Below is a 一覧 of my five お気に入り episodes from Season One of the CW series, "ARROW". Created によって Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg; the series stars Stephen Amell as Oliver クイーン aka the Arrow:


1. (1.23) "Sacrifice" - In the season finale, Oliver クイーン aka the ARROW/アロー and his フレンズ struggle to stop Malcolm Merlyn's plans to destroy ムクドリ, スターリング City's working-class neighborhood, the Glades.

2. (1.16) "Dead to Rights" - The クイーン and Merlyn families become embroiled in Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot's attempt to kill Malcolm, after Moira クイーン had hired the hitman to kill her business partner and prevent his plans for the Glades.

3. (1.01) "Pilot" - After being regarded dead for five years, Oliver returns to ムクドリ, スターリング City to begin his vigilante activities as the "Hood" (the Arrow). He also has to reconnect with his family and face his ex-girlfriend, 月桂樹, ローレル Lance, whom he had cheated on before his fateful journey.

4. (1.17) "The Huntress Returns" - Oliver's former lover, Helena Bertinelli aka the Huntress, returns to ムクドリ, スターリング City to continue her vendetta against her mobster father for the death of her fiance. She tries to exploit Oliver's friendships with John Diggle and Felicity Smoak to coerce him into helping her.

5. (1.09) "Year's End" - Oliver attempts to track down a mysterious copycat vigilante, who is killing people on the 一覧 与えられた to the former によって his father five years ago.

Honorable Mention: (1.20) "Home Invasion" - Oliver risks Diggle's wrath によって postponing his offer to help the latter track down Deadshot, in order to help 月桂樹, ローレル and boyfriend Tommy Merlyn protect a young boy, who had witnessed the murder of his parents at the hands of a hit man.