Criminal Minds Girls CM Girls アイコン Competition! (temporary thread) read first!

Kelsje posted on May 27, 2010 at 12:33PM
This is a temporary thread. I can keep track of winners and round in this one and it will be easier for Rachel (girly_girl) to add all this info to the original thread!

The icons and new subjects still need to be posted in the original thread!!!

Round One:An icon of the Girls at the 100th Episode Party!
*Winner: Kelsje
Round Two:An icon of the Girls in Season 5!
*Winner: Suu
Round Three:An icon with any two of the girls!
*Winner: Suu
Round Four:An icon of the girls with text!
*Winner: mic_egan94
Round Five:An icon of one of the girls with an unsub!
*Winner: Suu
Round Six: A black and white icon of the one of the girls!
*Winner: girly_girl
Round Seven:An icon of Garcia in Season 1!
*Winner: girly_girl
Round Eight:An icon of Paget!
*Winner: mic_egan94
Round Nine:An icon of Elle or Jordan!
*Winner: Paramore-CSI
Round Ten:An icon of one of the girls in Season 3!
*Winnner: nikki8green6
Round Eleven: The girls in 5X19 "Rite of Passage"
*Winner: nikki8green6
Round Twelve: The girls wearing sunglasses.
* Winner: Kelsje
Round Thirteen: The acteresses together
* Winner: Kelsje

Heres the list of Participants:

+ ={icon submitted}

{Add your name below if you want to participate!!}

Round Fourteen: An icon of AJ!
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