Crossover Fanfiction The Half-Blood Games

ktayl7980818 posted on Jun 19, 2012 at 05:12PM
Warning: If you haven't seen or read the Hunger Games this won't make sense.

Characters: All main ones by RR (No OC's) Plot idea: Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games) Enjoy!

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I woke up to the sounds of whispering. Immediately I ran. The whole entire GR pack was after me. I was running and running but also tiring. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't see the root until it was too late. They all converged around me and slowly coming inwards, like they were preparing for the kill.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2 weeks ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It was just another dinner in Camp Half-Blood. You sacrifice, you sit, then you talk so loud you start busting people's eardrums. At least that's how it was tonight. After we won against Gaea and her Giants everyone was happy and loose and care-free. Even the Romans threw around a few jokes now and then. Tonight was going to be awesome. Tonight we were playing Capture the Flag. Greeks vs Romans. Tonight-. My thoughts were interrupted by Chiron banging his hoof on the ground. "Greetings campers! today we have much to celebrate. Our amazing friends, the Romans, the Amazons, and the Hunters are here. Unfortunately we still haven't found a way of transportation for the Romans or Amazons to go home yet." This was met with a chorus of mingled "Yay!"s and "Aww,"s. But not to worry you will be able to go home again once the Hephaestus cabin has finished repairing the Argo II. Sadly during the war a giant cyclops started to trow bombs at it and it just couldn't take it all. "So to make everyone happy we will be playing a different type of Capture the Flag. You will all be on your own but you may form alliances. You will each have your own miniature flag with your name on it. The object of the game is the same. You will try to capture everyone's flag without them capturing yours. The last person remaining will get the best shower times and not have to do chores for 3 months." That was met with a bunch of "WOO-HOO"s. " Now campers the rules are the same magical items are allowed, but maiming and killing aren't. You may not leave the forest until either the games is done or you have lost your flag. Those whose flag is captured along with the satyrs, dryads, naiads and I will referee the games.Well, there is nothing left to say except."

"May the gods be ever in your favor"
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(To add drama I’m following the Hunger Games exactly)
Immediately people started to group up. The only group that could be an actual threat was the Hunters and the Amazons combined. From then on they were known as the GR’s standing for Girls Rule! I didn’t know if anyone else was making alliances, I just knew I wanted Annabeth with me. When I found her I asked her if she wanted to make an alliance. She said, “Umm... No hard feelings but Thalia said that these guys need me a lot. Plus Piper’s here too.” Jason had chosen Reyna had after that Piper was heartbroken and decided to join the Hunters. “It’s okay” I said dejectedly, I could really use her brain and invisibility cap. But I guess I’ll just have to go at it on my own. Chiron told us to meet at Zeus’s Thumb where we would be told more news. I quickly arrived there to find it littered with everything you needed to camp. On top of the thumb stood Chiron and Lupa. Once everyone was there he said, “All hell broke loose, every single camper ran forward, trying to get something. I saw an orange neon back-pack and grabbed. After that I kept running and running and running.
“You guys are you sure we should be doing this?” “Trust me Thalia,” said Hylla “Percy and Annabeth together are strong, so strong they could defeat us. But apart, Annabeth is brain Percy is brawn they are JUST that, so we can take them down easier. Plus it’s a triple win, Percy is clueless, we still have Annabeth’s strategies, and she is the only one who can help us eliminate Public Enemy 1, Perseus Jackson.”
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