Most Christians, and non-Christians have the same 質問 in general, where did the different races come from? Being Christian I had wondered this myself. In class one 日 we watched a Christian speaker video that really cleared things up. Adam and Eve were the first 2 people on Earth,and of course had to have the right genes to pass on dark, medium, または light skin. That menes that Adam and Eve had both the dark gene(BB) and the light gene(aa) that means that they both carried both the dark gene and the light gene. Adam and Eve were therefor medium colored. Their children were either dark, light, または the same medium color. Once Adam and Eve had もっと見る children and those children had children there was a big clump of people with all different skin colors. Then hundreds of years later when the people revolted against God and built the Tower of Babel, God separated them によって making them each have different languages. The people had to group together with others of their own language and 移動する to other regions of the planet. Noah's (Noah from the Ark) had 3 sons Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Each of the three sons moved with their wives to a different continent, Shem-Asia, Ham-Africa, and Japeth-Europe. Each carrying their own gene with them. That's how the world became devided and different races became. But the trueth is we are all one race because we came from the same race. No one is black または white, they just have もっと見る または less pigment in their skin :) This is actually relevent today because there has been "mixed" couples who have had one light child and one dark child!

-So if あなた have 質問 just ask but I hope it at least cleared some things up :)