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Along time 前 This is The Chipmunks Story and how Dave met Them.Poor Dave was in his House Trying to make A Song. then His Manager called and Reminded him That he has to write a song in 24 hours または he was Fired.After That his Landlord came in his house The LandLord Did not allow Pets Because he hate's pets.Someone came and left a Basket Out Daves Door knocked and Ran away.Dave opend the Door and saw a note on The Basket It 発言しました ''Dear Kind sir Since Winter's been So Cold and Since there's been a Savere Nut Shortage I am No Longer to take care Of My 3 Babys please Take care of Them as They were Your own'' when He took The Blanket off the Basket Then there They Were The Chipmunks.
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will dave force alvin to Get out?