religious symbols
i dont know what i belive in as far as religion.most of my relatives are christian but i dont belive in the same things they do.if the kids in my family curse they`d want to punish us but, i belive in the bill of rigths(freedom of speech)so i think anyone ang everyone should have these rigths.when i was younger i was not very religious and belived very little in god.(if at all)i did not belive in santa clause,the tooth fairy, または the easter bunny because in my mind,i thougth they where not real.adults lie to little kids all the time about this type of stuff;then when they get older,they figure its not real.i also know some of the things i belive in come from science.i whould rather belive in one of the three theories about the universe than sayind god created everything.if so than,how was he created himself?even thougth i think people dont really need religions to live healthy,normal lives i`d like to know where i stand によって as far as what i belive.i dont know what else to do from this point on,i dicided to post my\this story on ファン pop to see if anyone had any ideas または what i should do.
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