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posted by Pipchupy
Jigglypuff is cute and yet strong.Don't belive me?Then read this article!First of all, Jigglypuff is only weak to Fighting type moves and does no damage to Ghost types.Time for moves!Quick,right?Jigglypuff has little weakness that's why.Ok,get ready!Now,moves!Jigglypuff can use Sing so あなた will have time to attack and make pokemon easier to catch(look at trainer school).Now,Jigglypuff strong's part!While your opponent is alsleep,you can use Wake Up Slap to do double damage!But beware:They will wake up.Also,you don't need much potions beacuse Jigglypuff can use Rest to heal and it will only last for 2 turns!It will last for 1 turn if it has the early bird ability.Now,two もっと見る moves for this part.Jigglypuff can use Rollout and Double Slap.Double slap can attack 2,3,4,or 5 times.Rollout does the same thing but only lasts when it misses または until it hits 5 turns.Now this is all the time we have for part one.Get ready for another normal type pokemon,Lopunny!Also,don't forget part two!
posted by Pipchupy
Latias is a legendary Pokemon.It is a Psychic and Dragon type.It's cute too:).Now,abilities!Latias's ability is Levitate.It makes Ground type 移動する do no effect.Now it time for the big one,moves!Today I will tell the moves that Latias can learn without TMs and HMs.The website Psypokes and my friend AKetchum01 is how I get information so I must thank them!Ok,Latias can learn Healing wish.Just like in my Lopunny 記事 Healing wish heals あなた 次 pokemon so it can help your strongest Pokemon alot.For もっと見る information on this move,read my Lopunny article.Also,my 記事 don't have all the moves...
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