CSI:マイアミ CSI:科学捜査班 Miami Episodes Name Game

Lady_Togo posted on Sep 23, 2009 at 06:10PM
Hi everybody! Let's try a CSI Miami game, I'll write something that happened in determinated episode and the person below must write the Episode name, then, that person will write another happening of another episode & another person must answer, etc, etc....
Person A: "In this episode, we meet the very first CSI Miami team, Megan, Horatio, Delko, Alexx, Speedle & Calleigh"
Person B: Golden Parachute Ep. 1 Season 1
"In this episode we can see Horatio marrying Marisol Delko"
Person C (whoever): "Shock" Season 4 Ep. 23

Hope you enjoy the game!!!!

P.S. I start
In this episode Ryan Wolfe is introduced

CSI:マイアミ 3 返信

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1年以上前 JonTogoGirl87 said…
Under the Influence
1年以上前 Lady_Togo said…
I start again! Remember: after answer the episode name, write another happening, quotes, etc so we can continue the game!!!

"In this episode we see Horatio & Eric taking revenge over Díaz in Brazil"
1年以上前 lvhmsgirl96 said…