Criminal Minds Girls Episode Discussion.

Kelsje posted on Oct 10, 2009 at 04:52PM
I want this spot to be more active, so I decided to start an episode discussion!

Feel free to give your opinion on each episode!
And tell us what your favorite moments are.
This ofcourse has to envolve the CM Girls!

Let's start:

Criminal Minds Girls 2 返信

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1年以上前 Kelsje said…
big smile
Episode 5x03 "Reckoner" What did you think of this episode and what are your favorite moments?

 Episode 5x03 "Reckoner" What did あなた think of this episode and what are your お気に入り moments?
1年以上前 Kelsje said…
I really loved the Garcia/Reid scenes! "Your my bitch now." This really made me laugh.

I loved to see some more JJ and ofcourse was a bit shocked when she got splattered with blood. I knew it wasn't her who got shot, but still.

And that Emily/JJ comfort moment! Emily was soo cute!
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