The first actor that played the Riddler was Frank Gorshin. The Riddler has been played によって various actors who were very talented, but I think that Mr. Gorshin is the best.

The Riddler was in the first couple episodes of the 1966 バットマン show. In those episodes Mr. Gorshin gave a scene stealing performance. His performance was so good that the Riddler ended up being the main antagonist of the first season. He actually showed up もっと見る than the Joker did in the first season. Joker and ペンギン both appeared in six episodes (three arcs that were all two episodes long), but the Riddler appeared in 8 episodes (four arcs that were all two episodes long.) The Riddler was one of the four main antagonists of the 1966 バットマン film.

Sadly Frank Gorshin didn't come back for the show's 秒 season. John Astin played the Riddler in two episodes (one arc). Thankfully Mr. Gorshin appeared in the third season and in the 1970s TV special Legends of the Superheroes. His Riddler song is an amazing treat that I recommend checking out.

Frank Gorshin gave one of the most unique and entertaining performances that I've ever seen in the 1960s バットマン show. He had a special type of energy that made him stand out. The other actors that played Batman's villains had tons of fun too, but I think that Mr. Gorshin's passionately fun performance feels like a major treat rather than just being a generic fun villain.

The Riddler could of been a lame and boring villain, but Mr. Gorshin helped the Riddler become a exciting and hilarious mastermind. He made scenes so much もっと見る fun. For example when the Riddler was excited about defeating バットマン he used his body language to make the Riddler act like an overly excited goofball.

Thank あなた Frank Gorshin for your spectacular performance. I miss him a lot, but thankfully he was part of the バットマン franchise which is still popular.

Watching Frank Gorshin's Riddler puts me in a happy and fun loving mood. I recommend watching every バットマン episode that had him as well as his Riddler song and the Legends of the Superheroes TV special.