Criminal Minds Girls 'Criminal Minds' Trims Cast

KellyButton posted on Jun 15, 2010 at 03:33AM
NOT COOL!!!! >.<


What, if anything, can us fans do to help?

Criminal Minds Girls 4 返信

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1年以上前 Kelsje said…
Well the obvios is to sign the online petition!
I'm sure that CBS will come to the conclusion that this coud ruin the show.
Lots of viewers will stop watchting!
I still have hope!
1年以上前 allison152 said…
I signed the petition.
Where did this come from? Are we sure it's official?
It's the second time that one of my favorite characters gets written out of a show...
I can't believe this...
1年以上前 KellyButton said…
Most of the cast has already tweeted about it.

We can also submit feedback directly to CBS via this form: link
1年以上前 patriciabradley said…
Tell everyone you know to sign the online petition. It is an official petition.