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A crazy Twilight fan's bedroom wall.
critical analysis
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This Critical Analysis of Twilight 写真 contains 看板, ポスター, テキスト, 黒板, and サイン.

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A really funny Twilight parody, involving an obsessed fan, XD
The Harry Potter vs Twilight war is a huge phenomenon in the literary world. We have 記事 floating around in the Internet (even in CAT) where both camps vehemently defend their fandoms. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, but today, I am not going to take sides. How it started, and how it evolved in a full-scale clash between ファン of both series is something I would cover in this article.

It started off with a few websites claiming Twilight is the new Harry Potter. Harry Potter fans, of course, would not take it sitting down, and they wrote 記事 with reasons why Harry Potter is better than...
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critical analysis
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Well, I'm a Twilight fan, but I like to be critical of the series anyways. But recently, I discovered that a lot of the Twi-hater fanbase (or hatebase?) has been consisted of mostly people who have only seen the movies, and I instantly saw how there were so many Twi-haters.

Let me just start off によって saying that the movie sucks a**, and I'm being NICE! The 芝居 is terrible, they cut out about half the book and completely interpreted the book in all the wrong ways, the script sounded like it had been written によって a five 年 old, and the actors portrayed the characters so poorly, I almost became...
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Disclaimer: The タイトル of the 記事 may seem to be a bit strange, as most of my 記事 that I have 投稿されました on here are usually issues I have with the Twilight Saga, but I decided that myself as an anti, wanted to write about things I actually do like about the series. Guarantee, I actually do think Stephanie Meyer did create some characters in this series, and I just wanted to 一覧 my 上, ページのトップへ 8. This will be in no particular order.
* * *
Jasper Hale

If hypothetically, I were to meet the Cullen, I would think that Jasper would be the only one I probably be remotely afraid of in any sort of way. Or...
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In The Twilight Saga, 'la tua cantante' seems very little explained, and, personally, I'm not going to wait for SMeyer to answer the 質問 herself and dilute the whole phenomenon with her signature 'SMeyer Science'.
This theory is the speculation of an untrained, inexpert child; I may be incorrect, I may not be. The purpose of this 記事 is to broaden the field for speculation, intelligent discussion, または correction on the blood that sings.

Here Goes:

This doesn't require very much knowledge of the basic anatomy of blood; all あなた need to know is that it carries important stuff...
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I'm not really sure if this is a good place to post this article. However, it is the though-provoking spot that has to do with twilight, and によって looking at the title, あなた can tell this is for sure not a good 記事 to put on the Twilight Spot.
Unless I want to get attacked of course.
A few months ago, a very famous horror writer, Stephen King, criticized Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight Saga. If あなた don't know Stephen King, he is a very known and famous horror writer. Some of his 人気 本 are Carrie, The Shining, It, the Dark Tower Series, and plenty of more. Stephen King had 発言しました about...
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