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My first CSI:NY/House, M.D. crossover fic so I hope あなた enjoy it. It's really dark at the beginning and many might not like it but trust me it gets better and HuddySMackedfans あなた will 愛 it. Please leave コメント and let me know what あなた think. Thanks!

Our Lives

Chapter 1: Payback

New York Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Detectives Stella Bonasera and Mac Taylor were on their way to meet some フレンズ at a restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey on May 18th 2007. They were going to meet Dr. Lisa Cuddy, a long time friend of Stella’s and her boyfriend Dr. Gregory House. They arrived...
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posted by IsabellaMCullen
Everyone knew that Lucy Messer was the 林檎, アップル of her father’s eye, and he’d gladly walk through hot coals if it meant his daughter was 安全, 安全です and happy. He’d do the same for his wife and he wasted no time in letting them know it.

But somehow he couldn’t bring himself to do this for her, even when her baby blues blinked pleadingly, and her tiny arms wrapped around his neck while she whispered numerous ‘pleases’ into his ear, he shook his head in refusal. His ハート, 心 broke as much as hers was for not being able to do it.

Even with Lindsay telling him that the chances of it happening again...
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On New Year's Eve, Olivine and me wrote this great and nobel prize worthy oneshot. xD
And no, we weren't drunk xD.
Anyway, enjoy :D
[Oida = Dude ]

It was an idyllic Wednesday evening. There had never been a blizzard like this before. No car was on the roads, except for one.
„Hm?“, Wilson murmured, he was too distracted によって a 木, ツリー that was about to fall on the street.
House yelled again. „Did あなた see that road sign??“
„Road sign?“, Wilson turned around and looked at House, „ There was a road sign?“
House was about to rant, when a high, strident voice interrupted...
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posted by MontanaGirl2892
It`s not looking to good for us Danny & Lindsay ファン as an 記事 stated that Rikki will be returning and droping a bombshell that could damage または maybe even end Danny`s relationship with Lindsay.

"Danny`s(Carmine Giovinazzo) old fling Rikki(Jacqueline Pinol) returns with a big secret that could rupture his romance with Lindsay(Anna Belknap)"

And with the rumours circling it seems as if the "big secret" is もっと見る than likely that Rikki is pregnant. Now I don`t know about あなた but finding out your boyfriend the man あなた 愛 has been sleeping with his neighbour is one thing, but finding out he...
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posted by calleigh1995
did あなた know that many もっと見る people audition for all the shows we watch than we actually know about about one million people actually audition for the shows and don't あなた wish that the people in the 表示する would at least pitch in to 表示する us some of the other people that audition so we could meet some but after the 表示する of the season and tell us at least a little about the people who went into the 上, ページのトップへ twenty to audition because if あなた did not know they take the best twenty that auditioned and let them audition again to see who was the best person for the role then here comes the hard part the choosing.