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I don't like Twilight. I find the characters shallow; the plot boring and cliche; and the hidden messages frightening. But in the hands of another 作者 - someone who wouldn't let their religious upbringing, their misogynistic views, and their twisted romantic ideals colour the story - it could have been really fantastic.

First off, the grammar would have to be fixed. The purple prose minimised and the 全体, 全体的です 書く polished up.

次 the characters would have to be made realistic, their actions have an effect on the plot, and their history an effect on them.

Take Rosalie, for example. If Rosalie's character had been a commentary on how a traumatic experience can effect you. How losing her humanity and perfect had turned her cold and 苦い because she had everything she ever wanted before it was all taken away from her. Instead Meyer created Rosalie because she needed a blonde 雌犬 to fill the role of someone to hate Bella. Rosalie's rape and tragic past had no effect on Rosalie as a character. Meyer used rape as a plot device and as another way to 表示する how women are helpless and need to be saved によって men.

Leah, is another character who had so much wasted potential. Her being the only female 狼, オオカミ seems to be a metaphor for transgender people - a female in a male's body - または how being infertile can affect a person. Instead of treating this subject with the delicacy and sympathy it deserved and needed she 'othered' Leah and flat out called her less of a woman because of her inability to reproduce.

Bella. If Stephenie Meyer had created an actual character instead of a vacuum for teenage girls around the world to fill themselves they whole saga would have been improved. Ana Mardoll often writes about how Bella, instead of wanting to become a vampire to be with her "Twoo Luv" forever and ever despite the devastating effect this would have on her parents, could have wanted to become a vampire to overcome her disability - her clumsiness. Bella falls over A LOT. This would lead to Bella being in pain all the time, as a vampire Bella would be graceful and indestructible, a near perfect solution to her not being in pain.

If Bella had being an actual person and responded to things the way a normal person would have, Twilight could have been an educational read for young girls on how to deal with dangerous men. If Bella had been frightened of Edward instead of falling in 愛 with him. Stephenie could have written a book which teaches girls how to react to creepy boys who had admitted to killing people; stalk あなた to the point of breaking into your bedroom to watch あなた sleep at night without your consent; and control your actions with physical force and emotional manipulation.

Twilight could have been a commentary on how society 閲覧数 women as objects and how boys often view girls as property and conquests without realising it. Mike, for example, repeatedly refuses to acknowledge Bella's cues and keeps harassing her about her relationship with Edward. Despite her discomfort he continues to express interest in her romantically, indicating that his desire to 日付 her comes before her desire to feel safe. He also sulks and is outwardly displeased with Bella's choice of Edward, 芝居 as though he had some sort of claim to Bella. Instead of pointing out how distressing this very real attitude is to the girls who come across it Stephenie tells us that Mike is just trying to be a good friend and that he's just jealous, not doing anything wrong.
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I have noticed, that on the Twilight Series spot if a certain person adds decent content when a certain person is online, it gets rated very low. As much as I am a ファン of Twilight, it makes me wonder what it's all about anymore.

It shows how ridiculous the fanbase for it really is when people get bullied and bashed for having an opinion, または adding good content at the wrong time because they don't like the person who has added it.

I'm sure i'm not the first person to mention this, but it has recently caught my attention alot. Spam uploaders who add thousandsof pictures ask everyone to rate there...
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Well, at least we can make it all happen in SOME way. ;D
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