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posted by DemiTitan
I woke up in the infirmary with my new friend Charles Beckendorf on a chair close to me fiddling with a tiny toy plane. He had massive callused hands which still handled every part like tweasers. He always scowled and I had made the mistake of asking if his mum had 発言しました that his face would stick that way if he did it too long so he decided to see if it was true and it was. He had 発言しました maybe and I had laughed and laughed.
When I opened my eyes he jumped up and started laughing, "Darren. あなた are amazing man. Percy asked the pegaus what happened and it sound amazing. Did あなた really make it swallow...
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posted by DemiTitan
I resorted to using my mum’s credit card one last time. I rented a black motorbike because all my ex-violin could muster was a normal bike. I didn't have a license (I am 13) but neither did the guy selling the bike. With my weapon in fork form in my pocket I drove off towards long Island Sound like Cal had 発言しました to.
It didn't take long to get there and the ride was fairly easy.
I saw the pine tree. It was a good tree. I like trees. I walked up to it and gave it a hug and in my mind I heard a voice whisper,"Who are you". I didn’t answer I just walked off down to a valley with a huge old house...
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"-We had better get あなた back to the camper van", he said. "What the hell is happening", I gasped. "Darren right. I'm Cal your adoptive grand-father. And a fryiing pan isn't as strong against monsters so I suggest あなた come with me before she wakes up"...

In his Camper バン Cal gave me a run-down on the world of greek gods, how steel couldn't hurt monsters and bronze couldn't touch mortals (and how his frying pan was celestial bronze pan and steel handle with rubber around it), how gods had demi-gods with humans and oddly enough it all made complete sense. Then he showed me a slideshow of all...
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I woke up.

She was there. She has black sholder-length hair, large hands and bare feet with green nail-polish and she was wingless but I recognised that neclace and dress and those very red lips. She was leaning over me with a black ナイフ in her hand made entireley of grass.
Our eyes met and she hissed at me with her forked tounge. I reached over for my bronze spear but she grabbed my arm and held it down. I couldn't feel her thumb. It wasn't there. She tightened her "fingers", and they hurt like what I knew they really were. She let out a ear-piercing shriek and her fingers and toes stretched...
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I got a room pretty easy. I just flashed mums emergency cedit card and the receptionist let me right in. I just lay on my fluufy hotel ベッド and feel asleep in my uniform. It's weird but I always fal asleep the 秒 I hit the bed...

I was in a perfectly cubed shaped room and the were blobs of colour dissolving, twisting and expanding all the time like a wet painting if あなた shake it. Then one ウォール rippled and a woman stepped out. She had three heads and wore each of her sets of hair in a turban and a carnival mask on each face.
She whipped out a hand to the ウォール to my left and suddenly it went blank. Then strange letters appeared and rearranged themselves to spell;

Go to the Gypsys
They are coming
They are coming
they are coming

Remember my words
The words of hecate
A huge fissure ripped open at my feet and a 3 metre tall woman with pure white skin and very red lip with two short fangs protruding from the upper one. Huge furry bat wings slowly spread out from her body with a huge, white claw coming from the upper edge of each wing. She had a black snake skin dress and a neclace with one red ruby attatched. Her hands and feet were huge balls of brown くま, クマ 毛皮 with four long claws dripping green fluid. And her hair was bushy and shoulderlength but made of shadow. It writhed and moved like it had a mind of its own and it seemed so insubstantial.
"Master Mormo...
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posted by DemiTitan
My name is Darren DeLaney.
I am 13 years old and I will become a God.
It is my destiny.
My dream my life.
It will happen.
This is my story;
It the 日 after the summer solstice and I walk in the door of my large posh statley white house. We have tall green hedges and a marble patio and I cherish my good fortune as I クロス the tiles. The tiles are so clean I can see my reflection in them;
I stand at 5ft 7 with dark, dark brown hair the colour of coffee granules evenly cut so I had a close to shaven head which got slowly longer on the 上, ページのトップへ until the fringe stuck up in front of me a few centimetres....
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She hid the trojan army in her caravan and transformed it into the trojan horse
She went to prison
She taught Medea
She taught Circe
She taught Micheal Jacksons Surgeon
Micheal Jacksons surgeon is a witch because he could change a mans colour
She taught Marylin Munroe how to act
She served Persephone the Pomegranite seeds
She was Henry the Eigths maid
She had a quickee marraige and divorce to Henry the Eigth
She smothered Henry the Eight in his sleep
She ate roast turkey with Geoffrey Chaucer
She took a shot at Hitler
Hitler took a shot at her
She pulled Heras hair when she was 6
Hera stole...
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Many of あなた may ask why I made a club for one fanfiction especially as its my own. Well I am her to devote this club to anyone who was willing to 登録する in. Hopefully Darrens adventures will never end but there is always a chance I will get hit によって a bus tomorrow and no one will know and hate me for never 書く again. That hasn't happened thank Zeus!

I just want to say thank あなた to all the people who took the time to read my fanfiction.

Thank you.

Thank あなた to Penelope for the constant support.
Thank あなた タリア for introducing me to Fanfictions with your grand tale of Courtney daughter of Iris
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