I lived across the road from these two boys once. their names where Jeff and Ben. I use to think Jeff was watching me as our ベッド room windows where straight across from each other. it was stupid my フレンズ would joke they are murders it was all in good fun.

it had been a 月 since the moved in across the 通り, ストリート from me. I was use to the.. odd noises that cam from the basement. but one night I seen this faceless thing out the window I when out to go see I made it to the side walk when Jeff tackled me into the woods I remember what he 発言しました clear as day. he 発言しました "run Liz run and don't look back または he will get あなた two" so I did just that I ran and kept running. I ran to a whole different town changed my name and lived a normal life. until I found creepypatas. I can believe I may have been living across the 通り, ストリート from Jeff the killer and Ben Drowned.

the tall faceless thing I seen was slender man. Jeff saved me. I don't know why but he did so thank あなた Jeff if あなた ever see this thank you.