proves that this is a trap!"
"What?" exclaimed Matsuda...
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Chapter 1

It was a typical 日 for Alex Argot (or A as it was required to call him). Wammys House had been pretty quiet today on the account Mello was sick and couldn't be yelling at everyone, especially Near. And B had been feeling kinda bad too so he was quiet in class (for once). But A couldn't help but feel something was kinda off...At that moment he felt himself bump into someone.
"I'm sorry..." he 発言しました not looking up from gathering his books. "O-oh w-was my fault...forgive me.." 発言しました a very soft female voice he'd never heard before. He looked up and saw a girl with medium length...
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posted by annabethxchase
wrote this after episode 25 :(

what have あなた done? to think i actually admired what あなた were doing! i thought that あなた were just plain innocent, someone who wanted to change the world for the better but now i have no respect for any of it.
the kira i grew to know wanted only criminals dead not innocent people who believed in whats right! あなた killed people who didnt deserve it just because of what you wanted. im sure that before all of this あなた would have thought any form of murder was wrong. however now あなた dont seem to 表示する that side. absentmindly taking innocent peoples lives because...
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Dear Diary,
It was December 23, in 2 days was going to be my birtday and my boss was going to prepare a big party in royal stlye.
"Hey sweetie..."
"Yes ?"
"Do あなた have any plans for december 25 ?"
"No why ?"
"would あなた like to go with me together on my birtday party ?"
He taked my hand, looked me deep in the eyes and said, "I would 愛 to."
1 時 before my party.
"Misa are あなた ready ?"
"Yes L, Im ready"
I was wearing a short ピンク - purple dress, and L(デスノート) was wearing a black suit, he was looking so hot!!
He came close to me and whispered in my ear, "You look so beautiful, I would like to eat あなた right now."...
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Dear Diary,
Monday, in the 次 morning, I was still sleeping, but not in the bed. I was sleeping on the couch, but why? I know that I was sleeping with L(デスノート) in his room. I really didnt know what happend. When I got up I saw a letter on the 表, テーブル 次 to the couch. The letter was from L, I was shoked, It says:

"Hey, I know あなた ask yourself why are あなた on the ソファー, ソファ and not in my bed, well I know I should tell your yesterday, but I knew that あなた will get mad so I tell あなた know. I want あなた to keep our relationship a secret, I 愛 you, but I think that would be bad for everyone to know. Im sorry!"

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