I 愛 the CSI:科学捜査班 franchise, definitely my お気に入り series of series. I'm a true crime junkie, and I 愛 forensics and am fascinated with the entire process of solving crimes. I know these shows aren't 100% real in how things are done but that's not really the point, is it? That's what Forensic Files is for, and which I also love. I don't mean to make this a battle between all shows, but one can't help but obviously compare them.

I watched the 表示する when it was still airing and loved it then. Years later, after it ended I discovered it was on Netflix and had to binge watch. Now I'm on my 秒 rewatch and I'm もっと見る addicted than ever. This is an 記事 about why Miami is my お気に入り of the CSI:科学捜査班 franchise.

The Miami scenery is the best!

あなた might be thinking to yourself "why does this matter?" and that's fine, あなた can think that. But I'm shallow and I like aesthetically pleasing shows occasionally. Just because it's nice to look at. Of all CSI's, New York is actually my お気に入り city but I was very disappointed with the way they made it look. Miami makes me want to be there, and I hate tropical weather. That says a lot.

The cases are very interesting.

Nothing in Miami is dull. Nothing about CSI: Miami is dull. Never forget it used to be the number one 表示する in America at one time for a reason. A big part of why this is is because it has the most interesting cases of all CSI's. The original CSI:科学捜査班 really found its footing in later seasons, but in Miami they seemed to know that what drives the 表示する is the cases. People die in interesting ways, and it's almost kindasortanotreally like a horror movie in some ways in "what's the most creative way we can kill someone?" I loved tuning in each week to find out what the case of the week would be because I knew they'd never disappoint.

The lab is also very attractive.

Starting from season 4 onward, the crew really started amping up Miami's visuals. Flashy became the show's middle name. Some people took issue with this, but mostly in those days it was インターネット・ムービー・データベース(IMDb) trolls who had nothing better to do (how I miss those message boards...) If I wanted to watch a boring setting with below average looking people solving crimes, I'd watch NCIS. But I don't, so I don't. Seems people bitched at the 表示する for unfounded reasons that all the other CSI's do...yet Miami was the #1 表示する in America? Hmm...

The other CSIs don't have Calleigh!

Find me ONE PERSON who doesn't 愛 Calleigh. One. And then there will be none. Possibly the sweetest, most precious エンジェル that ever existed. And her accent makes everything better! 😍

The other CSIs also don't have Horatio!

Horatio! I know people make fun of him, ファン and critics alike. But I care about that as much as I care about what セレブ wear to award shows, which is to say not at all. Everything they make fun of about him, I love. Cheesy one liners and puns are the reason I live! "He's always wearing sunglasses!" Okay A - no he's not and B - it's freaking Miami, so....🌞 *shrugs* I think he's an ideal boss, and I would work for him and he's the main reason why the 表示する works as well as it does. Get a jerk boss and it's just like all the others.

It's exciting!

もっと見る than all others in the franchise, this one frequently puts its CSIs in danger. Near weekly gun fights, and at least twice seasonly explosions. It gives the characters something to do besides look at things under a microscope and print out papers of DNA results. And it is fun to watch. Miami doesn't do anything half-assed, that's for sure!

The cast is family.

Last but not least, and most importantly - I feel very strongly about this one - is that I strongly disagree with critics who 発言しました this one of all CSIs felt the least like the cast was a family. I think of all of them, this one feels that way the most. The characters all seem to like each other and get along, even when there are underlying tensions. It helps that the lab is run によって a caring and understanding boss (unlike Grissom and Mac). I think the fact that most of the time in Miami all the CSIs are on the same case as opposed to being スプリット, 分割 up frequently as they are in the other shows. This puts them all on the same page as they're all working toward the same goal. In other shows, the characters just feel part of a lab. I don't feel the connection I do here.

And not to mention, I also like nearly ALL of the characters individually. Even my least お気に入り here, I'd take over my お気に入り on NY for example. They're just likeable characters. Overwhelmingly so. Even the very minor characters who get 10 episodes to their name are もっと見る memorable than the best of the other shows.