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DelenaLove201_ posted on Jun 03, 2013 at 11:08AM
Have you ever seen something so absurd, so insulting said about our ship that you couldn't help but come here and rant about it? No more! We're the bigger ship, so every time we say something, they'll use it against us, say that we're defending ourselves too much. So let's turn it into a game! Instead of making that retort over there, bring it here and we can all laugh about it.

Rules (please follow these)

1. No naming and shaming. Seriously, please don't bring any real names or usernames here. That's minor cyberbullying.
2. No ship bashing. Hate Stelena? Or Bamon? Or anything else? Not the place for it. Since this is a game, we want to keep conversations light and multi-shippers should be able to enjoy it too.


Bring an idiotic post over here. Tell us your reaction to it. The next person will prove it wrong using quotes directly from the TV show and post another idiotic post and their reaction.


Person1: "omg i totes hate damin bcuz all he deos is make stefins life miserble nd steels his gurl"

Person 2: Episode 3x02. Damon said to Elena, "Because when I drag my brother back from over the edge and deliver him to you, I want you to remember the things you felt when he was gone." If he wanted to steal Elena, he had his opportunity. He chose to bring his brother back even though he didn't have to. And he did it knowing that she would go back to Stefan.
Look what I found!
"elena is so horble to stefan, she dosnt deserve himmmm!!!"

Anyway, anyone's welcome here and obviously you can do whatever you want here as long as it follows fanpop rules and those first two rules.

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1年以上前 thisthat12 said…
"elena is horrible to Stefan, she doesn't deserve him"

Excuse me, did this fan see S3? The whole season Elena fought hard to bring him back, forgave him for all the terrible things he did (like almost driving her off the same bridge her parents died on), never gave up on him and chose him, after all the buildup she an damon had, and she doesn't deserve him? Not to mention, he is a mass murderer, and if anything, she deserves better than him.

"Damon doesn't love Elena, he has an obsession with her, because she looks like Katherine" (not the exact quote, but this is the main point)

Great game BTW
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1年以上前 DelenaLove201_ said…
All I have to say to that is 3x05

Katherine: You're going to get yourself killed. The Damon i remembered wouldn't have been that stupid.
Damon: I wouldn't have done it for you.

He knows the difference between them. In 2x22 Katherine admitted that she did love both of them. So he had his chance to drop Elena and get her back, but he didn't!

Alright, here's one I found.
"wow seriously damon was so mean to caroline, he doesn't know what love is!!"
And apparently, this person doesn't know what the Caps Lock button is for.

Thanks :)