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wallyts posted on Sep 27, 2010 at 03:07PM
One of the reasons I like CSI Miami (when Alex was the medical examiner) was that she treated the corpses with respect and dignity, not with sarcasm, as in the other CSI shows.

Another reason is the issues they deal with, some are things we all need to think about - such as the illegal importation of sex slaves.

Of course, I like most of the actors too, and the interaction between them through the years.

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1年以上前 CCGSDI said…
There are dozens of reasons why I like CSI:Miami. For starters, the directors think up some of the most random, outrageous, completely unexpected things to occur. One second one things happened, the next another. Also, I like CSI: Miami because the actors( and actresses of course!) on the show are so talented, they slip in and out of their roles perfectly and manage to always keep you entertained. Another reason I like the show is thanks to Tim Speedle and Horatio Caine. I watched an episode with those two in it, found H interesting and amusing, and just thought Speed was amazing. There are some of the reasons I love this show.
1年以上前 oneill24 said…
The reason I like CSI:Miami. Is the strong influence that the actors have with there Characters they have very emotional roles that brings out there sensitive sides.