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 L, Mello, and Near
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 Some bullets are made of silver.
Some bullets are made of silver.
Bloody life...
After that explosion, all I did was worry about Mello. I can't believe it... I myself don't know how he managed to deal with that singe. It was awful... My gunshots were not pleasant either, but, to be honest, I was もっと見る worried about Mello than about me. Still, eight days later we were back in the game. After all this pain, I was もっと見る determined than ever to defeat Near. I wanted the people to know who was the best.
We still had to do some things which could be considered embarrassing. Like hide in Halle Lidner's apartment. That woman did look normal, but there was something...
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wrote this after episode 25 :(

what have あなた done? to think i actually admired what あなた were doing! i thought that あなた were just plain innocent, someone who wanted to change the world for the better but now i have no respect for any of it.
the kira i grew to know wanted only criminals dead not innocent people who believed in whats right! あなた killed people who didnt deserve it just because of what you wanted. im sure that before all of this あなた would have thought any form of murder was wrong. however now あなた dont seem to 表示する that side. absentmindly taking innocent peoples lives because...
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