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posted by panther-jewel
I would feel like a traitor for 書く so much to increase our hopes if the story won’t end with Delena as endgame, but everything leads there and I just can’t see it working out in another way; and I am glad that I can make so many of あなた happy with what I write. I only hope that a final decision is not avoided in intending not to upset any fanbase, because most of us wouldn’t be satisfied によって such a cowardly solution. I believe Elena that she does 愛 Stefan, but I don’t understand it, and most importantly, I don’t FEEL anything with them. I can’t say much about their relationship...
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posted by DelenaDestiny
Stefan is way to nice-nice with Elena! He needs to be himself around her otherwise it is fake and everyone knows a fake relationship never ever works out well. Whenever Elena is around Damon she is happy and Damon isn't afraid to be himself around her. Sure they (Damon and Elena) have had their ups and downs, but they always manage to work it out in the end which proves that their relationship is much stronger than Stefan and Elena's! Stefan never tells Elena not to something, especially when she shouldn't do it. Damon would make sure that Elena would not do anything that could get her hurt.

Another reason is that Stefan can't control himself, he is a danger to the people around him because あなた never know when he will go off the rails and hurt someone. Damon does get mad and does stupid stuff, but he would never hurt Elena, no matter what!
 And it's breaking over me, A thousand miles down to the sea bed, Found the place to rest my head. Never let me go, never let me go.
And it's breaking over me, A thousand miles down to the sea bed, Found the place to rest my head. Never let me go, never let me go.
Elena: "Damon just sort of snuck up on me. He got under my skin and no matter what I do I just – I can’t shake him." (3x16)

Elena’s passionate embrace with Damon in “Heart Of Darkness” (3x19) signified a new beginning for Delena, a time where Elena is starting to realize she needs Damon like she needs air. When she ran towards Damon to キッス him, she let go of all the guilt she’s been feeling for falling for Damon, the fear she has of her own feelings. She allowed herself to forget the world & just feel what she really feels for him. Elena gave herself completely to Damon in that...
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posted by Ianrocks
It was Friday 1:35 pm and Elena was pacing around in her room. Damon was late and she was afraid Jenna would leave without him, and her plan would be ruin. She grabbed her phone and called Damon, but no response came.
"Damon where the hell are you" She called out frustrated
"here". A voice 発言しました behind her.
Elena quickly turn to see Damon standing in front of her.
"where were you" She asked
"eating" He respond
"whatever, just get downstairs" She 発言しました pushing him out the door.
Elena arrived downstairs to her garage. Damon just finished putting the luggage in the trunk, and they were ready to go.
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posted by brooki

Elena’s POV
I pulled out my phone and sent Damon a text. It was just past three in the morning, and I couldn’t take it any longer. I hadn’t slept a wink and it was getting to me. I needed some kind of release from all the mess I’d put us into, and he was the only way I knew to get out.
After waiting five 分 for him to reply to my text, I got anxious and annoyed he hadn’t answered. I picked up the phone and called his number, praying that he would pick up soon. My nerves couldn’t handle it.
“Pick up, pick up,” I chanted to myself. “Please pick up!”...
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Lately,I see a lot of pessimism in our spot.Allthought I can understan where it is coming from,I don't think that we should be pessimistic,there is no need.I will try to give my reasons as to why.

Let's start with Elena.Yes,she hurt Damon deeply によって saying "Maybe that's the problem" and yes,it seems she doesn't know what she wants yet.But that is understandable.Imagine that あなた were in her shoes.Right after her parents died she meets Stefan.Stefan who seems perfect.He is always there,he keeps her safe,he cares and protects her loved ones and she knows that he will always be there,because he is...
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