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 Damon/Elena <3
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This Damon & Elena 写真 contains 身なりの人, スーツ, パンツスーツ, よく服を着た人, パンツ スーツ, 上着, overclothes, アウターウェア, オーバーキャップ, and アウター. There might also be 上着, 外衣, オーバーガーメント, 外側の衣服, ボックスコート, ボックス コート, hip boot, and thigh boot.

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Was made on the CW Lounge before it was taking over によって Bamon fans!

1. Elena brings out Damon's humanity
2. Elena is the ONLY female main character who hasn't been bitten によって Damon yet.
3. In the 秒 episode, Damon says that he can clearly see why Stefan is so smitten with Elena....because of course, Damon is smitten with Elena himself.
4. Damon needs someone sweet like Elena in his life to heal his broken heart.
5. Damon kisses Elena's hand when she goes to leave.
6. Elena saves Damon, and is clearly scared for him.
7. Damon is so gentle towards Elena, especially in the episode when he strokes...
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